Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Happy holidays!

Dear fellow bloggers, dear (8) followers,
I hope you had a lovely Christmas and will be spending a lovely New Year as well!

I have been lazy on updates again, I know, and I'm really sorry, but I was busy. Yeah, that's what they all say. :(
Plus, every time I say, write or even just think my skin finally looks better, I get the most horrible breakout! >.<

Anyway, I bought some beauty items lately (as gifts to myself, hehe) which I will review when I get them. Even managed to find two dicontinued shades of Majolica Majorca single eyeshadows I've been wanting (light green and aqua blue) and the Lavshuca Dual Prism Eyes in PU-1. Now all I still want is the Color Select quad in PU-1 (I already have PU-2, which replaced PU-1 last year, I think, but I want the older purple one anyway.) If anyone wants to sell theirs, let me know! ;)

I do have one eye of the day pic for you from last week, when I really wanted something springish to counteract the coldness and snow here.

Don't my lashes look great? It's Majolica Majorca's Lash Gorgeous Wing, of course! Unfortunately, the eye shadow colours wouldn't show up no matter from which angle and with which light I tried it. :(

Sorry for the blurry pic. See the break-out on my jaw-line? >.<

Items used: I applied the top left light green shade from the Coffret d'Or palette in the outer 2/3 of my eye, over the pink Viseé palette.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Face of the day and jewellery

Finally a picture of my face! (Finally, she says. *cough*) My skin still looks awful, but better than it did last month. I've been doing dead sea salt masks every other night - they burn like hell, but they're good for your skin. At least I can see an improvement. On the alternate nights, I've been doing sheet masks (Kosé Clearturn ones) which I shall review some other time.

And now, pictures! (click to enlarge)

The pictures look a bit redder than I do in real life, don't ask me why. Strange lightning, I guess. And please ignore my strange expression, it's hard to find the right angle for pictures. ^^;

I was wearing:
- Missha Perfect Cover M BB Cream in #13
- Alverde Concealer stick with tea tree oil in #01
- Rimmel Stay Matte powder (I forgot the #, but it is the lightest one available, although unfortunately, it has a bit of a yellow tinge. Plus, as much as I like how it really keeps my face matte (I don't know why I look shiny in the pictures, I suspect it to give me bumps.)
- p2 blush in Dreamy Berry

-Maquillage Dual Glow Eyes in BR275 (I love this eyeshadow duo! It looks really nice and natural despite the sparkles, and you can wear it every day - it fits every occasion. Plus, it's super easy to apply. <3)
- Kiko liquid eyeliner in turqoise
- essence liquid metal glam eyeliner in dark blue
- Makemania Dense Black Liner in black (on my upper waterline)
- my good old golden Integrate liner (that is getting smaller and smaller - and it seems to have been discontinued! >___<) on my lower waterline
- Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo mascara (duh)

- I started off with Bourjois lipgloss in framboise something, but it was too pink and glittery with the eye-makeup, so I just applied a lip balm later on.
I've been getting 2 compliments for my eyeliner, btw. They made me really happy. (^.^)

And this is the bracelet I bought last week and have been wearing ever since - with adjusted turqoise nail polish and make-up. Isn't it super pretty? And only 4€! O.o

Friday, 12 November 2010

Nail pics

Hello! :)

You were probably waiting for make-up pictures, but all I can upload for now are nail pics. My brother helped me with getting some stuff from our Mum's camera and my cellphone on my USB, and he is also my new official nail art photographer now. xD

Kiko nail polish in 298 and the limited Anna Sui nail polish I bought in Japan in 108

p2 nail polish in 320 (turquoise) and Catrice nail polish in 270 (dark blue) with the Anna Sui polish to blur the line in the middle of the nail

Wow, the picture quality still sucks. ^^;
Kiko is an Italian brand with some stores in Berlin - I've been buying several of their nail polishes lately, as they're really good quality and only 3,90€. <3
p2 and Catrice are German drugstore brands, really cheap, with p2 polishes at 1,55€ and Catrice at 2,55€. Unlike Kiko, they don't have as many bright and shimmery colours, though, but still, good colour choice and quality for a very small price!
As you can see, I really love my Anna Sui nail polish, too. xD

Monday, 8 November 2010

I promise I will update soon. Really, I am very sorry, but university is stressful, and my computer, camera etc. aren't working the way I need them to. I do have many pictures taken, though.

In the meantime, you might want to take a look at this blog full with beautiful nail designs, my favourite being this one.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Japanese-speaking readers can find me at now:

If you are also on, please add me as a friend! :)
よろしくお願いします。m(_ _)m

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Kouda Kumi for Ichikami + updates

Some of you might remember by love for Ichikami's hair products. I was really sad I couldn't take any of them home. :( I thought about it, but my luggage was very heavy already and if I ran out of it, I would have to reorder again... Well, the next time I'll be in Japan!

Anyway, as I was standing in front of the Ichikami counter/corner at my local pharmacy, I thought: "Hm, that model looks like Kouda Kumi, just less flashy." Turns out it was her!

I stopped following her music ages ago - not because of the bad joke incident after which she lost her contract with Visée, but because I didn't like her style and singing anymore. But I'm glad to see she got a new cosmetics deal, and I still like her enough to be happy about her promoting my favourite hair products! :)

On a side note, I need to apologize for not posting reviews for a while. Getting my skin under control is my biggest concern at the moment, and I want to present all the make-up I still have in stock for you with flawless skin. So please wait for another while - I will definitely review all the items I got in Japan, and also order something new from time to time, via a friend or online shops, so stop by from time to time!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Skin care - about Sekkisei

As I mentioned before, I have purchased the trial set for Sekkisei (to celebrate their 25th Anniversary) last week and have been using it since then, together with another Kosé moisturizer (that smells the same as Sekkisei and is also said to have whitening effects.)
I have also been using their sun lotion since late March and just started my second bottle a little while ago.

When I googled for Sekkisei's ingredient's, I came across this very handy site:
Sun lotion ingredients and their level of irritation and comedogenic effects

I didn't get any more acne from it, as the comedogenic levels are only 2, and also no irritation despite it having some level 4 ingredients. Lucky!

I also typed in the lotion and the emulsion.
So far, it feels like my skin is getting better from the use of the products. My skin got some pimples, which rarely happens, but maybe that's because the cream is too thick for my oily t-zone, or maybe because both lotion and emulsion contain highly comedogenic (level 5) ingredients. I will try to apply it only to my dry cheeks. It would be too bad if this line wouldn't work for me, as I really want to like it.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Skin care update

My skin has been looking awful lately, so I went to the local drugstore and had a very nice lady help me a lot. (Well, actually I went there to get some stuff a friend wanted and to stock up for the last time, as tomorrow is my last day in Japan - for a while. Definitely coming back!)

I'm one of those people who get break-outs on their cheeks and chin area, which the nice lady said is stress and hormones. She measured my skin's hydration level again and it was very low this time. I probably over-cleaned my skin when the first pimple showed up some weeks ago, and didn't moisturize properly because the last check showed I was fine without using moisturizer. Uh, well.
Actually, this describes my skin's state pretty well, and also sums up what the lady at the counter said.

After like half an hour of discussing matters with the SA and fighting with myself, I bought the Sekkisei 25th Anniversary trial kit and a Kosé moisturizer that smells nearly the same as Sekkisei does, but is from the line Hyalocharge, a skin care line that contains hyalorunic acid, which is supposed to give skin back its moisture. I will try this all out and see how it works. I probably won't be able to purchase full size Sekkisei products as they're over my budget, but my skin should have calmed down once the trial is finished, and then I can hopefully go back to a normal German cleanser, toner etc., or use the whole Hyalocharge series (if I can either get it online or have a friend send it to me.)

Anyway, I hope this will be of some use to you: Overcleansing your skin is bad!

List of ingredients for Hyalocharge
Quite a lot of alcohol, pretty much like Sekkisei. So far, alcohol wasn't a problem for me, but we'll see. Cetearyl Alcohol may clog pores, though, according to this list.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Would you do your make-up in public or on the go?

