Friday, 2 September 2011

End of summer face of the day

Using Lavshuca's Light Mix Eyes in BU-1, Long Length Mascara and Star Glow Rouge in PK.
Excuse the horrible light, I don't know what went wrong there. When I checked the pictures on my camera's screen, they looked clear and bright. >.<

featuring not yet healed breakout and Holika Holika's Petit Watery BB Cream - see the wall behind me? That's actually white. (And so is my face. O.o)


  1. Looking as gorgeous as ever, Julia! I love the way you did your eyes! So very pretty! <3

  2. Thank you, that's very sweet of you! <3
    I really need to do something about the camera situation, though...

  3. Hmm could it be the lighting as well? Which camera are you using? =)

  4. I guess it could be the lightning, but I tried different rooms. O.o
    Don't know, my Mum's small digicam. For the moment, I am recharging the batteries and will see if that will make it better.