Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Quick tip

Hello, readers! (Does anyone actually read my blog? ^^;)

Sorry for the long absence, but real life was a bit tough lately. >.<

I will continue my foundation series and also try to post looks soon, but for now, let me ask you a quick question.
Do you sometimes have products you really like, but find kind of expensive?
This trick doesn't work all the time, of course, but if you have an expensive hair treatment, for example, that contains a certain oil, you could try to buy that oil in pure form and use it instead of the expensive treatment that probably has a lot of unnecessary ingredients. This also works if you want to avoid some ingredients that bother you in your favourite product.

At the moment, I am using camellia (tsubaki) oil as a hair treatment. For my face, I like to use pure (well, as pure as they sell it) aloe vera gel (at the moment Nature Republic's - my third pot!) You can use aloe vera for so many purposes, facial moisture, instead of body lotion, after a day in the sun (even with sunscreen, the skin often gets dried out by the burning sun >.<) or even on your hair. I also use pure jojoba oil and so far, it doesn't break me out like many oil-based moisturizers do.
If you want to use a serum based on lemon/vitamin c, but are worried about its shelf life - use a fresh lemon! I like to mix lemon juice into my (almost daily) yoghurt mask at night.

I hope these tips come in handy for some of you!
Have a great summer!