In Japan, I often seen girls or women doing their make-up on the train. It's kind of interesting because I like to see what kind of techniques other people use.
When I went back from an overnight trip, my friends and me were pretty bored on the long train ride, and I had the crazy, er, glorious idea to re-apply my make-up on the train. I've never done that before and probably will never do it again, but it was fun.

For some reason, it is considered bad manners to apply make-up on the train, so the Tokyo Metro launched this some time ago:

In many public restrooms here, there are also extra mirrors so you won't block the sinks while doing your hair or make-up. Even at my university! O.o
Some people also apply their make-up in the car, I've heard. Seems a bit dangerous to me... ^^;

Do you apply your make-up at outside of yor home or bathrooms?

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Face of the day - Lavshuca

I used Lavshuca's Eye Color Select palette in Br-1, blusher/highlighter duo in RD-2 and Liquid Rouge in RD-1. Also the loose powder Lucent on one side of my face - I powdered the other half with my usual Majolica Majorca powder to see if there's a difference. Time will tell.
My base was the Missha Signature BB Cream sample in #21 I reviewed in the post before this.
Also, I filled in my eyebrows with a no-name powder, put black gel-liner by Kate on my upper waterline and white My Color Pencil in white, also by Kate, on my lower waterline. And my beloved Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo, of course.

It looks like my cell phone camera has a tendency to tone down red in pictures. The liquid rouge looks redder in real life, my blush disappeared in the picture (I didn't apply that much to begin with, though - living in Japan doesn't mean imitating their way of applying blusher.)
Also, my hair started turning red. O.o I tolf you before that I got it dyed, and some of you might have wondered in the last pic why the colour didn't look much different than before. Answer: the colour didn't last. Which would be okay, since several people told me they liked my original colour better anyway, but turning red is not what I expected, as red really doesn't suit me, and paying 3.500 Yen on a bad dye job kind of makes me mad. I will stop by the salon next week, I guess, and ask them about it.

picture taken with flash
Here a picture of my closed left eye, taken with flash. Stupid glitter fall-out. ^^;
But I really like the palette as a whole, as it gives the eyes nice dimension without looking overdone.


The colours look more vibrant in real life when swatched on the back of my hand, but applied on the eye, they look more like in the picture above. The third shade looks a bit coppery on my hand (as I said, my camera takes out red tones), but doesn't look strange on my eye.

Overall, very recommendable. :)

Missha Signature BB Cream

When I bought my blue eyeshadow I still haven't reviewed at the Missha counter in a Shinjuku department store, I got some free samples, one of them the Signature BB Cream in #21. Yes, the first time I got a bright colour that actually fits my face! Usually, both in Germany and in Japan, I get foundation samples that are waaaaaaaaaaaay too dark (and yellow) for me. Is there only one colour for samples or is there a purpose behind giving me the wrong colour? (I know there are some "make-up experts" that give you darker colours on purpose to make you look "more healthy". Um, sure.)

Anyway, I just tried the sample and from the first use, I almost like it better than the Perfect Cover one that I used until now! It's not as thick, so it spreads more easily, and it also looks a bit more natural. It lacks the strong fragrance, which might be a plus for people who don't like the other one's smell or react to fragrance.

I know you can't judge from samples, but I guess my next BB cream will be this.

It has SPF 25 PA++, which is less than Perfect Cover, but since I wear sunscreen underneath anyway, it shouldn't be a problem.
Both creams feel a bit sticky on my face when I touch it, but just by wearing, I don't experience any discomfort.

Do you have a favourite BB cream? Did you ever get colour-"matched" incorrectly?

Update:  Okay, my chin and the sides of my nose feel a bit itchy now. On the other hand, those are my problem areas at the moment as they are kind of dry and flaky, so maybe that's it.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Integrate Fall Collection etc.

When I headed to another drugstore than my usual one, I found the new eyeshadows from Integrate's fall collection that will be out for sale on the 21st on display! Same for Coffret d'Or's C Curve two limited palettes - the purple one looked rather lovely, the taupe/nude one a bit muddy.

Same for Integrate - I had wanted the green, but the colour barely showed when I swatched it on my arm. And my arm is white as snow! O.o The purple here looked lovely, too, the middle shade reminded me of the Aube eyeshadow I have. Four or five palettes were brownish, two were pink and one was grey. I can't pull of pink on my eyes (which is too bad, as they're heart-shaped, so pink would be perfect), I don't like grey and I already have a nude/brown/golden palette from Lavshuca. Still, as I really want one of these, I might go for a light brown.

This also means I need to find another green palette - maybe Majolica Majorca, as they have a deeper green.

Sorry I didn't do swatches - at first a sales assistant was always around me. Then, of course, when I wanted to ask a question, she disappeared. ^^;

Sunday, 15 August 2010

At a Japanese drugstore

Today was another double point day at my local drugstore, which I decided to use for a little (ha!) shopping spree. I also dragged a friend along so I would get the points for her stuff, too.

I got some more eye shadow palettes (the last ones, I swear, Mum! Okay, only one more, the Integrate heart-shaped ones aren't out yet.) finally the loose Lavshuca powder PJ has been raving about and also my very first lipstick! Yes, I never owned a real lipstick before, just gloss. There was an Avon lipstick I reviewed a tiny sample of a while ago and sometimes used it, but it's long gone by now. Maybe I should purchase a full size?

Anyway, expect more reviews soon! I am trying to slow down my review pace a bit, because
a) I am leaving Japan on September 1st, which means I can't buy Japanese cosmetics anymore unless I order them online, which is more expensive and also makes pre-purchase swatching and applying impossible and
b) as I am leaving soon, I figured I shouldn't hang out in front of the computer so much, but rather go out and see some places and friends.

So, about Japanese drugstore experiences.
I am used to a spectrum of simply ignorant to plain out rude shop assistants in Germany, so I am really surprised and also really thankful for the service in Japan. Until now, whenever I asked if I could get some help before choosing an eyeshadow, especially on the more expensive side, I was always asked to sit down somewhere and a nice lady applied the shadow or several shadows, depending on how easily I could decide what I want, for me. As I moved, I am now frequenting a different store of the same chain, and the make-up ladies there don't seem to have application down as much as the really nice lady in the store in Harajuku. That was a really amazing experience! I had bought a Primavista cream foundation there in December together with a friend who recommended it for me, and when I came back in June (!), the lady had remembered my name, my university and that the friend I had been there with was studying in Kyoto. Kind of scary, but wow in terms of costumer service! I guess part of it was because not many foreigners come there - I don't know why so many of them here stick to international brands (that's what it seems to me) when Japanese drugstores have all the gems to offer.
Anyway, pretty much all make-up ladies compliment my long lashes (Caucasians have longer lashes than Asians, at least the average says that - I still envy Asians for their eye shape, though), my white skin and my Japanese. (My Japanese is still far from perfect, although I got pretty good over the year I spent here, but Japanese people always seem to be astonished by white foreigners actually talking Japanese.

Today, when I was eyeing the Coffret d'Or  Color Mixing Eyes palette in Blue Green I had wanted for ages, my friend just went: "Hey, I like that, gotta try it on!" So we headed up to the make-up counter, where we sat down and a nice lady applied the shadows to my friends eye. It looked... not so good. The shade are blue, green and turquoise, really pretty, but my friend is blond and has light eyes, so really bold colours don't suit her. As the ladies in that store tend to make the line too thick, I applied the shadows on her other eye to see how it would look, but it wasn't much better. Too bad for my friend, but the purple one suited her well, so she ended up buying that one. As we were already sitting there and the palette, expensive little gem it is, sat there, I decided I would have to try it on now, too. Not trusting the shop assistant, who seemed a bit new into the business, to apply it properly, I put it on myself and, wow! It actually looked good! Aren't I lucky that shades I like usually also look good on me? I guess it's because I have darker hair than my friend, and also darker eyes, which both build a nice contrast to my white skin, so I look good in bold, vibrant shades. It's too much for classes, I'd say, although I could just apply one shade, but for going out or shopping, perfect. <3 I just had to buy it. ^^;

I still have the new Majolica Majorca eye palette (the one with the green shade the model wears on the promo pics) and two Lavshuca palettes to review for you, plus the lipstick I bought and the liquid rouge, both Lavshuca as well. Lavshuca, I will miss you when I'm back in Germany!

