Thursday, 22 December 2011

First haircut of the year

Seriously, this is the first time I've been to the salon this year. Oo My hair had gotten pretty long (about bra-level-length xD) and I felt like cutting it all off.

So here:

None of these is very accurate colour-wise. ^^;

Also sporting:
Everyday Minerals Matte Foundation in Fair Neutral
Paul&Joe Duo Eye Gloss in #04 Bourgeoisie, Majolica Majorca Creamy Pencil Liner in brown and Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara
Lavshuca Star Glow Rouge in RS-2 (which is darker in real life, a very nice berry colour)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sasa Free Expedited Shipping

I just placed my first order!
They are offering free expedited shipping til the 19th if you buy products for $49 or more, and the Jill Stuart Blush Compact in #11 Rose Fairy was $44, so I ordered an SK-II sample with it. Paid €39 in the end, which isn't bad at all. :)

(Usually, only ships for free (and standard shipping, not expedited) if you order for over $100, and while I could totally find enough stuff I want *cough*, my bank account will not agree with me then.)

I wonder if it will be here before Christmas, so I can wear it with my new eye jelly I got this week (#10 Vintage Decor) and which I love. <3

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My first blog award!

I just got my first blog award from the dear CamiKatze, a fellow blogger from Berlin. I totally didn't expect this, so now is my time to say a huge THANK YOU and to give out seven blog awards in return!

But first of all, let me say a few words about CamiKatze's blog "VANITAS". Unfortunately, it is in German only, but I think it is worth using google translator or similar means for international visitors, because it is full of interesting reviews (about Asian cosmetics, too) from a very honest yet sweet blogger. (I love our long conversations about literature and the world! Yes, we don't just talk about make-up. xD)

The seven blogs I'd like to hand this award on to are:
VANITAS (right back at you! XP)
Lotus Palace (which I must visit every day)
My Women Stuff 
Rouge Deluxe
A Touch of Blusher
Of Toys and Tokyo
Beauty Box

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Foundation swatches (finally!)

And here I bring you the swatches of all foundations I own, which I promised like half a year ago?

This is as accurate as my camera was willing to get. (I know it looks shadey and dark, but this was the only photo with accurate contrast, the lighter ones also made the foundation seem too light and actually match my skintone. In fact, the contrast is even bigger in reality, and I got a little shock when I looked at my arm.)

From left to right:
Kate High Coverage Liquid Foundation (Bright-up Color)
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in #51
Astor Matitude HD in ... there's no colour ID written on my bottle, but the lightest colour there is
Maybelline Pure Make-up in Porcelaine Ivory
BRTC Blemish Recover Balm
Holika Holika Petite Watery BB Cream

Take a look at this picture (click to enlarge):
See what I mean?
As you can see, only the Kate actually matches my skin - and that is the one that has almost zero coverage (despite its name. ^^;)
Bourjois is a bit too dark and yellow; Astor a bit too dark and orange, although it looks more pink on my face; Maybelline looks orange, here, too, but gets pink-ish on the face; BRTC looks almost muddy brown, despite it actually being very pale on my face (I just can't apply it there because it itches and breaks me out like crazy); and Holika Holika is too dark (btw, it really is watery, as it kept running down my arm.)

*sigh* At least Everyday Minerals' Fair Neutral fits me, but it would be nice to have a liquid foundation that fits my skintone and doesn't break me out for days when my skin feels too dry for powder. :(

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom in #07 Charming Lily

Just a pic - I know there are swatches around already, and I don't see much sense in posting pictures of me wearing this as blush colours are hardly distinctable on the face - or should be, at least.

Isn't it lovely? And I got samples, too! My next Jill Stuart order will be from Gooddealer again!

