Tuesday, 27 July 2010

On other news

Sorry, my English readers, but this is a German entry. Please forgive me just this once:

Ich würde gern bei Zalando die Schuhflratrate gewinnen, da ich dieses Jahr durch meinen Uniaustausch ziemlich viel Geld ausgegeben habe und momentan nicht viel für Schuhe ausgeben kann. Außerdem würde ich gern meiner Mama zum Dank ein paar Schuhe schenken.

Mein Favorit ist dieser hier:

Wieso ich diesen Schuh mag?
1. Er ist blau, und ich liebe blau.
2. Er ist elegant, aber auch etwas extravagant, genau richtig, nachdem ich mich ein Jahr an japanische Mode gewöhnt habe.
3. Er hat einen Absatz, was für mich Zwerg gut ist, aber die Höhe ist noch zum Laufen geeignet.

Sorry, English readers! But hey, isn't that shoe lovely?!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Nail design

After I had worn my light and dark blue design for 10 days, I finally redid my nails.

Again, I used the Maquillage dark blue polish for the tips, but left the rest of the nail clear and only added a turtle sticker to each pinky.

The Maquillage polish, btw, stays on the nails really long, but the bottle is half empty already! Plus, it still looks transparent no matter how much I pile on - you have to dab it on and can't brush. I kinda don't see this on the whole nail, it just wouldn't work.

Anyway, picture:

About acne - blog recommendation

I had acne when I was a teenager. I openly admit that, because everything else is hypocritical and kind of stupid, because most of us probably had acne or at least a few breakouts.

Well, I can easily admit that I am still getting breakouts from time to time now, and I still have red spots left on my face, which really pop because I'm so white, so I still have to wear foundation to get an even finish. (Although I am proud to say that yesterday morning, I went out without make-up for the first time in years. It was 7 in the morning, though, and I just went to the convenience store. ^^;) Wish me luck my skin will stay like that and the red spots will fade over time!

Anyway, for those who are still fighting acne, be it as teens or adults, you might want to take a look at this blog and especially at the post I have linked to here:
Click yourself through the site and the articles that are linked from this post and under the "acne" category. The author gives some extremely helpful tips!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Yukata make-up!

I am going to a hanabi (Japanese style firework) tonight, so I will put on the yukata I bought in Kyoto (well, let my friend put it on for me ^^;) and wear the furoshiki bag my students gave me yesterday.

(What am I doing with my mouth?) I don't look that doll-like usually, my skin got enhanced by the flash and my eye shape by the make-up. xD Still blind from the flash light, btw. ^^;;;

I used:

- Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream # 21 mixed with Sekkisei's sun lotion
- Majolica Majorca Pore cover powder (transparent)
- Lavshuca Mix Color Cheeks in RD-2 (maybe I need to put on some more?)

- Majolica Majorca single eyeshadow WT963 on my whole eyelid and as a highlighter
- Lavshuca Eye Select Color in blue, the colour on the bottom left
- Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eye Pencil in blue on my lower lash line (not sure if it wouldn't have looked better without it?)
- Kate Gel Eyeliner in black
- Kate My Color Pencil in white on my lower waterline

Not sure about my lips and hair yet. Nails are still the blue design I showed you last week.
What do you think about my make-up? Too much? It's gonna be night and dark there, and it's a rare festive occasion, so...

Will post complete pic with yukata etc. when I come back!!!

See, no dollface. :( But I got my hair done and decided on a lipgloss. (The scarf, btw, is a present from my students, and I need it a) for the aircon and b) to hide a burnmark on my neck from the curling iron - looks like a hickey! O.o)

Next update will be actual yukata pics! (^.^)/

Update 2:
My Japanese friend helped me put the yukata on and my German friend took pictures of me. Here:

(My butt looks weird in this pic. >___<)
And now I'm off to the actual hanabi! See you guys later! (^___^)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Stuff I recently bought (skin care)

As I already wrote on Saturday, I have purchased two little trial bottles of a Sekkisei lotion. Unfortunately, the bottle doesn't say which one it is. ^^; (Or maybe that's just my Japanese, but it seriously only says Sekkisei on the front.)
I am guessing it is this one, though:
I will try it out for some weeks and report the results to you guys.

Just today, I also purchased DHC's moisture gel cream, because although I don't use night creams to let my skin breathe, lately I felt like I needed some.
I applied the lotion/toner and then the cream and will see how my skin looks tomorrow morning.
(Linked you to reviews at musingsofamuse.)

I also purchased a trial pack of Dove's Washing foam and make-up remover (which is also a foam) and like it so far. Might change to the moisture one, though, if I finish this one.

I try to use the AHA wash only once or twice a week now because unfortunately, when I wash my face with it, it really irritates my lips - my mouth area looks severely red at the moment. :( I'm not sure if it's the AHA wash, but I figured even if not, it probably doesn't improve the situation.

So, I will keep you updated!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

AMU with Visée

Remember my review of Visée's Blossom Eyes?
I used the palette to create an eye look for a little "party" (at noon ^^;) today. The middle pink does show up nicely when you layer it a bit and pat it on more than wipe. Overall, a subtle, but shimmery look that hoopefully distracts from my dark circles I simply cannot get away with sleep or concealer. Exams, be over soon! (Exam facts: 4 more days, 2 more reports, 3 exams, 1 presentation left.)