I also asked about night creams I could use, because I felt like the aircon was making my skin dry, but the nice lady checked my skin with a little machine (funky, isn't it?) and said both my hydration and my oil level were totally fine. She still gave me some samples of a Kanebo line, but I think for now I might just continue skipping night cream unless my face feels really tight after cleansing, as the breathing at night seems to be good for my skin. The few breakouts I was getting lately are probably hormones or sweat blocking my pores, and should go away soon, that is, the sweat-caused ones, at least.

If you ever get the chance to shop in Japan directly, go to a drugstore! Department stores are fine if you have the money, but they sell more international brands than Japanese, which is a bit sad because I think if you are in Japan, you should see all the cute and very high quality goods they sell in drugstores. (Plus the sales clerks seem less persistent - in department stores, I usually feel pressured.)

Enough for today!
Do you like to hang out/shop in drugstores? How are drugstores in your country?
And do you use night cream? Or do you let your skin breathe? 

Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo

To be honest, I was a bit anxious when I heard that Lash Gorgeous Wing would be replaced with LGW Neo.
As I have written before, LGW is my favourite mascara so far, because it is the first one that doesn't clump on me or looks overly dramatic. It just makes my lashes look natural, only better.

Here is a pic of my lashes without any mascara. (I just put a bit of black eyeliner on my upper waterline.)

no mascara
As you can see, they're pretty long, but the ends need some black colour. (My head looks really weird like this, like the shape of an alien's head?!)

An old pic of my eye with LGW (from an old Visée eyeshadow review):
wearing Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara
And now a new pic with me wearing LGW Neo (the pic belongs to an upcoming review of an eyeshadow):
wearing Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo
As you can see, there is - luckily! - not much of a difference. If Neo seems a bit blacker and fuller, it is probably because the mascara is new, whereas the old LGW has been running out on me already.

That means I can stock up on LGW Neo now!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

If you had the money to buy whatever skincare/make-up product(s) you want...

... what would you buy?

I think I would buy Sekkisei's Lotion and Cream, as the sample of the lotion I got really helps soothe my skin, and the cream could be the night time moisturizer I need. But Sekkisei's products are expensive... The sun lotion is still affordable, and a good sun lotion is worth the price, I'd say, but about 5.000 Yen for both the lotion and the cream, and buy new ones after 3 to 6 months (estimated)? Oh hell... >____<

How about you?

Friday, 13 August 2010

Finally! New hair pics (and MU of the day)

I promised you a picture of my new hairstyle last week, remember? Well, here you go!

Uwah, I look super tired in the light!
I had it cut and also got a treatment, but unfortunately, my hair still looks very frizzy, despite using all the treatment, heat protection and just skipping blow-drying at all. :(
Plus, I had it dyed in a really dark colour which looked nearly black on the first day, but now, it is nearly back to my old brownish hue, just looking a bit more reddish. Huh? I should have known that my hair is undyeable, but how this happened when the hair stylist really dyed it is incomprehensible to me.

I took a pic with my webcam this time, but the quality isn't much better than my cell phone. The contrast is too high - I'm not that white! And you can't really see my eye make-up, can you? I used Majolica Majorca's single white shadow all over the lid and then Kate's Gel Liner in black, on which I dabbed Anna Sui's single eyeshadow in a glitterish blue, a colour I will present to you later. I think it matches my shirt. :)

What do you think of my hair? Well, all I can do is wait until it growns out anyway...

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Before I go back to Germany in September, there's some stuff I want to buy.

- Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes, probably in Green 707 (aren't those adorable?)
- Anna Sui blue liquid eyeliner
- one or two Lavshuca palettes (definitely one in brown, probably BR-1 of either Colour Select or Light Mix Eyes)
- another eye shadow palette by Majolica Majorca, maybe a green one if the Integrate green palette doesn't turn out to be to my liking once I see it for real
- a lipstick (to have at least on Japanese brand lipstick xD), probably Lavshuca

Need to stock up on:
- AHA Wash Cleansing
- Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara Neo
- Majolica Majcora Powder that fits into my MM powder case
- MM Jeweilling Eyes Pencil Eyeliner in Blue
- maybe another rouge/highlighter from Lavshuca since those are perfect for carrying around

I guess I can always have a friend send me my sun lotion and also the wash cleansing if I transfer money to them...

Out of the two Kate My Colour pencils I have, the white in one is nearly gone, and I want to replace it with another colour that will be used up a bit more evenly - also, the white never stayed on my lower waterline anyway.

Kate Lasting High Coverage Liquid Foundation SPF 20 PA++ in BR-C

Before I bought this foundation, I should have read this. Too bad I didn't.

I was thrilled to find a foundation bright enough for my super white skin - something nearly impossible in Japanese drugstores - well, in German drugstores, too.
The foundation is indeed light enough for my complexion. It's just...
When I first applied this, I saw ... nothing. And not nothing as in "OMG no more redness or pores or pimples!", but in "did I just halluzinate putting on foundation?" I didn't see a difference at all.

I usually apply my foundation with my fingers, but when I stayed overnight at a friend's house, her applying foundation with a sponge reminded me of that possibility. It does look a bit better when applied with a sponge, but I don't like the application process. Takes too much time and buying a new sponge for every day is not very eco.

As the review in the link says, maybe the other shade offer better coverage, as this is only the skin brightener, but then please, KATE, don't put High Coverage on the bottle. 

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Expect reviews for:

- Lavshuca Light Mix Eyes in BR-1
- Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo and Jewelling Eyes in GR791
- Missha single eyeshadow in blue
- Anna Sui liquid eyeliner in blue, new single eyeshadow in 102 (dark sparkly blue)
- Kate Lasting High Coverage Liquid Foundation

I will try to review all items in the next few weeks, but I'm in a kind of dilemma:
I know you want the reviews fast, but if I review everything I got now, I won't have much left once I'm back in Germany. So please, leave a comment and tell me which review is the most urgent for you, and I will do that one first and the other ones later. :)

Wishlist 2

Some items caught my eyes on blogs or in stores lately, and I would like to share them here with you. Maybe, you can help me make a decision on what to get. :)  I will still definitely try the more expensive palettes on my eyes before I buy them, just to be safe.

- Coffret D’Or Color Mixing Eyes in Lavender Purple Mix
- Coffret d'Or Color Mixing Eyes in 02 Blue Green Mix  - got it!
- Coffret d'Or Shine Accent Shine Accent Eyes 02 Pink Variaton
- Lavshuca Melting Eyes BR-1
- Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes palettes, maybe GD886   - not my colours, plus I already got a golden palette from Lavshuca today
- Maquillage Dual Glow Eyes BR275 - got it!

- Kate Lasting High Coverage Powder Foundation

PJ from A Touch of Blusher also really made me want Coffret d'Or 3D Lightning Eyes in Gold Variaton, but it seems to be discontinued and can't be found in drugstore or ebay. :(
Edit: Found it, but it looked boring on my friend who tried it on, so I settled for Maquillage as my nude/brown/golden eyeshadow.

Lipstick recommendation

Dear readers,

I know there aren't many of you yet, at least not according to my blog statistics, and I am sorry to bother you.

Does anyone have a lipstick they can recommend to me? Preferably a Japanese brand, and also kind of affortable? I was thinking Lavshuca, because they look really pretty and wearable.
Or if you don't have a recommendation, at least a "don't buy this!" comment would be helpful.

