Monday, 22 February 2010

Tokyo Colours?

And Shinjuku is violet...?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My first pic!

Because everyone does it, I decided to show you a picture of my eye make-up. It's a look I wear a lot lately.

(Gosh, my pores are HUGE! ;____;)

I am wearing:
- Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara
- Lavshuca PK-1 Duo Eyeshadow (pink/purple) on my upper lid
- Shiseido's Integrate Pencil Eyes GD871 (gold) on my lower lashline


Still trying to find replacements for some of my cosmetic stuff - the French brand Bourjois has risen my interest. Too bad they even sell in Japan, but not in their neighbour country Germany. I thought, BUT: They do have one corner in Berlin's biggest department store! Now I'll just have to take a look there when I'm on home vacation, compare prices and colours (many European countries don't sell the lightest colours for make-up, which sucks for me because I'm basically transparent), and if they have the Healthy Make-up in the lightest colour, I don't have to schlepp back-ups from Japan to Germany!

I also discovered an Italian brand named Kiko that opened a shop in Berlin with really nice coloured eye-shadows and pencils.

Both brands do not test on animals (their websites claim), but may use results from other companies' tests. Well, better than torturing animals twice for the same ingredients, I guess. ^^;

Us capital kids are lucky sometimes. :)

EDIT: I found one or two stores where I could order Boujours online, but they don't seem to have the full range, plus Germany has stupid regulations about shipping liquids. As a result, most online stores stopped shipping cosmetics to Germany. -__-

Animals testing

Since I was shopping for cosmetics a lot lately, I decided to take a look at which companies still test their stuff on animals and which don't. And I was shocked.

Here, you can find a list.

Basically, all big companies do it. Some claim not to, but still do it. Even The Body Shop has been taken over by bad guy L'Oreal and does it now.
I was using Nivea shampoo, Maybelline base make-up, Shiseido make-up, Neutrogena face wash... Looks like I have to find replacements for all of those. I know the products I am using now have already been tested, but I don't really wanna blow more money into those companies. If people stop buying their stuff, they may stop testing on animals.
But I am so used to my cosmetics... And which companies should I change to? It looks like nearly all of them do it.
Shiseido claims they're "working on alternative methods". Which means, "hey, if we still test on animals, not our fault, we're trying our best!" Bullshit. Kao is even filing for new animal testing patents. Kosé also does it.

Even Mars Candy? WTF?! And Nestlé???
Unilever does it, Yves Rocher does it. Everyone does it!

On the other hand, here is a list of brands that do not test on animals.
I'm glad at least Bonnebell is on there. It is written on the Lip Smackers that they were not tested on animals, but that doesn't mean that some of the ingredients weren't. Avon doesn't do it as well, which is a relief since we've been buying there for ages, starting from my Grandma.

Hm, I think I can change my shampoo to some other brand (the German drugstore dm has its own brand which is on the "good" list, and since Shiseido is listed as bad, but Kanebo isn't (which doesn't mean it's automatically good, either, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt), I'll stop Majolica and buy Lavshuca instead. Too bad. :( But what should I do about my base make-up? Maybelline was the only one that works on my skin so far. >_______<

What do you folks think about all this? Is animal testing an issue for you or not?

EDIT: Found another site that claims basically very big Japanese brand does test on animals. So much for my liking of Japanese stuff. -___-

EDIT 2: This site, however, claims that Nivea doesn't test on animals. I'm confused. When do those sites update their information? Where do they get them from? Was Nivea put in the "testing" list because its mother company tests?

Addicted to Japanese cosmetics!

When I first browsed a Japanese drugstore, I came across very beautiful cosmetics and very friendly shop assistants. So now, every week when I'm done teaching German in Harajuku, I stop by at this huge drugstore-like place called Ainz&Tulpe (German?).

- tons of lip stuff, e.g. a honey gloss by Majolica Majorca, some other honey-based lipgloss and gloss stick with apple and strawberry flavour respectively etc.
- an eyeshadow palette in browns by Shiseido
- a foundation by Kao
- a mascara by Majolica Majorca (which looks super natural)
- the latest mascara by Kosé because of MatsuJun (this one looks rather bold on the eyes)
- pressed powder in a really cute box by Majolica Majorca
- duo eyeshadow pink/purple by Lavshuca
- eye pencil in gold by Shiseido

I am tempted to buy more (going shopping after baito is maybe not my best idea ^^;). At the moment, I really want those:
- another duo eyeshadow gold/purple by Lavshuca (the colours are super gorgeous, but 1.300 for a duo eyeshadow...?)
- an eyeshadow quattro by Lavshuca
- one or two mono eyeshadows by Majolica Majorca to put into another cute box they have

And maybe I should get myself one really good lipstick (I usually use gloss or, most of the time, flavoured chapstick like Smackers) for special occasions, like when I need a professional look.

Oh, and maybe a back-up of all those when the first one is used up and I'm back in Germany shopping in stores with unfriendly shop assistants. ;_____;

Colour me cute!

Welcome to my new blog!

Since I have been reading tons of blogs about cosmetics lately and found them very useful, I thought I'd share my two cents as well.

I am by no means a professional, still struggling with applying eyeliner, bad skin and, of course, budget issues!

But I hope I can at least entertain you a bit with this blog. :)