Monday, 24 October 2011


In case anyone's looking for a Christmas present for me. XD
Nah, just for me to keep track of, my wishlist at the moment is:

- Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N in either 02, 10 or 13 (can't decide yet, but definitely neutral colours)
- Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in 11 Rose Fairy
- Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N in 19 Treasure Box (these wishes alone will easily cost me 100€ >.<)

- Anna Sui Eye Color #700

- Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes BR-2
- Lavshuca Star Glow Rouge RS-2

-  Majolica Majorca Cheek Color in PK333 Berry Pink

- Coffret d'Or Bright Up Rouge Long Keep in PK-260 ?
- Maquillage Lasting Perfect Rouge RS347 ? (that looks a lot darker on my sample card and on my lips than here)
(I was eyeing Maquillage's new lip product, and also the high ranking Aube one, but I simply do not like liquid lipsticks - for some reason, they always look overdone on me. Although Coffret d'Or's Essence Stay Rouge looks really good here, especially RD-191, and also some of the older colours.)
I'm also still eyeing Maquillage's double-ended lip product, despite its horrible ratings on But while I buy eye shadows after comparing lots of online swatches, I find it a bit of a gamble to spend more than 20€ on a lipstick that might come out a lot different on my own lips. :( (I had a sample card of Rouge Enamel Glamour once and the model colour, RD387, looked good on me, but for daily life, I'd probably rather buy something like PK243.)
EDIT:  They really are too dry for me - I miss the old Glow lipsticks from Coffret d'Or! Full Styling Rouge Glow in RS-244 is my My-lips-but-better lipstick. >.<

But some Paul&Joe items have made it onto my list:
- Paul&Joe eye gloss in a neutral colour

My plan is to use a beige Anna Sui eye shadow (powder), a dark brown Jill Stuart eye jelly as "liner" and a very light Paul&Joe eye gloss as highlighter. Of course I have beige eyeshadows and brown liners (Majolica Majorca's cream liner in brown is great!) etc., but I want three really cute items I can carry around all the time and feel happy when I look at them. Weird, huh? ^^;

As you can see, these are mostly neural eye colours and berry-ish lipsticks. Not only do I find those very nice for this time of the year, I am also working in a school at the moment, so fancy make-up is a no-go at least on workdays.
Should I make a post on a "school"-FOTD?

What does your wishlist look like at the moment?

Monday, 17 October 2011

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Review (1 month)

(Shouldn't that be Blemish solutions, btw? It's like people saying they're doing something "against anti-aging". Huh?)

pic taken from

So I was rather fed up with my skin for quite some time, specifically after I went off the pill (which I had only taken for a year) last summer. Nothing really helped, and lately, my skin was horribly itchy and irritated. I tried using basic care and proper hydration to cure it, but it failed. So when Clinique re-issued its trial kits for 9€, I was sold.
The kit from the Anti-Blemish range includes:
Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar 50 g
Anti-Blemish Clarifying Lotion 60ml
Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturizer 30ml

The SA told me that the kit should last for about 3 weeks. I've been using it for 4 weeks now, and have only run out of the lotion last week. The moisturizer is about to finish now, and the soap is still pretty big and I estimate it might last another two to three months.(I bought a second trial kit as you get quite some value for 9€ considering 50 ml of the moisturizer usually cost around 25€ here in Germany, and a 200 ml bottle of the toner.)
So far, this range is working for me. The first week or so, I had little bumps coming up, which I assume were purging. Now, I rarely get new pimples anymore. Today, I'm having a few, maybe due to something I ate, maybe a case of purging from deeper within the skin - anyway, there are some big and painful (if touched) pimples under the right side of my chin. I hope they will go away soon and will keep you updated. As for the negative effects, this is pretty drying and as I have told you a few days ago, my skin is kinda peeling. I hope this will go away eventually, too. BUT my skin is barely ever itching anymore!

As for the individual products:
The cleansing bar cleanses like any normal soap, I'd say, and doesn't leave behinf any residue. However, it also makes my skin feel dry and tight.
The lotion is pretty harsh on the skin, but probably the item in the range that works best at fighting acne. If I have a particularly stubborn spot (like a big zit), I sometimes place a piece of cotton saturated with the lotion on it for a while and the zit vanished rather quickly. I know, the instruction tell you to just wipe over the skin once quickly and gently, but that doesn't always do it. It also removed dirt quite effectly, as I sometimes get an orange cotton pad even after double cleansing at night.
The moisturizer isn't really very moisturizing, but the SA told me I'd have to put up with that. If I really can't bear the tight feeling (sometimes it's worse than other days), I dab on a bit of my beloved Nature Republic aloe vera gel (bought my 4th tub this year!) over it.