What I want in a lipstick:
- sheer finish, not matte. Also not too glittery.
- a tone that brightens up my complexion. I have very fair skin with neutral to cool undertones, I'd say, so maybe some slightly blueish red or a light berry colour would be nice?
- should look good with every day make-up. I'm not for dramatic lip looks all that much.
- no real nudes or very light colours. I have naturally rosy lips, and I look really sick with them toned down or in a frosty pale pink etc.

If someone could help me, I'd appreciate that a lot! Preferably before I leave Japan in three weeks.
If I can do you a favour in return, I'd be happy to! Like e.g. check out some eye shadow in the drug store and make a swatch so you know whether you want to buy it or not even if you're not in Japan. (I can do that for all of you, of course, until I leave, whether you can actually help me or not. ^^)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Majolica Majorca Artistic Nails in BL501

Yes, I'm on a blue trip. It's summer, so my love for this ocean and sky shade gets even bigger as I yearn for some refreshment...

Anyway, I bought Majolica Majorca's new nail polish in BL501, a dark blue with minimal glitter. It looks darker in the bottle than on the nails.
It also applies very unevenly, unfortunately. The colour is so pretty and looks so good on my white skin (yes, I never tan, not even in summer, and I also don't plan to), but  it's really runny and leaves streaks as well as colour beyond the actual nails.

I applied it on both feet and hands, but I think I will keep it to my feet from now on, where the streaks aren't so visible. Too bad. :(

Update: My feet still look perfect, but my nails chipped on the first day!
I tried the colour as a tip colour for my usual blue/blue design, with the Maquillage glitter blue on top of it now:

Monday, 9 August 2010

Coffret D'Or Beauty C Curve Eyes in 03 Monotone Blue

I went on a shopping trip last week and bought several new items, including Coffret d'Or's new "Beauty C Curve Eyes" eyeshadow palette in 03 Monotone Blue.
The reason why I decided to get it was because when I was at the hair salon, I read a magazine where they used this palette and a blue Anna Sui liner, which looked really nice and summery. I don't have the liner yet, but I will post pics of the complete eye look when I have it.

As almost all Japanese eyeshadows, the colours are on the sheerer side, and they have lots of shimmer. I prefer this look to bold and matte colours, especially when it comes to blue, a colour that can easily look overdone if you aren't careful.

Swatches can be seen here:

The liner shade is pretty pigmented and dark, but when you use it close to the lashline, it looks really nice. The white "C Curve" is supposed to go around the outer corner of your eye to brighten it up, but I'm sure you can also use it in the inner corner.

Overall, this palette is very versatile and, depending on the use of the liner shade, either subtle or a bit bolder. I can't wait to play around with it more, especially once I have the Anna Sui liner. I should have picked it up when I was in the Anna Sui store in Venus Forts, but I figured if I bought it at my local drugstore, I would get points, which will eventually lead to a coupon, thus I could buy more make-up. But they didn't have it for some reason. :( Anyway, I will get my fingers on it.

I also really like the very slim palette this shadow comes in. Very easy to carry around!

On a funny note, Ichibankao calls this palette "Beauty C Cup" accidentally. xD

This palette is pretty pricey, about 3.500 Yen, so I understand that not all of you can buy it. I was hesitating to get it, too, but I figured blue is a shade I do wear quite often lately, and also a shade you should be careful with - cheap blue eyeshadow can easily go wrong. ^^;
There is, however, a budget alternative to it. Visée's "Blossom Eyes" palettes, the pink one I have reviewed here, have a blue palette where the main colour, the blue, looked pretty much the same as Coffret d'Or's when I swatched both on my hand in the store, same for the silver. It has 5 shades instead of 3+1, and from my experience with the pink one, which I wasn't 100% satisfied with, I decided not to get it. It was also the full 1.800 Yen instead of the 1.200 I paid for the pink one back then. So, before I bought it, wouldn't like it and end up buying the Coffret d'Or one anyway, I figured I should save the money (!) and buy the Coffret d'Or one right away. Logic, I know.
I'm not saying Visée's palettes are bad, and if you are on a budget or only wear blue occasionally, you can totally pick it up. I just deciced to splurge a bit before I go home, and I don't regret it.

Are you for the cheaper alternatives or do you splurge sometimes?

Update: "A Touch of Blusher" has a review about 04 Peach Beige you might want to read as well if you liked the palette, but not the colour.
She also reminded me of Lavshuca's palette in blue which I reviewed here last month, and indeed, the blue and the silver look very similar to this one! Well, they're both Kanebo after all. Looks like I have so much eyeshadow I forget the exact shades and just buy new stuff... Oops. ^^;

Update 2: Missha's single eyeshadow in blue, which I will review later on, has a similar light blue colour and looks as sparkly as if the silver was already dabbed on it, so if you're more for one colour only, maybe try this one out.

Update 3: Picture of me wearing this palette according to the instructions on the back. (I like my own way of wearing it better, though.)
(Sorry, no mascara yet.)

Thursday, 5 August 2010


Dear readers,

sorry for the long absence, but I really was very busy lately running around Japan.
I will post pictures of my new haircut as soon as my skin likes me again, because at the moment, I look horrible. Probably due to the stress, I did get breakouts again, and my dark circles can't be covered anymore. I hope after my onsen (hot spring) trip tomorrow, I will look presentable again.

I have good news for you, though! Since today was the double point day at my local drugstore, I got tons of new items to review for you! Including the new Coffret d'Or eye shadow palette! And also one limited Anna Sui nail polish! Look forward to my reviews!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hello! :)

It's been a while since my last post, sorry! I moved twice (!) this week and didn't have internet.

But... I went to get my hair cut! And dyed! The first time I had my hair dyed at a salon. I tried semi-perment sometime, which didn't work, and then one of those blond sprays, which I don't recommend.
Usually, I chopped my hair off pretty much every summer since middle school, but I kinda didn't last year. I had actually intended to let my hair grow and see how it looks, but the water here in Japan really kills it. >___<
So I let the lady in the salon cut off everything until a bit above shoulder length, and also dye it a dark brown to hide the ugly yellowish tone my hair gets in summer. (I'm what wikipedia calls "golden brown", a colour I actually like, but the yellow, oh no!)

I don't have any proper pics, but I will update you as soon as I have! I might also try some new make-up as the hair colour plays off my pale skintone really well.

Do you ever get radical hair changes?

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

On other news

Sorry, my English readers, but this is a German entry. Please forgive me just this once:

Ich würde gern bei Zalando die Schuhflratrate gewinnen, da ich dieses Jahr durch meinen Uniaustausch ziemlich viel Geld ausgegeben habe und momentan nicht viel für Schuhe ausgeben kann. Außerdem würde ich gern meiner Mama zum Dank ein paar Schuhe schenken.

Mein Favorit ist dieser hier:

Wieso ich diesen Schuh mag?
1. Er ist blau, und ich liebe blau.
2. Er ist elegant, aber auch etwas extravagant, genau richtig, nachdem ich mich ein Jahr an japanische Mode gewöhnt habe.
3. Er hat einen Absatz, was für mich Zwerg gut ist, aber die Höhe ist noch zum Laufen geeignet.

Sorry, English readers! But hey, isn't that shoe lovely?!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Nail design

After I had worn my light and dark blue design for 10 days, I finally redid my nails.

Again, I used the Maquillage dark blue polish for the tips, but left the rest of the nail clear and only added a turtle sticker to each pinky.

The Maquillage polish, btw, stays on the nails really long, but the bottle is half empty already! Plus, it still looks transparent no matter how much I pile on - you have to dab it on and can't brush. I kinda don't see this on the whole nail, it just wouldn't work.

Anyway, picture:

About acne - blog recommendation

I had acne when I was a teenager. I openly admit that, because everything else is hypocritical and kind of stupid, because most of us probably had acne or at least a few breakouts.

Well, I can easily admit that I am still getting breakouts from time to time now, and I still have red spots left on my face, which really pop because I'm so white, so I still have to wear foundation to get an even finish. (Although I am proud to say that yesterday morning, I went out without make-up for the first time in years. It was 7 in the morning, though, and I just went to the convenience store. ^^;) Wish me luck my skin will stay like that and the red spots will fade over time!

