Wednesday, 22 September 2010

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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Kouda Kumi for Ichikami + updates

Some of you might remember by love for Ichikami's hair products. I was really sad I couldn't take any of them home. :( I thought about it, but my luggage was very heavy already and if I ran out of it, I would have to reorder again... Well, the next time I'll be in Japan!

Anyway, as I was standing in front of the Ichikami counter/corner at my local pharmacy, I thought: "Hm, that model looks like Kouda Kumi, just less flashy." Turns out it was her!

I stopped following her music ages ago - not because of the bad joke incident after which she lost her contract with Visée, but because I didn't like her style and singing anymore. But I'm glad to see she got a new cosmetics deal, and I still like her enough to be happy about her promoting my favourite hair products! :)

On a side note, I need to apologize for not posting reviews for a while. Getting my skin under control is my biggest concern at the moment, and I want to present all the make-up I still have in stock for you with flawless skin. So please wait for another while - I will definitely review all the items I got in Japan, and also order something new from time to time, via a friend or online shops, so stop by from time to time!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Skin care - about Sekkisei

As I mentioned before, I have purchased the trial set for Sekkisei (to celebrate their 25th Anniversary) last week and have been using it since then, together with another Kosé moisturizer (that smells the same as Sekkisei and is also said to have whitening effects.)
I have also been using their sun lotion since late March and just started my second bottle a little while ago.

When I googled for Sekkisei's ingredient's, I came across this very handy site:
Sun lotion ingredients and their level of irritation and comedogenic effects

I didn't get any more acne from it, as the comedogenic levels are only 2, and also no irritation despite it having some level 4 ingredients. Lucky!

I also typed in the lotion and the emulsion.
So far, it feels like my skin is getting better from the use of the products. My skin got some pimples, which rarely happens, but maybe that's because the cream is too thick for my oily t-zone, or maybe because both lotion and emulsion contain highly comedogenic (level 5) ingredients. I will try to apply it only to my dry cheeks. It would be too bad if this line wouldn't work for me, as I really want to like it.