My problem with this range is the drying. Even if it is effective for now, I am afraid my skin will get oily in the long run (so far, I have combination skin with breakouts mostly in the dry spots like jawline - very likely hormon-induced) and make things worse eventually. So after my skin is cleared, I am planning on using this only once a day paired with oil-free, but hydrating products (the above mentioned aloe vera gel, Tosekki lotion etc.) and maybe dab on jojoba oil in winter.

I will keep you updated on how this is going!
Also, I have a sample of Kiehl's Overnight Biological Peel and used it twice already and will squeeze two or three more uses out of the sachet. If I like it, I might end up buying a (pricey >.<) bottle, as that kind of exfoliation supposedly is good for acne-prone, but sensitive skin.
Do you have any products you would recommend?

Friday, 14 October 2011

11 Random Facts about this Blogger

(Ugh, I woke up with severely peeling skin due to the Clinique stuff. >.<)

Anyway, since you'll have to wait a little longer for the next review(s), I thought it's time to tell you something about who's blog you're reading here anyway. Not the usual "I'm 22, a taurus and have almost finished my bachelor in Japanese studies and want to be a teacher after that" stuff, but a lot more random. xD

1. I love turtles. Almost everything I own sports at least one turtle on it (except for my clothes - although I do have a few turtle shirts.) I do not own an actual living turtle, though.
2. Harry Potter is awesome - Twilight makes me want to barf. Don't even get me started on the whole portrayal of abusive relationships as true love.
3. I am a Gleek. And yes, the show makes no sense, but if you take it like that, it's so much fun. Oh, how I miss my choir days... (If you want to know which character I identify with most, I'd have to say Rachel. I also happen to be a soprano - might be mezzo, though, but I've never had any formal evalution or training; I sang first soprano at school most of the time, unless the teacher needed someone to fill in at the second or the altos, and that someone was always me for some reason ^^; - but I'm not as good as her.)
4. I wish Pokémon were real. My favourites are Eevee, Chikorita (I swear if I was a Pokémon, I'd be a Chikorita xD), Squirtle and many more. I never let my favourites evolve in the games, which is why I am awfully weak.
5. Pretty much the only other game I play apart from Pokémon (and Wii Sports) is The Sims. 
6. My (probably) strangest hobby is constructing houses. I use the above mentioned Sims or a special architecture programme for that.
7. I still have my Playmobil house in my room and rebuild it from time to time or buy new furniture on ebay.
8. I still haven't gotten my ears pierced, although I've totally been wanting to for years now and even have a bunch of earrings (some self-made) lying around here.
9. When I was 16 or 17, I won 5th place in a writing competiton of a German manga magazine (which imports Japanese manga series from Hana to Yume, like Skip Beat! etc.) - you were expected to write a romantic short story, and the winner story was changed into a short manga. Too bad I didn't win, but honestly, when I look at that story now, I wonder how I even made 5th place. >.<
10. I have a copy of Yoshimoto Banana's Kitchen (in Japanese) lying on my nightstand all the time.
11. I watch english DVDs with english subtitles.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Rewarding myself

Since I handed in my essay yesterday (and it seems like my classmates haven't yet - what did I pressure myself for? -.-), I decided to reward myself and ended up buying my very first Jill Stuart item, the limited Charming Lily Blush Blossom (#07) I had spotted in! It's quite expensive, almost 44€, but I don't really have any nice blush apart from the two Mix Color Cheeks by Lavshuca, and while those are incredibly travel-friendly, I wanted something to put on my (not yet existent) vanity table. xD (I am eyeing the Mix Blush Compact in #11,Rose Fairy, too. (You probably don't know it, but apart from my cosmetics addiction, I am also a total geek and at the moment writing a Pokémon story about two sisters named Rose and Lily. xD Yes, I know that I'm 22 - but come on, don't you sometimes wish Pokémon - or Harry Potter - were real?) I also want one of her eye jellys, probably #13 Antique Chiffon. <3

Anyway, once I get the blush, I will review it, of course! (^___^)

Sorry for the long silence!

