Monday, 24 October 2011


In case anyone's looking for a Christmas present for me. XD
Nah, just for me to keep track of, my wishlist at the moment is:

- Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N in either 02, 10 or 13 (can't decide yet, but definitely neutral colours)
- Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in 11 Rose Fairy
- Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N in 19 Treasure Box (these wishes alone will easily cost me 100€ >.<)

- Anna Sui Eye Color #700

- Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes BR-2
- Lavshuca Star Glow Rouge RS-2

-  Majolica Majorca Cheek Color in PK333 Berry Pink

- Coffret d'Or Bright Up Rouge Long Keep in PK-260 ?
- Maquillage Lasting Perfect Rouge RS347 ? (that looks a lot darker on my sample card and on my lips than here)
(I was eyeing Maquillage's new lip product, and also the high ranking Aube one, but I simply do not like liquid lipsticks - for some reason, they always look overdone on me. Although Coffret d'Or's Essence Stay Rouge looks really good here, especially RD-191, and also some of the older colours.)
I'm also still eyeing Maquillage's double-ended lip product, despite its horrible ratings on But while I buy eye shadows after comparing lots of online swatches, I find it a bit of a gamble to spend more than 20€ on a lipstick that might come out a lot different on my own lips. :( (I had a sample card of Rouge Enamel Glamour once and the model colour, RD387, looked good on me, but for daily life, I'd probably rather buy something like PK243.)
EDIT:  They really are too dry for me - I miss the old Glow lipsticks from Coffret d'Or! Full Styling Rouge Glow in RS-244 is my My-lips-but-better lipstick. >.<

But some Paul&Joe items have made it onto my list:
- Paul&Joe eye gloss in a neutral colour

My plan is to use a beige Anna Sui eye shadow (powder), a dark brown Jill Stuart eye jelly as "liner" and a very light Paul&Joe eye gloss as highlighter. Of course I have beige eyeshadows and brown liners (Majolica Majorca's cream liner in brown is great!) etc., but I want three really cute items I can carry around all the time and feel happy when I look at them. Weird, huh? ^^;

As you can see, these are mostly neural eye colours and berry-ish lipsticks. Not only do I find those very nice for this time of the year, I am also working in a school at the moment, so fancy make-up is a no-go at least on workdays.
Should I make a post on a "school"-FOTD?

What does your wishlist look like at the moment?

Monday, 17 October 2011

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Review (1 month)

(Shouldn't that be Blemish solutions, btw? It's like people saying they're doing something "against anti-aging". Huh?)

pic taken from

So I was rather fed up with my skin for quite some time, specifically after I went off the pill (which I had only taken for a year) last summer. Nothing really helped, and lately, my skin was horribly itchy and irritated. I tried using basic care and proper hydration to cure it, but it failed. So when Clinique re-issued its trial kits for 9€, I was sold.
The kit from the Anti-Blemish range includes:
Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar 50 g
Anti-Blemish Clarifying Lotion 60ml
Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturizer 30ml

The SA told me that the kit should last for about 3 weeks. I've been using it for 4 weeks now, and have only run out of the lotion last week. The moisturizer is about to finish now, and the soap is still pretty big and I estimate it might last another two to three months.(I bought a second trial kit as you get quite some value for 9€ considering 50 ml of the moisturizer usually cost around 25€ here in Germany, and a 200 ml bottle of the toner.)
So far, this range is working for me. The first week or so, I had little bumps coming up, which I assume were purging. Now, I rarely get new pimples anymore. Today, I'm having a few, maybe due to something I ate, maybe a case of purging from deeper within the skin - anyway, there are some big and painful (if touched) pimples under the right side of my chin. I hope they will go away soon and will keep you updated. As for the negative effects, this is pretty drying and as I have told you a few days ago, my skin is kinda peeling. I hope this will go away eventually, too. BUT my skin is barely ever itching anymore!

As for the individual products:
The cleansing bar cleanses like any normal soap, I'd say, and doesn't leave behinf any residue. However, it also makes my skin feel dry and tight.
The lotion is pretty harsh on the skin, but probably the item in the range that works best at fighting acne. If I have a particularly stubborn spot (like a big zit), I sometimes place a piece of cotton saturated with the lotion on it for a while and the zit vanished rather quickly. I know, the instruction tell you to just wipe over the skin once quickly and gently, but that doesn't always do it. It also removed dirt quite effectly, as I sometimes get an orange cotton pad even after double cleansing at night.
The moisturizer isn't really very moisturizing, but the SA told me I'd have to put up with that. If I really can't bear the tight feeling (sometimes it's worse than other days), I dab on a bit of my beloved Nature Republic aloe vera gel (bought my 4th tub this year!) over it.

