Saturday, 13 August 2011

Share: Do you have any skin allergies?

Luckily, I don't have any (known) food allergies, nor do I suffer from hay fever or the likes.
I am, however, very sensitive to skin care and make-up ingredients, it seems. During my four weeks of "holiday" between the end of the semester and the start of my internship on Tuesday, I was mostly at home, and my skin greatly improved from not wearing make-up and sunscreen all the time. Yet, when I did go out and thus put on my BB cream (I still owe you a review, I know!), I had a new breakout. :(
Both my sunscreens and the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream contain zinc oxide, and I know that ParisB from mywomenstuff is, for example, sensitive to it, despite people usually claiming it to be good for the skin. So at the moment, I am testing out my skin's reaction to it. After all, it might be something else in the ingredients list, right?
I also have the feeling that I get little breakouts after using Hada Labo's Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion, so I am doing a little trial to see if I might be sensitive to it, too.

Geez, my skin is such a hazzle! >.< Do you have similar troubles, or can you tolerate basically anything?

Btw, since I'm not sure if I can keep on using Missha's BB cream - although the colour match for #13 is so good *cries* - I am on the lookout for some new BB creams and just ordered the Holika Holika Watery Petit BB Cream (green version - the blue one might have been better, but I suspect tea tree oil to irritate my skin) and a small tube of Hanskin Mineral Magic BB Cream. It's trial and error, for skin tolerability as much as for colour match, but well, I guess it's worth the money and they weren't that expensive. ^^
I am furthermore having my eyes on SKIN79 Lovely Girl BB Cream for Oliy/Sensitive Skin (I don't have oily skin, just sensitive), Skin Food Aloe Sun Blemish Balm in #01 and Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB in #01, although the latter is quite pricey, so I need to find some decent reviews and swatches first.
Have you tried any of these? Did you like them, dislike them?

I am interested in your favourite and least favourite ingredients and skin care, too!


  1. Hi Julia!

    I'm one massive allergy sufferer =( I suffer from hayfever, all sorts of skin allergies (can't use Hada Labo because it gives me bumps all over my face BUT surprisingly I can use Juju Aquamoist's lotions) and I just have to ask you this, where do you purchase your BB creams from?

    I would really love to try more BB creams but it's quite expensive to buy them over here in Europe (with shipping and all)!

    One of the BB creams I have in my stash is Dr. G's but it has a slight grey-ish tint but colour wise it's alright for me =) I am however tempted to try the Skin Food Aloe BB Cream too =p

    Happy weekend!

  2. I am lucky in that despite being plagued with skin problems my face is actually one of the least sensitive parts of my body. ingredients-wise the only thing I really avoid is sodium laureth sulfate and similiar detergents, which makes finding a nice foam cleanser hard. Also can't use tea tree oil.

    Out of the bb creams you listed I have only used the aloe sun bb cream. I find it OK. For the price it's fine but I think there are prob better bb creams out there. It's quite sheer coverage, and can streak sometimes when applied and oil control is average so its best to set it with powder. Also if I use it too much I find my pores becoming clogged and I start breaking out D:

    Good luck finding a bb cream. It's hard to find that "perfect one" isn't it? I'm still searching for mine too XD

  3. @ S: Allergies suck. :(
    Hada Labo products are so-so for me, the cleansing liquid is great (I don't use cleansing oil as someone told me they're not good if you don't have oily skin), the lotion is still... I can never find out if I just get breakouts no matter what or due to certain products. :/ (If it is the lotion, however, I can still use it as an eye mask.)

    I ordered BB creams on ebay, mostly, through bellogirl or rubyrubyshop and find the prices okay.
    Today I also placed my very first order on GMarket because the BB cream I wanted was not on sale anywhere else.

    @ Catherine: Are you a new reader? Welcome and thanks for the comment! <3

    As for cleansing, after my makeup remover I started to use sebamed's ph-neutral soap, maybe that is an option for you?
    I can only imagine how hard it must be to find products for sensitive skin other than the face. >.<

    If my skin stops acting up, I can get away with sheerer coverage. (There is always concealer, too.) I just need something on my face that doesn't break me out. But thanks for your thoughts on this BB cream!

