Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Addicted to Japanese cosmetics!

When I first browsed a Japanese drugstore, I came across very beautiful cosmetics and very friendly shop assistants. So now, every week when I'm done teaching German in Harajuku, I stop by at this huge drugstore-like place called Ainz&Tulpe (German?).

- tons of lip stuff, e.g. a honey gloss by Majolica Majorca, some other honey-based lipgloss and gloss stick with apple and strawberry flavour respectively etc.
- an eyeshadow palette in browns by Shiseido
- a foundation by Kao
- a mascara by Majolica Majorca (which looks super natural)
- the latest mascara by Kosé because of MatsuJun (this one looks rather bold on the eyes)
- pressed powder in a really cute box by Majolica Majorca
- duo eyeshadow pink/purple by Lavshuca
- eye pencil in gold by Shiseido

I am tempted to buy more (going shopping after baito is maybe not my best idea ^^;). At the moment, I really want those:
- another duo eyeshadow gold/purple by Lavshuca (the colours are super gorgeous, but 1.300 for a duo eyeshadow...?)
- an eyeshadow quattro by Lavshuca
- one or two mono eyeshadows by Majolica Majorca to put into another cute box they have

And maybe I should get myself one really good lipstick (I usually use gloss or, most of the time, flavoured chapstick like Smackers) for special occasions, like when I need a professional look.

Oh, and maybe a back-up of all those when the first one is used up and I'm back in Germany shopping in stores with unfriendly shop assistants. ;_____;

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