Anyway, for those who are still fighting acne, be it as teens or adults, you might want to take a look at this blog and especially at the post I have linked to here:
Click yourself through the site and the articles that are linked from this post and under the "acne" category. The author gives some extremely helpful tips!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Yukata make-up!

I am going to a hanabi (Japanese style firework) tonight, so I will put on the yukata I bought in Kyoto (well, let my friend put it on for me ^^;) and wear the furoshiki bag my students gave me yesterday.

(What am I doing with my mouth?) I don't look that doll-like usually, my skin got enhanced by the flash and my eye shape by the make-up. xD Still blind from the flash light, btw. ^^;;;

I used:

- Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream # 21 mixed with Sekkisei's sun lotion
- Majolica Majorca Pore cover powder (transparent)
- Lavshuca Mix Color Cheeks in RD-2 (maybe I need to put on some more?)

- Majolica Majorca single eyeshadow WT963 on my whole eyelid and as a highlighter
- Lavshuca Eye Select Color in blue, the colour on the bottom left
- Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eye Pencil in blue on my lower lash line (not sure if it wouldn't have looked better without it?)
- Kate Gel Eyeliner in black
- Kate My Color Pencil in white on my lower waterline

Not sure about my lips and hair yet. Nails are still the blue design I showed you last week.
What do you think about my make-up? Too much? It's gonna be night and dark there, and it's a rare festive occasion, so...

Will post complete pic with yukata etc. when I come back!!!

See, no dollface. :( But I got my hair done and decided on a lipgloss. (The scarf, btw, is a present from my students, and I need it a) for the aircon and b) to hide a burnmark on my neck from the curling iron - looks like a hickey! O.o)

Next update will be actual yukata pics! (^.^)/

Update 2:
My Japanese friend helped me put the yukata on and my German friend took pictures of me. Here:

(My butt looks weird in this pic. >___<)
And now I'm off to the actual hanabi! See you guys later! (^___^)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Stuff I recently bought (skin care)

As I already wrote on Saturday, I have purchased two little trial bottles of a Sekkisei lotion. Unfortunately, the bottle doesn't say which one it is. ^^; (Or maybe that's just my Japanese, but it seriously only says Sekkisei on the front.)
I am guessing it is this one, though:
I will try it out for some weeks and report the results to you guys.

Just today, I also purchased DHC's moisture gel cream, because although I don't use night creams to let my skin breathe, lately I felt like I needed some.
I applied the lotion/toner and then the cream and will see how my skin looks tomorrow morning.
(Linked you to reviews at musingsofamuse.)

I also purchased a trial pack of Dove's Washing foam and make-up remover (which is also a foam) and like it so far. Might change to the moisture one, though, if I finish this one.

I try to use the AHA wash only once or twice a week now because unfortunately, when I wash my face with it, it really irritates my lips - my mouth area looks severely red at the moment. :( I'm not sure if it's the AHA wash, but I figured even if not, it probably doesn't improve the situation.

So, I will keep you updated!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

AMU with Visée

Remember my review of Visée's Blossom Eyes?
I used the palette to create an eye look for a little "party" (at noon ^^;) today. The middle pink does show up nicely when you layer it a bit and pat it on more than wipe. Overall, a subtle, but shimmery look that hoopefully distracts from my dark circles I simply cannot get away with sleep or concealer. Exams, be over soon! (Exam facts: 4 more days, 2 more reports, 3 exams, 1 presentation left.)

Sorry for the quality again - I had to do it with my cell phone's flash because without it, my eyes just looked dark. This room's light really is no good, I can't even plug my eyebrows properly in here.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Summer nails

While I am watching an on-demand lesson on the internet, I decided to use the little nail stickers the store that sells pretty much everything in my area had on sale today and make my blue nails even more summer-ish.

The stickers include palm trees and white turtles. If you didn't know it already, I love turtles!

Anyway, here is a pic. Sorry for the quality, but the light isn't any good in my room. :(

Do you use nail stickers? Do you have different designs according to the season?

Saturday, 17 July 2010

A cosmetic product you wish you had as a perfume

Do you sometimes have cosmetic products where the smell appeals to you so much you wish you had it as a perfume?

I really like Ichikami's shampoo and conditioner's smell.
I also love Kose's Sekkisei's smell.
And Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream smells heavenly!
... In fact, it smells just like The Body Shop's Sakura fragrance. O_o That's right! I went down out shopping for a bit tonight after I had finished one of the bazillion reports I have to hand it, and I landed in a Body Shop store and tested the Sakura perfume just for fun. It reminded me of the fact that I had wanted to buy it ages ago, and when the inital smell faded a bit, it absolutely started smelling like the BB Cream! I will totally buy this when I'm back in Germany, just not now, because I already have enough stuff to carry home with the Japan-exclusive cosmetics.

Do you have any product you'd wish the smell also came as perfume? Maybe not even cosmetics, maybe the smell of your favourite food or something like that?

(Btw, I also got two mini bottles of Sekkisei's face lotion and will test them. I don't need actual whitening as I am already so pale I have trouble finding a foundation that matches me, but there are some red spots in my face I'd like to fade. I'll keep you updated on the outcoming.)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Fasio: New Make-up

Uwah, I was so tired when I came home today I fell asleep with my make-up on! O_o

Anyway, Fasio is having some new mascara and liner combination soon, and finally MatsuJun got a decent haircut in the CM! (In the last one, he looked like he had used the mascara on his hair. *cough*)

Take a look here:

I like the last mascara they brought out, although I don't love it. Their eyeshadow is not working for me, but maybe that's only the one from the line I bought, and others are better.

What do you think about it? Do you buy stuff because your favourite celebrity is in the commercial? Do you think guys advertising for women's cosmetics are... weird?

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Skin types

As I have written previously, I kinda have problematic skin. Dry, oily, breakout-prone...

I was trying oil-free gel and mousse sunscreens last months, and I felt like my skin got oily in the process. Weird, huh? When I switched back to Sekkisei's sun lotion, the problem was gone pretty soon. although it is kind of rich. Weird?

Just now, I was surfing A Touch of Blusher again, a great blog about (Japanese) cosmetics I check every day, and found this entry:

If you are unsure about your skin type, take a look!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Nail design (blue)

Contemplating my white and blue outfit and shoes today (the cutest shoes ever! <3), I wore Majolica Majorca's white eyeshadow and blue liner (which, by the way, stayed in place really well and didn't give me the panda eyes I got from the black liner I wore yesterday - thank Goodness, blue panda eyes would look like I got into a fight! ^^;) and also a blue nail design.

I used a light blue polish by sweets and a dark blue polish from Maquillage, both with glitter. The Maquillage polish is a bit disappointing because despite looking dark in the bottle, I had to layer and layer before I got something more than glitter.

Anyway, here is a picture. (Never mind my cuticles. >___<)

Btw, my two roleplays went well! The first one, the love story, seemed to be popular with the audience. (In fact, I had to "sh!" to the people in the classroom when he confessed his love to me. xD)

Do you like to paint your nails? In more colours than one, and also "unusual" colours like blue?

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I stopped by at the local drugstore today to reward myself for all the studying. Okay, I just wanted to take a look and then couldn't resist. But both Lavshuca and Majolica Majorca were 10% off. ^^;

I purchased a palette by Lavshuca which PJ has already reviewed here, but I also made swatches. I wanted to take a picture of my wearing it, too, but my eyes look irritated today. (And I still have some vestiges of a huge zit my AHA wash healed. Why am I telling you guys this?) I still want a brown one and will probably buy BR-1 from either the same line or the other palette line that kinda looks like 4 wavy leaves.

I also bought Majolica Majorca's single eyeshadow in WT963, a shimmery white, which I will use as a highlighter or just a quick wash of colour if I don't have time in the morning. It also looks nice togehter with the Jewelling Pencil in Blue that I bought. (I just have to figure out how to draw a fine line - I kinda suck at applying pencil liners.)