    If you are still looking for your perfect match, maybe this site helps you?
    Lotus Palace's Kathi also has a series of BB cream comparison posts. :)

    Thanks for stopping by, you two! <3

  4. Hi Julia,

    Thanks to you, I've just purchased a Holika Holika BB cream from Rubyrubyshop *gasp* !! Thank you so much for your recommendation and if you don't mind me asking... How do you actually purchase stuff through GMarket? I have read Kathi's tutorials (again and again) but once I get to the website it all goes down the drain and I get really confused :s Did you have any trouble purchasing through Gmarket? =)

  5. Hello S,

    I hope you'll be satisfied with it! I've ordered from both ruby and bellogirl before, but I haven't tried Holika's BB creams before. ^^;

    GMarket is a total pain in the ***, right?
    Yesterday I had trouble to delete stuff from my cart until I closed and re-opened my browser. O.o
    Some stuff can also only be found with the Korean names, while some search in English gives you the right results, but all in Korean again. >.<

    What is your exact problem? Maybe I can help. (Probably not, though.)

  6. Hiya!

    I suffer from the same problem with GMarket! The website keeps crashing on me but I remember someone telling me Internet Explorer's the best browser to use for Gmarket (which I don't have T__T)

    I really am so excited over my BB cream order from Holika Holika =p Thanks to you!

  7. Hey,

    I don't have Internet Explorer either (who wants that anyway?) as I use Linux. (No, I'm not a computer expert, my brother is. xD)
    I use Firefox and managed to get everything done somehow. Which browser do you use?
    And where do you get the crashes?

    Geez, I really hope you won't be disappointed! (Although then we can be disappointed together. ^^;)

  8. I would love to try using a Linux computer as I hear it's very stable e.g. doesn't crash as often as windows! I usually use Firefox or Safari but I noticed it always crashes when I use Safari!

    It crashes whenever I try to click on the description of the items I want to view (if that makes any sense to you lol) but I think it's good for my bank account anyway =p

    Haha it's good we're trying out different BB creams so we can share our thoughts and views on them! =p though I don't know how long it's gonna take for me to actually find THE ONE =(

  9. My Windows got hacked etc., so my brother put on Linux finally. So far, no problems (only that I miss iTunes.)

    That is kind of weird... I don't know how to fix that, sorry. Maybe try googling it? Sorry!

    Lately, I've been thinling that finding the perfect foundation must be almost as hard as finding the perfect guy. xD

  10. Oh dear! You are so lucky you've got a brother who's techno-savvy! Windows gave me so much problems that I just switched to Mac (at quite a hefty cost) but I've been using my Macbook for close to 3 years now and I'm really quite happy! =p

    Sorry, that was a total digression. Yes I've tried googling it but to no avail! Sigh I may have to just use a computer at uni and try purcashing stuff of GMarket!!

    I agree with you! Why don't beauty companies make pale foundations for pale people lie us? =(

  11. I really am lucky! Otherwise, I would have considered Mac too.

    Maybe it really is your computer. :/

    Because being pale is ghostly and disgusting, duh! -.-

  12. I have seasonal allergies - hay fever, mostly tree pollen, and certain food too (kiwi). Skin wise, I react to mineral oil and SLS on my face, though my body tolerates those nasties ok. It also depends on the brand too; e.g. FT Shiseido's Perfect Cleansing Oil contains mineral oil but it never broke me out.

    Sometimes I react to fragrances too, some in the beauty products, some from actual perfume...

    Gmarket is very difficult to use, I give up after just a few minutes...the search engine only works if you can input Korean!

  13. Oh maybe you could use the ampm bb cream? It's pretty light, and especially for pale girls it should match... i would say that it is a nc 15/nc 20. i tend to have breakouts thanks to some bb creams as well.. especially if those bb creams have an high amount of dimethicone, which is in other words silicone. ;/