Monday, 15 August 2011

Has anyone tried mineral foundation?

Especially Everday Mineral's foundation?
I am really tempted to get this, as the ingredient list looks really good and I wouldn't mind having a really fair powder foundation for summer (next summer, obviously ^^;) when I don't feel like slathering on BB cream.

Hm, maybe I should order the trial kit next month. (Trying to keep my few Euros in my bank account for the rest of this month. xD)
I do have some other BB creams I'd like to try, though, too, especially for winter, plus the Bourjois Bio Detox foundation. Hmmm...


  1. Hello!! I haven't tried Everyday Minerals but I have tried Bare Escentuals! I do not mind using mineral foundation but bear in mind the coverage is quite sheer!

    What other BB creams do you have in mind, may I ask? :p

  2. I've read that Everyday Minerals is better and cheaper than Bare Escentuals. Hm... (Plus, there is always concealer.)

    Apart from the BB creams I have mentioned in my last post (SKIN79 Lovely Girl BB Cream for Oliy/Sensitive Skin, Skinfood Aloe, Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB), I have now added BRTC's Jasmin Water BB Cream and maybe also their Trouble Blemish Recover Balm, but I think I will try the Jasmin one first as it seems to get quite good reviews.

  3. That's what I heard too as Bare Escentuals' foundations contain quite high amounts of bismuth! Ooh I've heard loads about BRTC's Jasmine Water BB Cream! I can't wait to hear what you've to say about those BB Creams (and pretty much make me crave for them =p)

  4. I tried Jane Iredale's mineral makeup before, but didn't really feel it was worth the hype. I am not a base makeup user though. Even Jane Iredale's contains bismuth if you must know, and a close girlfriend of mine broke out horribly from it.

    I had tried Bare Escentuals before, it's really just average, nothing to write home about...