One month, to be exact. I apologize! >.<

I was writing an essay for university (my last one - now there's only the B.A. thesis left!) and just handed it in yesterday. Phew. ^^;

Also, my skin was acting up, so I decided to stop experimenting and simplify my routine. Luckily, Clinique had their trial kits on offer, and I snagged one from the Anti Blemish line for only 9€. (^.^)/ So far, it really has helped, but I will test for a bit longer until I give you guys my final opinion. (And even if it helps at first, I've had products I loved before give me bad results after a while. Knocking on wood here, really.)

As for the BB cream post I owe you: Let me keep it short:
- Hanskin Mineral Magic BB: became my new under eye concealer xD
- BRTC Blemish Recover Balm: made my skin itch and break up - I guess I am indeed allergic to tea tree oil
- Holika Holika Petit Watery BB Cream: nice, but simply too dark

I'll keep you updated with the Clinique stuff, and will also post when my Everyday Minerals samples have arrived. (I read they've changed the formula, though, too many people's dismay. Hm...)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

My first GMarket order

... and maybe my last. ^^;

I had ordered an IPKN BB Cream Kathi in LotusPalace had recommended as being really pale (although I've come to think that her definition of pale isn't as white as mine) containing aloe vera, which I am a sucker for anyway, plus two tubes of aloe vera gel at a really good price - or at least I thought.

My BB Cream got cancelled last week due to insufficient supplies. Really, they noticed that weeks after I ordered? Why do they put the item out for sale then, anyway? I did get a refund for the item price, but not for the estimated shipping fee I had paid in advance. I didn't get anything back now that the parcel has arrived, either, although it should have been considerably lighter without the BB cream. But still, they put the one small package from the other seller into an unncessarily huge package and sent that to me. No wonder shipping costs an arm and a leg at Gmarket! -.-
Turns out the two aloe vera gels I had thought I'd bought had other items in the same auctions and I ended up buying one sunscreen instead. O.o Okay, I blame this on my inability to read Korean and I wanted a new sunscreen anyway - although I like to choose them myself due to ingredients my skin can't tolerate and my desire for proper sun protection, i.e. a sunscreen containing zinc oxide. But well. I also got a whole lot of samples, one Beauty Friends sheet mask (I like them and have ordered several on ebay so far, although herb wasn't my first choice), a mini skincare trial kit (uh oh, sensitive skin - but it might come in handy for travelling, although one of the bottles only says "skin" (the other says emulsion) and I have no idea what I shall out it for) and three sample sachets of what I think is a body wash or shampoo - again, I can't read Korean at all. ^^;

So yeah, I'm a tad frustrated and probably won't buy on GMarket again unless there is an item I really want and can't get elsewhere. Everything else, I will keep buying on ebay, even if the prices are higher, but the shipping on GMarket really adds up and the whole cancellation thing is annoying.

What are your experiences with GMarket?

Friday, 2 September 2011

End of summer face of the day

Using Lavshuca's Light Mix Eyes in BU-1, Long Length Mascara and Star Glow Rouge in PK.
Excuse the horrible light, I don't know what went wrong there. When I checked the pictures on my camera's screen, they looked clear and bright. >.<

featuring not yet healed breakout and Holika Holika's Petit Watery BB Cream - see the wall behind me? That's actually white. (And so is my face. O.o)

Monday, 29 August 2011

Short update

Two of my BB creams have arrived today! I am wearing the Holika Holika one and using the Hanskin mini size as an under-eye concealer (which might be what I will use it as forever because the big size would cost me a fortune. xD)

The customs office is still holding my parcel with the trial size SK-II lotion hostage. >.< I thought I'd do my skin something good, it really needs it. (Currently, I am breaking out on the new La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluid I bought last week - it only has 8 ingredients, but my skin acts up anyway. Maybe it just needs to adjust.)

