Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Stuff I recently bought (skin care)

As I already wrote on Saturday, I have purchased two little trial bottles of a Sekkisei lotion. Unfortunately, the bottle doesn't say which one it is. ^^; (Or maybe that's just my Japanese, but it seriously only says Sekkisei on the front.)
I am guessing it is this one, though:
I will try it out for some weeks and report the results to you guys.

Just today, I also purchased DHC's moisture gel cream, because although I don't use night creams to let my skin breathe, lately I felt like I needed some.
I applied the lotion/toner and then the cream and will see how my skin looks tomorrow morning.
(Linked you to reviews at musingsofamuse.)

I also purchased a trial pack of Dove's Washing foam and make-up remover (which is also a foam) and like it so far. Might change to the moisture one, though, if I finish this one.

I try to use the AHA wash only once or twice a week now because unfortunately, when I wash my face with it, it really irritates my lips - my mouth area looks severely red at the moment. :( I'm not sure if it's the AHA wash, but I figured even if not, it probably doesn't improve the situation.

So, I will keep you updated!

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