Although I love the colour blue and probably half of my clothes are actually blue (mostly navy blue), I never dared to put blue on my eyes. But now I will! I guess just a dark blue liner (my Mum's daily make-up, btw) or Lavshuca's subtle blue won't look overdone.

Enough of my blabbering, off to the swatches!

On the top, you can see Lavshuca's Eye Colour Select Palette in Blue, and the bottom picture shows Majolica Majorca's pencil liner and eyeshadow.

I also bought a mini Maquillage nailpolish today which I will try to work into a nail design with my light blue nailpolish while I study my lines for the two roleplays I have tomorrow that are getting taped and graded. Sounds like elementary school? Yup. One is a business conference simulation, and the other one is a comical play where two guys like me and I have to choose one. Don't ask. But I will wear my new make-up tomorrow, so I should be fine. xD

Do you guys have a special make-up for important occasions?
And what do you think about blue on the eyes?

Saturday, 10 July 2010

AHA Wash Cleansing


My skin has been horribly lately, breaking out, being red and itchy... I don't know why, maybe the weather, maybe stress or a mix of both.
Anyway, I simply couldn't get rid of some really stubborn zits on my chin (where I usually break out first), and last week, it spread out to my cheeks and forehead, and I knew something needed to be done.

I used Dead Sea Salt peeling - no effect. AHA gentle peeling - no effect. Nose spray on the zits (yes, I was desperate) - of course, no effect.
So I dug deeeeeeeeeeep into my closet and pulled out this one bottle of AHA Cleansing Research's (the one whose soap I use) Wash Cleansing. It is a chemical peeling due to the alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) in it, but also a mechanical one (i.e. has little scrubby things in it.) This was the best face peeling I ever had, but I never bought another bottle because I thought it was diccontinued. I searched for AHA Peeling frantically in every drugstore around and all I could see was Wash Cleansing. Stupid me. So when I pulled this out again yesterday, I realized it actually said Wash Cleansing on the bottle. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Went to the nearest drug store the very same day and got another bottle, and voila! My skin looks and feels so much better already. The really nasty zits haven't cleared up completely yet, of course, but no itching anymore, and in at least two or three days, I expect every zit to be gone completely.

This peeling is my holy grail product against breakouts. Seriously, it gets rid of impurities really well and if you don't overuse it (what I sometimes do if I want my zits to go away really fast), it will make your skin feel smoothe and don't dry it out. (I used it twice daily yesterday and tomorrow, so my skin felt really irritated and dry after my shower this morning, but some Sekkisei sun lotion over it soothed it really well. Sekkisei sun lotion = my holy grail sun product and lotion. Plus, the smell! <3)

Anyway, I'm not saying this will work on all of you, because people have different skin types. (I have combination skin, I'd say, very dry in winter and oily in summer, with occasional breakouts.) But if you have some nasty zits and your skin won't mind a little scrubbing, I recommend AHA Wash Cleansing to you. You don't have to use it everyday, you can also just use it when you need it, but daily use might prevent nasty zits from even coming.

It's such a bummer that while you can get AHA products in Japan everywhere, I haven't really seen many in Germany. I wonder why? They do sell the usual Neutrogena and so on stuff with benzoyle peroxyde (BPO) or Retinoids, but hardly any AHA. (Although AHA is listed as the first anti-acne ingredient on the German wikipedia acne page. Hm.) One factor might be that AHAs increase your skin's sensibility to the sun, so you have to put on a sunscreen (which you should do anyway!!!), but German people really don't like to wear sunscreen, at least none of my friends does. (But most of my friends don't even remove their make-up before they go to sleep.)

Do you get breakouts? If so, what do you do when you get one? Do you have any cleaning rituals to maintain your skin?

Sofina Aube Couture Designing Shine Eye in 531 Purple

Sorry my promised review is late, but I have finals coming soon and my light and cell phone camera were being b*tches to me.

Anyway, here it comes! My review of Aube's new eyeshadow palette in purple!

The picture is still not perfect, but the best I could manage. :( The colours are more vibrant in reality, but the sparkle comes out pretty nicely.

Here is a link to Aube's official website:
(Isn't Aibu Saki (right) pretty?)
My shadow is the one the model on the left side is wearing. A picture of the palette (in all colours) can be seen here:

The sparkly area on the left is the white base colour. I applied both the brighter and the darker lilac on it and on my naked skin (right side.) I think you can see a slight difference. The sparkle area on the right is the glitter pigment (the little dot in the palette.) It does sparkle quite a bit, but is still not overdone and makes you look like a disco ball or something trashy.
The deeper purple reminds me a bit of the purple in Lavshuca's PU-2 palette which I love and which you can see reviewed here at PJ's: Lavshuca PU-2

The colours go on effortlessly with the applicators that come with the palette. They give a nice wash of colour, but still look sheer.

The palette is a metallic light pink with a silver line in the middle, and only opens when you press both sides. Very classy and very good if you're afraid your eyeshadow might open in your purse and make a mess. Definitely an item you can carry around. :)

Overall, I think it's a really classy palette. I don't own any purple clothing, but the nice lady at Ainz&Tulpe tried out every colour on me and purple looked the best. (I have hazel eyes.) Well, this is a nice contrast to my white and blue outfits I wear quite a lot in summer.

If you want pictures of me wearing this palette, please leave a comment. :)

Have a great weekend! (^___^)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

And another update!

Wow, I have a row today!

Just wanted to update you guys on some things I mentioned in earlier posts:

1. I still like Missha's BB cream a lot, but I feel like it's a bit too heavy for summer and makes my face look a bit shiny. So I guess since my skin has been looking better lately and I probably won't need full coverage anymore (yeah! Wish me luck it stays that way!!!), I might just switch to concealer and mineral powder once I get back to Germany. Why then? Because I'm having my eyes on a concealer and powder by some natural cosmetics brand from Germany. If you wanna check them out (do I actually have German readers?), they're called Alverde. I might use BB cream again in winter, I guess, or switch to Alverde's cream make -up.

2. As I said, my skin has been looking better lately. I still get nasty break-outs, probably due to the weather (Japan is really hot and humid >___<), but AHA products did really help. I switched lines this week because the one I used was good to clear my skin up, but has become to aggressive for me, so I bought a gentler cleanser. I need to get more of those to take home, because while Japan has shelves full with AHA products, Germany doesn't have any, at least not as far as I've seen, or only expensive ones. Too bad. On the other hand, Japan also has really good cheap sun protetion in gel, lotion, spray... whatever form, whereas for gels or sprays with a SPF higher than 39, you'd again have to visit a pharmacy and pay a lot more.

3. I really do love Sekkisei's sun lotion, but it does get too heavy for me in summer. I still have one bottle I bought as a back-up, but I will keep this for winter and buy Biore's Gel sun screen in 50+ the next time I pass by a drug store.

Okay, that's it for today, sorry to bother you so often!

Fasio Gradation Deep Eyes in Green

Another eye shadow from Kosé I'd like to review is from Fasio.
I actually got this because I wanted something green for my hazel eyes, in hope it would bring out the green in my iris, instead of the usual gold/beige or purple I'm wearing. Plus, Fasio was 20% off at my favourite drugstore.

I am actually glad I didn't pay full price for this. Stupid as I was, I thought I could pull of a matte eye colour, which I'm really not good at. Must be my (non-existent) make-up skills or my actual type, but I look better in shimmer. (Maybe because the texture forgives mistakes more easily.)

Anyway, as you can see in the swatch (sorry, the light in my room is horrible), the top colour, a yellow in the palette, doesn't really show up, neither with a brush nor the applicator. That's fine, it's only the base, but I am used to uncoloured shimmer bases which have the task of providing shimmer instead of colour, not to no colour no shimmer bases. (It does look kinda shimmery in the pic, but it really isn't very shimmery.)
Same for the green below. The colour doesn't show up at all, and I have to layer like crazy and rub it onto my lid, which I don't want to do because my lids don't like that.
The darker green goes on pretty pigmented with the applicator (the brush part is on the left), but the application is uneven, and usually, it just turns into one big colour pool with the lighter green.
The liner applies okay, but of what use is a liner if the rest of the colours look stupid?