As for toners, I am almost done with my Sekkisei Lotion (I had 100 ml in a trial set) and thought of replacing it because I did like the scent and all, but then I stumbled upon this:
It has job's tears as well, much less alcohol, and the ingredients look really good overall, plus it's not even half the price of Sekkisei! (Sure, Sekkisei is an old trusted brand and the bottle is beautiful, but my purse say oh no! ^^;)
Has anyone tried it? Liked it? Hated it?
I don't actually buy these whitening products to get whiter (like I could get any whiter xD), but my skin seems to like job's tears and I need to fade some acne marks etc., plus the Sekkisei Essence Mask made my skin soooo transparent! <3

I'll probably do a comparison post when I have all BB creams I wanted and wore them for a while, so please be patient!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Has anyone tried mineral foundation?

Especially Everday Mineral's foundation?
I am really tempted to get this, as the ingredient list looks really good and I wouldn't mind having a really fair powder foundation for summer (next summer, obviously ^^;) when I don't feel like slathering on BB cream.

Hm, maybe I should order the trial kit next month. (Trying to keep my few Euros in my bank account for the rest of this month. xD)
I do have some other BB creams I'd like to try, though, too, especially for winter, plus the Bourjois Bio Detox foundation. Hmmm...

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Share: Do you have any skin allergies?

Luckily, I don't have any (known) food allergies, nor do I suffer from hay fever or the likes.
I am, however, very sensitive to skin care and make-up ingredients, it seems. During my four weeks of "holiday" between the end of the semester and the start of my internship on Tuesday, I was mostly at home, and my skin greatly improved from not wearing make-up and sunscreen all the time. Yet, when I did go out and thus put on my BB cream (I still owe you a review, I know!), I had a new breakout. :(
Both my sunscreens and the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream contain zinc oxide, and I know that ParisB from mywomenstuff is, for example, sensitive to it, despite people usually claiming it to be good for the skin. So at the moment, I am testing out my skin's reaction to it. After all, it might be something else in the ingredients list, right?
I also have the feeling that I get little breakouts after using Hada Labo's Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion, so I am doing a little trial to see if I might be sensitive to it, too.

Geez, my skin is such a hazzle! >.< Do you have similar troubles, or can you tolerate basically anything?

Btw, since I'm not sure if I can keep on using Missha's BB cream - although the colour match for #13 is so good *cries* - I am on the lookout for some new BB creams and just ordered the Holika Holika Watery Petit BB Cream (green version - the blue one might have been better, but I suspect tea tree oil to irritate my skin) and a small tube of Hanskin Mineral Magic BB Cream. It's trial and error, for skin tolerability as much as for colour match, but well, I guess it's worth the money and they weren't that expensive. ^^
I am furthermore having my eyes on SKIN79 Lovely Girl BB Cream for Oliy/Sensitive Skin (I don't have oily skin, just sensitive), Skin Food Aloe Sun Blemish Balm in #01 and Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB in #01, although the latter is quite pricey, so I need to find some decent reviews and swatches first.
Have you tried any of these? Did you like them, dislike them?

I am interested in your favourite and least favourite ingredients and skin care, too!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Beauty Mishap: I said off with those blackheads, not the whole nose!

Okay, my nose is still there - phew. But a half centimeter of skin is missing from its top. Ouch!

What happened, you may ask?
I was trying to get rid of those stubborn blackheads by using a pretty rough washcloth in the shower. You know, hot water, open pores, rub out all the dirt... Um, I guess I didn't think this through fully.

Anyway, I guess it's a good thing I will spend the next few days at home working on a paper for university. ^^;;;

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

UV protection again: How about your hair?

