Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Still trying to find replacements for some of my cosmetic stuff - the French brand Bourjois has risen my interest. Too bad they even sell in Japan, but not in their neighbour country Germany. I thought, BUT: They do have one corner in Berlin's biggest department store! Now I'll just have to take a look there when I'm on home vacation, compare prices and colours (many European countries don't sell the lightest colours for make-up, which sucks for me because I'm basically transparent), and if they have the Healthy Make-up in the lightest colour, I don't have to schlepp back-ups from Japan to Germany!

I also discovered an Italian brand named Kiko that opened a shop in Berlin with really nice coloured eye-shadows and pencils.

Both brands do not test on animals (their websites claim), but may use results from other companies' tests. Well, better than torturing animals twice for the same ingredients, I guess. ^^;

Us capital kids are lucky sometimes. :)

EDIT: I found one or two stores where I could order Boujours online, but they don't seem to have the full range, plus Germany has stupid regulations about shipping liquids. As a result, most online stores stopped shipping cosmetics to Germany. -__-

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