Saturday, 9 April 2011


It's not yet out on, but some blogs (e.g. Rouge Deluxe) are already showing preview pictures of Majoromantica F! <3
I love Majoromantica so much I ordered a back-up this week although my first bottle is still almost full. (Stress-relief shopping. ^^;)
I hope the new version will be as good as the "old" one - and that the normal one won't get discontinued!

Update: I got the Majoromantica F, and it stinks. I don't know what went wrong there, but it smells nothing like the original, and instead really strong and very cheap. :(


  1. OMG I did not know you had a blog!! Thank you for your link to mine, I will for sure put yours on mine too!

    You are so pretty and kawaii!!!! Lucky you, to live in Japan - hope you are safe and sound where you are!!!


  2. Haha, thank you! My blog is really not that great, especially compared to yours. Somehow, I never get around to blogging, and if I do, my camera goes on strike! ^^;

    Thank you, again! *blush*
    I don't live in Japan anymore, but I was planning to remove there next year - I'll see if that will still be an option.

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