I already posted about UV nail care a few days ago, but how about your hair?
As I dyed by hair darker again last weekend, I went to get new shampoo for colour-treated hair, replacing my Body Shop Rainforest Shine shampoo with the Radiance one. (I know, Body Shop shampoos aren't exactly cheap, but they're silicone-free and my hair likes them, plus I only use very little. Conditioner, however, is a different story. I use so much people might think I drink that stuff in the shower  - ew! -, so I use a drugstore one with aloe vera (my absolute skincare love <3) and hibiscus that is also silicon-free. Btw, did you jump on the "no silicone!"-bandwagon yet?)

Anyway, after a while, a sales assistant came around and as I have lately become a bit more ingredient-savvy, I decided to ask him some questions. Like, why on earth does a shampoo claim to have UV filters when you rinse it after 2 minutes anyway? He claimed, of course, that the ingredients stay in the hair, but I neither believe that nor do I want to have the remains of my shampoo in my hair. >.<
In my humble opinion, UV protection shampoo is nonsense. I did, however, buy the detangling spray from the same line, which also claims UV protection (I checked the ingredients, it really seems to offer at least some protection - it also has aloe vera, although not in the first third of the ingredients - and as it will be sprayed on after washing, I guess I can believe its claims. Or what do you think?

Do you protect your hair from the sun? The best thing, of course, would be to wear a hat, but I don't feel like doing that every day. (Especially as I tend to forget them when I take them off. ^^;;;)

Btw, after skin, nails and hair, I wonder what's next? Hmmm... my teeth are unprotected when I open my mouth while being outdoors. Oh no!!! XD

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Quick tip: Do you use UV protection nail care?

When my top coat ran out and I couldn't find the same one in stores anymore, I looked for a replacement yesterday while shopping with my Mum. I ended up buying the "p2 UV Super Protector" (p2 is a cheap German drugstore brand) because I realized, while I put sunscreen on my skin every day, I usually neglect my nails!
Seeing as I almost always wear coloured nail polish, not much sun should get through to the skin underneath, but I guess a UV top coat can't hurt, although it probably doesn't help much, either.

Have you tried UV care for nails before? What are your experiences? Or do you think it is bogus?

(Btw, the weather in Germany doesn't feel like summer at all at the moment. Still, since UV rays penetrate clouds, too, UV care is necessary!)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Quick tip

Hello, readers! (Does anyone actually read my blog? ^^;)

Sorry for the long absence, but real life was a bit tough lately. >.<

I will continue my foundation series and also try to post looks soon, but for now, let me ask you a quick question.
Do you sometimes have products you really like, but find kind of expensive?
This trick doesn't work all the time, of course, but if you have an expensive hair treatment, for example, that contains a certain oil, you could try to buy that oil in pure form and use it instead of the expensive treatment that probably has a lot of unnecessary ingredients. This also works if you want to avoid some ingredients that bother you in your favourite product.

At the moment, I am using camellia (tsubaki) oil as a hair treatment. For my face, I like to use pure (well, as pure as they sell it) aloe vera gel (at the moment Nature Republic's - my third pot!) You can use aloe vera for so many purposes, facial moisture, instead of body lotion, after a day in the sun (even with sunscreen, the skin often gets dried out by the burning sun >.<) or even on your hair. I also use pure jojoba oil and so far, it doesn't break me out like many oil-based moisturizers do.
If you want to use a serum based on lemon/vitamin c, but are worried about its shelf life - use a fresh lemon! I like to mix lemon juice into my (almost daily) yoghurt mask at night.

I hope these tips come in handy for some of you!
Have a great summer!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The quest for pale foundation - part 1: Maybelline Pure Make-up

Okay, so here is post #1 of my pale foundation series! I apologize in advance for the lack of photos, but my camera just doesn't get the colours right no matter what I do. :(
To show you my skin colour, here's a reference picture:
I was wearing Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream in 21 here, mixed with sun screen to make it brighter - glad they introduced # 13 now! You can see I am not white pale, but quite pale with neutral undertones, which makes an extra challenge as many foundations tend to be yellow or pink. :(

