Wednesday, 27 July 2011

UV protection again: How about your hair?

I already posted about UV nail care a few days ago, but how about your hair?
As I dyed by hair darker again last weekend, I went to get new shampoo for colour-treated hair, replacing my Body Shop Rainforest Shine shampoo with the Radiance one. (I know, Body Shop shampoos aren't exactly cheap, but they're silicone-free and my hair likes them, plus I only use very little. Conditioner, however, is a different story. I use so much people might think I drink that stuff in the shower  - ew! -, so I use a drugstore one with aloe vera (my absolute skincare love <3) and hibiscus that is also silicon-free. Btw, did you jump on the "no silicone!"-bandwagon yet?)

Anyway, after a while, a sales assistant came around and as I have lately become a bit more ingredient-savvy, I decided to ask him some questions. Like, why on earth does a shampoo claim to have UV filters when you rinse it after 2 minutes anyway? He claimed, of course, that the ingredients stay in the hair, but I neither believe that nor do I want to have the remains of my shampoo in my hair. >.<
In my humble opinion, UV protection shampoo is nonsense. I did, however, buy the detangling spray from the same line, which also claims UV protection (I checked the ingredients, it really seems to offer at least some protection - it also has aloe vera, although not in the first third of the ingredients - and as it will be sprayed on after washing, I guess I can believe its claims. Or what do you think?

Do you protect your hair from the sun? The best thing, of course, would be to wear a hat, but I don't feel like doing that every day. (Especially as I tend to forget them when I take them off. ^^;;;)

Btw, after skin, nails and hair, I wonder what's next? Hmmm... my teeth are unprotected when I open my mouth while being outdoors. Oh no!!! XD

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Quick tip: Do you use UV protection nail care?

When my top coat ran out and I couldn't find the same one in stores anymore, I looked for a replacement yesterday while shopping with my Mum. I ended up buying the "p2 UV Super Protector" (p2 is a cheap German drugstore brand) because I realized, while I put sunscreen on my skin every day, I usually neglect my nails!
Seeing as I almost always wear coloured nail polish, not much sun should get through to the skin underneath, but I guess a UV top coat can't hurt, although it probably doesn't help much, either.

Have you tried UV care for nails before? What are your experiences? Or do you think it is bogus?

(Btw, the weather in Germany doesn't feel like summer at all at the moment. Still, since UV rays penetrate clouds, too, UV care is necessary!)