Sorry for the quality again - I had to do it with my cell phone's flash because without it, my eyes just looked dark. This room's light really is no good, I can't even plug my eyebrows properly in here.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Summer nails

While I am watching an on-demand lesson on the internet, I decided to use the little nail stickers the store that sells pretty much everything in my area had on sale today and make my blue nails even more summer-ish.

The stickers include palm trees and white turtles. If you didn't know it already, I love turtles!

Anyway, here is a pic. Sorry for the quality, but the light isn't any good in my room. :(

Do you use nail stickers? Do you have different designs according to the season?

Saturday, 17 July 2010

A cosmetic product you wish you had as a perfume

Do you sometimes have cosmetic products where the smell appeals to you so much you wish you had it as a perfume?

I really like Ichikami's shampoo and conditioner's smell.
I also love Kose's Sekkisei's smell.
And Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream smells heavenly!
... In fact, it smells just like The Body Shop's Sakura fragrance. O_o That's right! I went down out shopping for a bit tonight after I had finished one of the bazillion reports I have to hand it, and I landed in a Body Shop store and tested the Sakura perfume just for fun. It reminded me of the fact that I had wanted to buy it ages ago, and when the inital smell faded a bit, it absolutely started smelling like the BB Cream! I will totally buy this when I'm back in Germany, just not now, because I already have enough stuff to carry home with the Japan-exclusive cosmetics.

Do you have any product you'd wish the smell also came as perfume? Maybe not even cosmetics, maybe the smell of your favourite food or something like that?

(Btw, I also got two mini bottles of Sekkisei's face lotion and will test them. I don't need actual whitening as I am already so pale I have trouble finding a foundation that matches me, but there are some red spots in my face I'd like to fade. I'll keep you updated on the outcoming.)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Fasio: New Make-up

Uwah, I was so tired when I came home today I fell asleep with my make-up on! O_o

Anyway, Fasio is having some new mascara and liner combination soon, and finally MatsuJun got a decent haircut in the CM! (In the last one, he looked like he had used the mascara on his hair. *cough*)

Take a look here: http://www.kose.co.jp/jp/ja/products/brand/fasio/sp/#/makeup/

I like the last mascara they brought out, although I don't love it. Their eyeshadow is not working for me, but maybe that's only the one from the line I bought, and others are better.

What do you think about it? Do you buy stuff because your favourite celebrity is in the commercial? Do you think guys advertising for women's cosmetics are... weird?

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Skin types

As I have written previously, I kinda have problematic skin. Dry, oily, breakout-prone...

I was trying oil-free gel and mousse sunscreens last months, and I felt like my skin got oily in the process. Weird, huh? When I switched back to Sekkisei's sun lotion, the problem was gone pretty soon. although it is kind of rich. Weird?

Just now, I was surfing A Touch of Blusher again, a great blog about (Japanese) cosmetics I check every day, and found this entry:

If you are unsure about your skin type, take a look!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Nail design (blue)

Contemplating my white and blue outfit and shoes today (the cutest shoes ever! <3), I wore Majolica Majorca's white eyeshadow and blue liner (which, by the way, stayed in place really well and didn't give me the panda eyes I got from the black liner I wore yesterday - thank Goodness, blue panda eyes would look like I got into a fight! ^^;) and also a blue nail design.

I used a light blue polish by sweets and a dark blue polish from Maquillage, both with glitter. The Maquillage polish is a bit disappointing because despite looking dark in the bottle, I had to layer and layer before I got something more than glitter.

Anyway, here is a picture. (Never mind my cuticles. >___<)

Btw, my two roleplays went well! The first one, the love story, seemed to be popular with the audience. (In fact, I had to "sh!" to the people in the classroom when he confessed his love to me. xD)

Do you like to paint your nails? In more colours than one, and also "unusual" colours like blue?

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I stopped by at the local drugstore today to reward myself for all the studying. Okay, I just wanted to take a look and then couldn't resist. But both Lavshuca and Majolica Majorca were 10% off. ^^;

I purchased a palette by Lavshuca which PJ has already reviewed here, but I also made swatches. I wanted to take a picture of my wearing it, too, but my eyes look irritated today. (And I still have some vestiges of a huge zit my AHA wash healed. Why am I telling you guys this?) I still want a brown one and will probably buy BR-1 from either the same line or the other palette line that kinda looks like 4 wavy leaves.

I also bought Majolica Majorca's single eyeshadow in WT963, a shimmery white, which I will use as a highlighter or just a quick wash of colour if I don't have time in the morning. It also looks nice togehter with the Jewelling Pencil in Blue that I bought. (I just have to figure out how to draw a fine line - I kinda suck at applying pencil liners.)

Although I love the colour blue and probably half of my clothes are actually blue (mostly navy blue), I never dared to put blue on my eyes. But now I will! I guess just a dark blue liner (my Mum's daily make-up, btw) or Lavshuca's subtle blue won't look overdone.

Enough of my blabbering, off to the swatches!