Anyway, I am kinda disappointed with this item. In the review before, I wrote that Visée's eye shadow, another Kosé product, wasn't my favourite either, which is too bad, because I really love Kosé's Sekkisei's sun lotion.

Visée Fall 2010 Collection Blossom Eyes

I've been doing a lot of shopping in Japan lately (because I'm going home soon ;__;) and will try to review everything I bought in the next few weeks. Some things need a bit more testing, and I am also quite busy with exams and packing and so on.

Anyway, PJ has written about Visée's fall collection for this year in her blog, and has expressed her interest in the new eye shadow palettes, so I will review this item first.

You can see a picture of all palettes on their website, , if you click on "New Items". Mine is the pinkish one on the very left.

The packaging looks very nice, although the case is made of plastic, after all. The shadows have a floral design, too, but of course this one gets destroyed soon as you start using them.

The regular price is 1.800 Yen, as listed on the site, but I got mine for 1.100 on a new release discount, I guess.

Whereas I really prefer shimmery and sheer colours over matte, intense ones (which is why I didn't like Fasio's eye shadow I will review later), this palette is a bit too sheer for me. Out of the five colours, only the top colour actually comes out visible. The four other colours, especially the light ones, look nearly like my skin tone, and the two pinks (3rd and 4th from the top) really look alike. Maybe those light colours would come out better on someone with a darker skin tone, for me, they just look like my own skin with sparkles.
I made a swatch on my hand, which you can see above - sorry for the bad quality, I broke my camera in Kyoto and have to use my cell phone now. ^^;
As you can see, only the colours on the very top and bottom actually show up. As I said, this is probably partially due to my skin colour.
But apart from this, especially the bottom colour applied kind of unevenly. Maybe it's because it is a liner shade and not supposed to be used with a brush, but only with a small applicator. Still, I had to go into the colour several times and layer it, which made the finish kind of uneven. I'm kinda disappointed with this effect.

Still, the palette is not a total waste. I use it when all I want is a bit of shimmer on my eyes, e.g. when I put on a dramatic eye liner or a bolder lipstick.

If you are looking for sheer and still visible shimmery colours, I would recommend Sofina's Aube shadows "Designing Eyes", especially the newly released ones, where I got the purple palette and simply love it. My review will follow soon. ;)

If you have any questions or comments, as always, don't hesitate to ask. :)

See you next time,

PS: Do you have a summer make-up routine? You know, like making your face sweat-proof or some other trick you'd like to share? ^^

Saturday, 12 June 2010

About sun protection

Today, I want to discuss an important topic with you: How to protect your skin from sun damage and even more horrifying results like skin cancer.

I am a very pale girl and ever since I had a really horrible allergic reaction to sun, I try to stay in the shadows as much as I can. If I do go out (because sometimes, even I want to play outside in the summer), I wear a sunscreen.
As I have crossed the line to being a twen last year and also started living in Japan where the UV rays are supposedly stronger than in Germany, I went to a drugstore and got myself a really good sunscreen that also works as a lotion for my face. Depending on your skin and its special needs, I would advise all of you to search for your perfect sun screen, too. As stated in the link underneath, there are some things you should especially look out for. (Please read the article from the link!)

Now why am I writing this?
Yesterday, a friend of mine was complaing about dark spots on her face, which had appeared over the years. When I told her they were probably sun damage caused by her refusing to wear a sunscreen (and calling me a sunscreen freak in the process), she apparently didn't like what she heard. If you really don't wear a sunscreen, fine by me, but then you have to live with the possible consequences like ugly spots or even skin cancer.

She also said "But if I wear sunscreen, I won't tan!"
This is about the most horrible beauty and skin care statement I have ever heard and it makes me cringe even thinking about it, but it's a common misconception.
If you wear sunscreen, you will tan, just more slowly.
If you don't wear sunscreen, you will "tan" more easily, but your skin will be damaged in the process.
As an example, I never even try to tan, but once I fell asleep on the veranda and got a little sunburn on my arm, where the sun had shone onto. After the burn went away, the very spot was tanned, but ... You're supposed to tan slowly and protect your skin while you do it. If health risks can't convince you to take care, think about how your skin might look like in a few years if you don't protect it. Wrinkly, with ugly brownish spots on it. You might look way older than you actually are. If that's what you want, go ahead. (Plus, skin cancer is said to be one of the more painful cancers forms.)

So, ladies, be smart and put sunscreen on your face (you only have this one beautiful face, and you want it to stay like that, right?) and also on exposed body parts, like arms or legs in summer, and your hands! Don't forget your shoulders! There are sprays for hard-to-reach parts like your back if you don't have a nice gentleman to help you out. ;) Btw, also convince the gentlemen around you to to wear sunscreen!

One reason why Japanese people still look so young when they age is probably because they protect their skin from the sun, which causes ageing. I'm not saying you should be carrying a parasol or quit having fun at the beach, but wearing a sunscreen can really make a difference. (And avoiding the sun around noon isn't a bad idea, either. Think of Mediterrean people and their siesta.)

To stay healthy and beautiful, please take a look at the links below:

Further reading:

Thank you for your attention!
Did any of you ever had a discussion like this with a friend?

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream #21

After many struggles with various foundations that either made me break out or ended up too dark for me, I finally found what I was looking for. (Does Missha produce guys, too? xD)

Colour #21 is exactly my skin tone, covers well and doesn't make my skin worse. I don't know if it actually makes it better as Missha (or other BB cream brands) claim, but as long as, I can cover up my bad skin without actually needing more cover-up every time I use make-up on it, I'm happy. Plus, it also comes with a SPF 42, so I can apply less sunscreen to my face. (As I said before, I still apply an extra sun lotion to the areas that are most likely to burn, i.e. cheeks and nose, but I don't have to apply it to my very breakout-prone chin anymore.)

I've only been using it for a week, so I'm still in the testing phase, but what I can tell you so far is:
- Until now, my skin hasn't gotten any irritations from the BB cream.
- It does cover quite well, I don't have to use concealer underneath it. (You can if you want to, e.g. if you really need some very heavy coverage, but I am okay without any.)
- It does make me look kinda ghostly if I don't set it with powder and then apply blush. On the other hand, I do look kinda ghostly without it, too, as I am just very pale.
- It smells really good! At least I like the smell. <3
- It's not that expensive. You can get it for 10 to 15 bucks (including shipping) on ebay, or even less if you are lucky and win an auction or find another good deal.
- I do get the feeling that the consistency makes me apply more than I would usually apply another make-up, but since I spent the last few months mixing my Bourjois foundation with my sun lotion, maybe I'm just not used to foundation only anymore. I do feel that it's a bit hard to spread, though. (I use my fingers to apply foundation.)

I will tell you if I see any changes after using it for a longer time!

Friday, 28 May 2010

My make-up routine

Sorry for the long absence! I was busy with university and stuff. >___< I thought today I'd post my daily make-up ritual, and maybe you let me know yours?