 Maybelline Pure Make-up in Porcelain Ivory (Light 1)
I've used this foundation some years ago, but stopped because the colour match wasn't so great - for some reason, they never sell all shades in Germany, and finding a really pale foundation here is probably harder than the search for the infamous holy grail. Recently, I've had the idea of searching the internet for it, though, and discovered the lightest shade for about 7$ at ebay. Of course, I had to order it immediately because apart from the colour mismatch, I really liked it back then.
The lightest colour, Porcelain Ivory, is just about right for me, I'd say. It could be a tad bit paler, but it's still a lot more acceptable than shade #3 or so I was using before.
It claims to be oil-free and water-based, which I believe. At least it never gave me break-outs. This means, however, that it is also a bit drying and feels rather tight on your skin, it's also hard to blend out because it dries rather quickly. What I do is, I apply moisturizer and then don't wait until it fully absorbs into my skin, but quickly follow with the foundation, which I apply in circular motion.
Coverage is okay - it doesn't cover major pimples or even the redness around my nose, but I do feel that my skin looks more perfect with this foundation on and an additional concealer. (I have a good really fair concealer - somehow, they sell those even here. Hm.) Since it's rather dry, you don't need to apply powder over it (only on my nose), which I like. I guess this will be my go-to foundation for the starting hot season.
The only drwabacks are that I have to buy it via ebay, which doesn't bother me, that it doesn't have an SPF which is okay since I use sunscreen all the time anyway, and now the major drawback: It has actually been discontinued. I want to stock up, but I'm afraid it will spoil after a few months or years, which means eventually, I will definitely need to find a replacement for this. Any ideas, anyone?

Quick facts:
+ oil-free, doesn't give me break-outs (could be different for you, though!)
+ lightest shade is pale enough for me
+ does not need to be set with powder
+ makes my skin look good

- a bit drying
- a bit hard to blend
- doesn't cover too well (use concealer)

Other foundations I plan to review are:
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #13
Astor Mattitude HD
Bourjois Healthy Mix #51

Btw, does anyone have a recommendation for a very pale powder foundation? I've heard about Kate's, but how is the coverage? 

Saturday, 9 April 2011


It's not yet out on, but some blogs (e.g. Rouge Deluxe) are already showing preview pictures of Majoromantica F! <3
I love Majoromantica so much I ordered a back-up this week although my first bottle is still almost full. (Stress-relief shopping. ^^;)
I hope the new version will be as good as the "old" one - and that the normal one won't get discontinued!

Update: I got the Majoromantica F, and it stinks. I don't know what went wrong there, but it smells nothing like the original, and instead really strong and very cheap. :(

Thursday, 31 March 2011


Inspired by a German blog's "kawaii week", I decided to upload some purikura pictures I took over the course of my exchange year in Japan.
I don't think I'm as cute as a Japanese girl could be, but for some reason, I often got called "kawaii" nonetheless. (Hehe, so white skin really makes up for seven flaws - if I really only have seven. ^^;)
Purikura machines also have an "automatic beautification modus", which means your skin looks more flawless (and a bit scary, like in that Murakami Ryu novel) and your eyes look more pronounced, like the outer rims look blacker. I will spare you one picture where I was wearing blue eyeshadow. ^^;;;

Since I couldn't ask all of my friends for their approvement, I "blacked out" their faces. (Although they totally all upload pictures of me on Facebook. -.-) I hope you don't mind. I am, of course, the crazy chick who's on all pictures. xD

Plus a random "cute" pic I took when my brother had his Bulbasaur surrounded by my two Chikoritas. xD He calls it "Bulbapimp". ^^;;; (And yes, that is my bracelet.)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Dear readers,