My problem with this range is the drying. Even if it is effective for now, I am afraid my skin will get oily in the long run (so far, I have combination skin with breakouts mostly in the dry spots like jawline - very likely hormon-induced) and make things worse eventually. So after my skin is cleared, I am planning on using this only once a day paired with oil-free, but hydrating products (the above mentioned aloe vera gel, Tosekki lotion etc.) and maybe dab on jojoba oil in winter.

I will keep you updated on how this is going!
Also, I have a sample of Kiehl's Overnight Biological Peel and used it twice already and will squeeze two or three more uses out of the sachet. If I like it, I might end up buying a (pricey >.<) bottle, as that kind of exfoliation supposedly is good for acne-prone, but sensitive skin.
Do you have any products you would recommend?

Friday, 14 October 2011

11 Random Facts about this Blogger

(Ugh, I woke up with severely peeling skin due to the Clinique stuff. >.<)

Anyway, since you'll have to wait a little longer for the next review(s), I thought it's time to tell you something about who's blog you're reading here anyway. Not the usual "I'm 22, a taurus and have almost finished my bachelor in Japanese studies and want to be a teacher after that" stuff, but a lot more random. xD

1. I love turtles. Almost everything I own sports at least one turtle on it (except for my clothes - although I do have a few turtle shirts.) I do not own an actual living turtle, though.
2. Harry Potter is awesome - Twilight makes me want to barf. Don't even get me started on the whole portrayal of abusive relationships as true love.
3. I am a Gleek. And yes, the show makes no sense, but if you take it like that, it's so much fun. Oh, how I miss my choir days... (If you want to know which character I identify with most, I'd have to say Rachel. I also happen to be a soprano - might be mezzo, though, but I've never had any formal evalution or training; I sang first soprano at school most of the time, unless the teacher needed someone to fill in at the second or the altos, and that someone was always me for some reason ^^; - but I'm not as good as her.)
4. I wish Pokémon were real. My favourites are Eevee, Chikorita (I swear if I was a Pokémon, I'd be a Chikorita xD), Squirtle and many more. I never let my favourites evolve in the games, which is why I am awfully weak.
5. Pretty much the only other game I play apart from Pokémon (and Wii Sports) is The Sims. 
6. My (probably) strangest hobby is constructing houses. I use the above mentioned Sims or a special architecture programme for that.
7. I still have my Playmobil house in my room and rebuild it from time to time or buy new furniture on ebay.
8. I still haven't gotten my ears pierced, although I've totally been wanting to for years now and even have a bunch of earrings (some self-made) lying around here.
9. When I was 16 or 17, I won 5th place in a writing competiton of a German manga magazine (which imports Japanese manga series from Hana to Yume, like Skip Beat! etc.) - you were expected to write a romantic short story, and the winner story was changed into a short manga. Too bad I didn't win, but honestly, when I look at that story now, I wonder how I even made 5th place. >.<
10. I have a copy of Yoshimoto Banana's Kitchen (in Japanese) lying on my nightstand all the time.
11. I watch english DVDs with english subtitles.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Rewarding myself

Since I handed in my essay yesterday (and it seems like my classmates haven't yet - what did I pressure myself for? -.-), I decided to reward myself and ended up buying my very first Jill Stuart item, the limited Charming Lily Blush Blossom (#07) I had spotted in! It's quite expensive, almost 44€, but I don't really have any nice blush apart from the two Mix Color Cheeks by Lavshuca, and while those are incredibly travel-friendly, I wanted something to put on my (not yet existent) vanity table. xD (I am eyeing the Mix Blush Compact in #11,Rose Fairy, too. (You probably don't know it, but apart from my cosmetics addiction, I am also a total geek and at the moment writing a Pokémon story about two sisters named Rose and Lily. xD Yes, I know that I'm 22 - but come on, don't you sometimes wish Pokémon - or Harry Potter - were real?) I also want one of her eye jellys, probably #13 Antique Chiffon. <3

Anyway, once I get the blush, I will review it, of course! (^___^)

Sorry for the long silence!

One month, to be exact. I apologize! >.<

I was writing an essay for university (my last one - now there's only the B.A. thesis left!) and just handed it in yesterday. Phew. ^^;

Also, my skin was acting up, so I decided to stop experimenting and simplify my routine. Luckily, Clinique had their trial kits on offer, and I snagged one from the Anti Blemish line for only 9€. (^.^)/ So far, it really has helped, but I will test for a bit longer until I give you guys my final opinion. (And even if it helps at first, I've had products I loved before give me bad results after a while. Knocking on wood here, really.)

As for the BB cream post I owe you: Let me keep it short:
- Hanskin Mineral Magic BB: became my new under eye concealer xD
- BRTC Blemish Recover Balm: made my skin itch and break up - I guess I am indeed allergic to tea tree oil
- Holika Holika Petit Watery BB Cream: nice, but simply too dark

I'll keep you updated with the Clinique stuff, and will also post when my Everyday Minerals samples have arrived. (I read they've changed the formula, though, too many people's dismay. Hm...)

Have a great weekend!