Thursday, 8 September 2011

My first GMarket order

... and maybe my last. ^^;

I had ordered an IPKN BB Cream Kathi in LotusPalace had recommended as being really pale (although I've come to think that her definition of pale isn't as white as mine) containing aloe vera, which I am a sucker for anyway, plus two tubes of aloe vera gel at a really good price - or at least I thought.

My BB Cream got cancelled last week due to insufficient supplies. Really, they noticed that weeks after I ordered? Why do they put the item out for sale then, anyway? I did get a refund for the item price, but not for the estimated shipping fee I had paid in advance. I didn't get anything back now that the parcel has arrived, either, although it should have been considerably lighter without the BB cream. But still, they put the one small package from the other seller into an unncessarily huge package and sent that to me. No wonder shipping costs an arm and a leg at Gmarket! -.-
Turns out the two aloe vera gels I had thought I'd bought had other items in the same auctions and I ended up buying one sunscreen instead. O.o Okay, I blame this on my inability to read Korean and I wanted a new sunscreen anyway - although I like to choose them myself due to ingredients my skin can't tolerate and my desire for proper sun protection, i.e. a sunscreen containing zinc oxide. But well. I also got a whole lot of samples, one Beauty Friends sheet mask (I like them and have ordered several on ebay so far, although herb wasn't my first choice), a mini skincare trial kit (uh oh, sensitive skin - but it might come in handy for travelling, although one of the bottles only says "skin" (the other says emulsion) and I have no idea what I shall out it for) and three sample sachets of what I think is a body wash or shampoo - again, I can't read Korean at all. ^^;

So yeah, I'm a tad frustrated and probably won't buy on GMarket again unless there is an item I really want and can't get elsewhere. Everything else, I will keep buying on ebay, even if the prices are higher, but the shipping on GMarket really adds up and the whole cancellation thing is annoying.

What are your experiences with GMarket?

Friday, 2 September 2011

End of summer face of the day

Using Lavshuca's Light Mix Eyes in BU-1, Long Length Mascara and Star Glow Rouge in PK.
Excuse the horrible light, I don't know what went wrong there. When I checked the pictures on my camera's screen, they looked clear and bright. >.<

featuring not yet healed breakout and Holika Holika's Petit Watery BB Cream - see the wall behind me? That's actually white. (And so is my face. O.o)