On the top, you can see Lavshuca's Eye Colour Select Palette in Blue, and the bottom picture shows Majolica Majorca's pencil liner and eyeshadow.

I also bought a mini Maquillage nailpolish today which I will try to work into a nail design with my light blue nailpolish while I study my lines for the two roleplays I have tomorrow that are getting taped and graded. Sounds like elementary school? Yup. One is a business conference simulation, and the other one is a comical play where two guys like me and I have to choose one. Don't ask. But I will wear my new make-up tomorrow, so I should be fine. xD

Do you guys have a special make-up for important occasions?
And what do you think about blue on the eyes?

Saturday, 10 July 2010

AHA Wash Cleansing


My skin has been horribly lately, breaking out, being red and itchy... I don't know why, maybe the weather, maybe stress or a mix of both.
Anyway, I simply couldn't get rid of some really stubborn zits on my chin (where I usually break out first), and last week, it spread out to my cheeks and forehead, and I knew something needed to be done.

I used Dead Sea Salt peeling - no effect. AHA gentle peeling - no effect. Nose spray on the zits (yes, I was desperate) - of course, no effect.
So I dug deeeeeeeeeeep into my closet and pulled out this one bottle of AHA Cleansing Research's (the one whose soap I use) Wash Cleansing. It is a chemical peeling due to the alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) in it, but also a mechanical one (i.e. has little scrubby things in it.) This was the best face peeling I ever had, but I never bought another bottle because I thought it was diccontinued. I searched for AHA Peeling frantically in every drugstore around and all I could see was Wash Cleansing. Stupid me. So when I pulled this out again yesterday, I realized it actually said Wash Cleansing on the bottle. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Went to the nearest drug store the very same day and got another bottle, and voila! My skin looks and feels so much better already. The really nasty zits haven't cleared up completely yet, of course, but no itching anymore, and in at least two or three days, I expect every zit to be gone completely.

This peeling is my holy grail product against breakouts. Seriously, it gets rid of impurities really well and if you don't overuse it (what I sometimes do if I want my zits to go away really fast), it will make your skin feel smoothe and don't dry it out. (I used it twice daily yesterday and tomorrow, so my skin felt really irritated and dry after my shower this morning, but some Sekkisei sun lotion over it soothed it really well. Sekkisei sun lotion = my holy grail sun product and lotion. Plus, the smell! <3)

Anyway, I'm not saying this will work on all of you, because people have different skin types. (I have combination skin, I'd say, very dry in winter and oily in summer, with occasional breakouts.) But if you have some nasty zits and your skin won't mind a little scrubbing, I recommend AHA Wash Cleansing to you. You don't have to use it everyday, you can also just use it when you need it, but daily use might prevent nasty zits from even coming.

It's such a bummer that while you can get AHA products in Japan everywhere, I haven't really seen many in Germany. I wonder why? They do sell the usual Neutrogena and so on stuff with benzoyle peroxyde (BPO) or Retinoids, but hardly any AHA. (Although AHA is listed as the first anti-acne ingredient on the German wikipedia acne page. Hm.) One factor might be that AHAs increase your skin's sensibility to the sun, so you have to put on a sunscreen (which you should do anyway!!!), but German people really don't like to wear sunscreen, at least none of my friends does. (But most of my friends don't even remove their make-up before they go to sleep.)

Do you get breakouts? If so, what do you do when you get one? Do you have any cleaning rituals to maintain your skin?

Sofina Aube Couture Designing Shine Eye in 531 Purple

Sorry my promised review is late, but I have finals coming soon and my light and cell phone camera were being b*tches to me.

Anyway, here it comes! My review of Aube's new eyeshadow palette in purple!

The picture is still not perfect, but the best I could manage. :( The colours are more vibrant in reality, but the sparkle comes out pretty nicely.

Here is a link to Aube's official website:
(Isn't Aibu Saki (right) pretty?)
My shadow is the one the model on the left side is wearing. A picture of the palette (in all colours) can be seen here: http://www.sofina.co.jp/aube/products/product18.html

The sparkly area on the left is the white base colour. I applied both the brighter and the darker lilac on it and on my naked skin (right side.) I think you can see a slight difference. The sparkle area on the right is the glitter pigment (the little dot in the palette.) It does sparkle quite a bit, but is still not overdone and makes you look like a disco ball or something trashy.
The deeper purple reminds me a bit of the purple in Lavshuca's PU-2 palette which I love and which you can see reviewed here at PJ's: Lavshuca PU-2

The colours go on effortlessly with the applicators that come with the palette. They give a nice wash of colour, but still look sheer.

The palette is a metallic light pink with a silver line in the middle, and only opens when you press both sides. Very classy and very good if you're afraid your eyeshadow might open in your purse and make a mess. Definitely an item you can carry around. :)

Overall, I think it's a really classy palette. I don't own any purple clothing, but the nice lady at Ainz&Tulpe tried out every colour on me and purple looked the best. (I have hazel eyes.) Well, this is a nice contrast to my white and blue outfits I wear quite a lot in summer.

If you want pictures of me wearing this palette, please leave a comment. :)

Have a great weekend! (^___^)