first of all, let me assure you that I am not in Japan at the moment. I am not sure if this was clear from my previous posts, but I left Japan last year in September, as my exchange ended then, and am in Germany at the moment.
I do, however, have plenty of friends in Japan. My foreign friends have almost all left the country by now, but the Japanese ones can't (and won't) do that so easily. So far, everyone seems safe, as Tokyo wasn't hit as hard as the Touhoku area, but I am still worried a lot about possible new quakes, and also the atom reactors in Fukushima.
At the moment, it seems like there is nothing we can do but wait and encourage our friends. I donated to various organizations, although only a bit so far, as I don't have much money on my bank account at the moment, and once my friends tell me the postal system is back to normal, I am planning on sending some food and maybe daily goods or warm clothes over.
This is a difficult time, and although I still read some cosmetics blogs in order to distract myself, and try to live my normal life (still two term papers to hand in!), I hope you will understand that I won't update for a while.
I have some notes for posts, like a skincare report on an acne relief cream, but those will have to wait.
I am very sorry, but my energy goes to supporting my friends and also at least trying to finish my papers, plus the whole stress made me a bit weak, leading me to not being able to fight down a cold.
It is unbelievable how just last week, I was out sightseeing with a Japanese friend from the Touhoku area, everything being fine, and suddenly, she will return home to the area being almost completey destroyed. Seeing as I visited her home just last summer, this makes me really sad. A few months ago, I was still living in Japan... unimaganeable.

I understand that not all of you are concerned with Japan, and not everyone can donate, but please try to show as much support as you can, without being too worried or having your normal life affected.


Sunday, 20 February 2011

How cute!

Gosh, I so want a pair of these:
Wonder if I can make some myself, because 20$ is not very cheap. Hm...

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine nails

Just a short post on my nails for this "special" day. (Although all I did was go to classes. ^^;)
(Took those before I cleaned the excess polish off, sorry!)

I used Kiko 248 and stamped Kiko 241 over it with a sponge, then applied different heart stickers and topped everything off with a Kiko glitter polish (270).

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Hello folks!

I've been absent again, I know, but my really good excuse is, my computer isn't working, my camera (well, Mum's camera) won't produce good pictures (they look fine on the screen, but awfully blurry on my computer! >.<) and I have exams.
Expect some longer posts in 2 to 3 weeks - if my Japanese friends don't ALL come at the same time and leave me bsuy showing them through Berlin. xD

Since I already have many eye shadows, I have now started to get into lip products. Usually, I just take whatever Lip Smacker appeals to me that morning and leave the house, but now I want to match my lip colour to my eye shadow.
As I like purple shadows, I am stocking up on pinks and mauves to go with the looks. So far, I have Lavshuca's Moist Melting Bar in PK-5 and RS-2 and Kate's Rouge Luster in PK-3 on my list. I'd also like one of the(seemingly popular) Coffret d'Or Rouge Glow lipsticks in RS-244 it was, I believe, but that's coming later - budget, you know. ^^;
I also definitely need something beige to go with my green/teal look, probably a Majolica Majorca gloss. A gloss because I figured a matte beige would really make me look like a corpse. Thank God Majolica Majorca is inexpensive, so if I look awful in beige, it won't be much of a loss.
Speakingof inexpensive, I wish Maquillage was cheaper! The sample of their two-sided Rouge Enamel Glamour in RD-387 (the Maquillage red, I believe?) looked absolutely fabulous on me! Just where would I wear such a red lipstick? ^^;

One lipstick I have so far is the Lavshuca Moist Melting Rouge in RD-4, which is the most flattering red for my skintone I've seen so far, but melts off really quickly. :(
I also got their Dramatic Memory Liquid in RD-3 (?), which I didn't like on me in the end, but seeing this swatch, RD-4 looks like a colour I'd love!
I also want to test the Dramatic Memory Rouge, and seeing swatches on, I think I will buy PK-1.

Do you like lipsticks and glosses? Or are you like my friend who says they just bother you while kissing? xD
Have you tried any of the products on my list? Opinions?

Edit: It also seems like Aube Couture's liquid lipstick is very popular right now, at least on I remember having the SA put some on me when I bought an Aube eyeshadow, and it looked nice, but it was too pricey for me back then (and still is, actually. >.<) Plus, I don't like liquid lipsticks that much - or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Dear readers, please stay safe and warm, don't catch any colds, and for those also in their exam phase: Good luck! (When we're done, there's always the "good job"-excuse to buy yourself beauty stuff. xD)