- wash face with AHA Wash cleansing or soap
- use shampoo and conditioner from 一髪 (ichikami) - I switched from using Dove and Nivea shampoo to this one in Japan, and I love it so much already. Smells great, makes my hair super soft and silky... now how do I get enough of it home?
- use Dove shower gel (smells good and moisturizes)
- apply deodorant (German brand: CD Wasserlilie spray)
- use Dove body lotion
- massage Avon spliss treatment or Ichikami serum into my hair ends
- apply eye cream on my dry under eye area (German natural cosmetic brand: Alverde Augentrost Creme)
- apply sun screen on face (and arms + shoulders if needed) (Kosé Sekkisei in winter and Bioré gel or mousse screen in summer)
- apply Missha BB cream colour 21 to face
- apply face powder (Majolica Majorca, the lightest colour)
- shape and fill in eyebrows
- apply black eyeliner to upper waterline/upper lash line
(- apply eye shadow etc., depending on mood)
- use lash curler
- apply Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara
- apply blusher and highlighter (Lavshuca RD-1)
-put on some lip gloss or coloured chapstick

When you count it, that's actually a lot of products! O_o

- remove eye-makeup with Nivea cream (should get myself a real remover sometime...)
- wash face with AHA Face Cleasing b until no make-up is left
(- apply AHA lotion)
- use eye cream again

Some might wonder why I don't apply any lotion or night cream to my face, but I have sensitive skin and I try to put on the smallest possible amount of products. Plus, I try to let it breathe at night. So far, it worked better for me than before, when I put on all kinds of treatments and night cream etc. That's also why I changed my foundation to a BB cream, plus the fact that many foundations make me break out. The Missha BB cream in 21 fits my skin colour perfectly (I have very light skin), smells good and feels good and covers up quite well. Plus, it has 42 PA+++ UV protection. I still apply the Sekkisei lotion to my eye area, cheeks and nose, just to be sure. Sun damage doesn't only look nasty, it can also be dangerous and cause skin cancer. And as I said, I am very pale, so I need a lot of protection. The Sekkisei lotion is light and supposedly also heals various skin problems. I can say that at least it doesn't break me out, which is all I ever asked for.

And what is your routine? :)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Today, I want to write something about my favourite mascara at the moment.

Initially, I just bought it because the packing looked cute, but now I don't want to live without Majolica Majorca's "Lash Gorgeous Wing" anymore. Some people claim that it looks too natural, but that's exactly what I like about it. With one coat, it looks like no mascara on at all - but still enhances lashes. (You can see a pic of me wearing it some entries below.) If you let it dry a bit and layer, it adds a bit of impact, but I still find it very natural.

MM also has other mascaras which I haven't tried yet, but some swear by them. Review:

If I want a bit of a dramatic look, I now use Kosé's new mascara - the one from the Matsumoto Jun CM. ;) If you want a review, just leave a comment. :)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A little rant about brand-hypes

Why is that nowadays, you cannot watch any make-up tutorial or read any cosmetics blog without the producers urging you to buy some MAC product or Urban Decay Primer Potion or expensive brushes or what not?

Seriously, eye make-up was created and durable before UDPP was even invented, and my Lavshuca eyeshadow stays on all day with just a bit of powder underneath. Maybe companies like MAC make eye-shadow that won't stay on without UDPP? So you are actually forced to buy more products?

I got frowned at because I don't own any MAC product. "But they're the best! You will look much better with MAC products on!" Funny how I didn't see any skillfully applied beautiful make-up on that girl's face.

I'll stick to products I like, and not to brand-names. Plus, I want products I can actually afford.

Funny, but here in Germany, the best tested lipbalm, for example, costs about 2$ and is from a non-famous natural cosmetics brand. Doesn't that make you think?

EDIT: And did you know that MAC lipsticks, for example, have ingredients that can cause cancer?

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

About CMs

Why does Kosé have all the stars I like for their CMs?
First Kuraki Mai, then Matsumoto Jun, and now Sato Takeru! (And yes, guys advertise women's make-up. Don't ask.)

Monday, 22 February 2010

Tokyo Colours?

And Shinjuku is violet...?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My first pic!

Because everyone does it, I decided to show you a picture of my eye make-up. It's a look I wear a lot lately.

(Gosh, my pores are HUGE! ;____;)

I am wearing:
- Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara
- Lavshuca PK-1 Duo Eyeshadow (pink/purple) on my upper lid
- Shiseido's Integrate Pencil Eyes GD871 (gold) on my lower lashline


Still trying to find replacements for some of my cosmetic stuff - the French brand Bourjois has risen my interest. Too bad they even sell in Japan, but not in their neighbour country Germany. I thought, BUT: They do have one corner in Berlin's biggest department store! Now I'll just have to take a look there when I'm on home vacation, compare prices and colours (many European countries don't sell the lightest colours for make-up, which sucks for me because I'm basically transparent), and if they have the Healthy Make-up in the lightest colour, I don't have to schlepp back-ups from Japan to Germany!

I also discovered an Italian brand named Kiko that opened a shop in Berlin with really nice coloured eye-shadows and pencils.

Both brands do not test on animals (their websites claim), but may use results from other companies' tests. Well, better than torturing animals twice for the same ingredients, I guess. ^^;

Us capital kids are lucky sometimes. :)

EDIT: I found one or two stores where I could order Boujours online, but they don't seem to have the full range, plus Germany has stupid regulations about shipping liquids. As a result, most online stores stopped shipping cosmetics to Germany. -__-

Animals testing

Since I was shopping for cosmetics a lot lately, I decided to take a look at which companies still test their stuff on animals and which don't. And I was shocked.

Here, you can find a list.

Basically, all big companies do it. Some claim not to, but still do it. Even The Body Shop has been taken over by bad guy L'Oreal and does it now.
I was using Nivea shampoo, Maybelline base make-up, Shiseido make-up, Neutrogena face wash... Looks like I have to find replacements for all of those. I know the products I am using now have already been tested, but I don't really wanna blow more money into those companies. If people stop buying their stuff, they may stop testing on animals.
But I am so used to my cosmetics... And which companies should I change to? It looks like nearly all of them do it.
Shiseido claims they're "working on alternative methods". Which means, "hey, if we still test on animals, not our fault, we're trying our best!" Bullshit. Kao is even filing for new animal testing patents. Kosé also does it.

Even Mars Candy? WTF?! And Nestlé???
Unilever does it, Yves Rocher does it. Everyone does it!

On the other hand, here is a list of brands that do not test on animals.
I'm glad at least Bonnebell is on there. It is written on the Lip Smackers that they were not tested on animals, but that doesn't mean that some of the ingredients weren't. Avon doesn't do it as well, which is a relief since we've been buying there for ages, starting from my Grandma.

Hm, I think I can change my shampoo to some other brand (the German drugstore dm has its own brand which is on the "good" list, and since Shiseido is listed as bad, but Kanebo isn't (which doesn't mean it's automatically good, either, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt), I'll stop Majolica and buy Lavshuca instead. Too bad. :( But what should I do about my base make-up? Maybelline was the only one that works on my skin so far. >_______<

What do you folks think about all this? Is animal testing an issue for you or not?

EDIT: Found another site that claims basically very big Japanese brand does test on animals. So much for my liking of Japanese stuff. -___-

EDIT 2: This site, however, claims that Nivea doesn't test on animals. I'm confused. When do those sites update their information? Where do they get them from? Was Nivea put in the "testing" list because its mother company tests?

Addicted to Japanese cosmetics!

When I first browsed a Japanese drugstore, I came across very beautiful cosmetics and very friendly shop assistants. So now, every week when I'm done teaching German in Harajuku, I stop by at this huge drugstore-like place called Ainz&Tulpe (German?).

- tons of lip stuff, e.g. a honey gloss by Majolica Majorca, some other honey-based lipgloss and gloss stick with apple and strawberry flavour respectively etc.
- an eyeshadow palette in browns by Shiseido
- a foundation by Kao
- a mascara by Majolica Majorca (which looks super natural)
- the latest mascara by Kosé because of MatsuJun (this one looks rather bold on the eyes)
- pressed powder in a really cute box by Majolica Majorca
- duo eyeshadow pink/purple by Lavshuca
- eye pencil in gold by Shiseido

I am tempted to buy more (going shopping after baito is maybe not my best idea ^^;). At the moment, I really want those:
- another duo eyeshadow gold/purple by Lavshuca (the colours are super gorgeous, but 1.300 for a duo eyeshadow...?)
- an eyeshadow quattro by Lavshuca
- one or two mono eyeshadows by Majolica Majorca to put into another cute box they have

And maybe I should get myself one really good lipstick (I usually use gloss or, most of the time, flavoured chapstick like Smackers) for special occasions, like when I need a professional look.

Oh, and maybe a back-up of all those when the first one is used up and I'm back in Germany shopping in stores with unfriendly shop assistants. ;_____;