Monday, 29 August 2011

Short update

Two of my BB creams have arrived today! I am wearing the Holika Holika one and using the Hanskin mini size as an under-eye concealer (which might be what I will use it as forever because the big size would cost me a fortune. xD)

The customs office is still holding my parcel with the trial size SK-II lotion hostage. >.< I thought I'd do my skin something good, it really needs it. (Currently, I am breaking out on the new La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluid I bought last week - it only has 8 ingredients, but my skin acts up anyway. Maybe it just needs to adjust.)

As for toners, I am almost done with my Sekkisei Lotion (I had 100 ml in a trial set) and thought of replacing it because I did like the scent and all, but then I stumbled upon this:
It has job's tears as well, much less alcohol, and the ingredients look really good overall, plus it's not even half the price of Sekkisei! (Sure, Sekkisei is an old trusted brand and the bottle is beautiful, but my purse say oh no! ^^;)
Has anyone tried it? Liked it? Hated it?
I don't actually buy these whitening products to get whiter (like I could get any whiter xD), but my skin seems to like job's tears and I need to fade some acne marks etc., plus the Sekkisei Essence Mask made my skin soooo transparent! <3

I'll probably do a comparison post when I have all BB creams I wanted and wore them for a while, so please be patient!


  1. Hello! I'm sorry to hear the La Roche-Posay Toleriane fluid broke you out! =( On the other hand, which Holika Holika BB cream did you purchase? I'm in love with the one I got too!! =) Haven't tried Hanskin but I would love to though =)

    I've used SK-II's lotion for years but it didn't do much for me (the essence did though) so I'm now onto Kose's Sekkisei which is absolute <3!!

  2. Hi!
    I'm not sure if it's the fluid, but I got several whiteheads since I started using it, instead of the usual chinline zits (those are painful >.<)
    Maybe my skin needs to adjust...

    I got the green one from the petite line. So cute! <3

    The Hanskin one is really light! O.o I got the Mineral Magic one. (Heard that the new Innisfree Mineral BB Cream is also very light - will buy that next, I guess.)

    I saw the offer for the lotion before I saw the one for the essence. ^^; But I will buy the essence next! love the short ingredients list!

    Sekkisei's lotion is <3, but the high alcohol content isn't someting I'd like in German winter. (It was great in the Japanese summer!) Plus the price, so my next lotion shall be the Tousekki (such a rip-off anyway xD) lotion. The ingredients look lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!