Thursday, 12 August 2010


Before I go back to Germany in September, there's some stuff I want to buy.

- Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes, probably in Green 707 (aren't those adorable?)
- Anna Sui blue liquid eyeliner
- one or two Lavshuca palettes (definitely one in brown, probably BR-1 of either Colour Select or Light Mix Eyes)
- another eye shadow palette by Majolica Majorca, maybe a green one if the Integrate green palette doesn't turn out to be to my liking once I see it for real
- a lipstick (to have at least on Japanese brand lipstick xD), probably Lavshuca

Need to stock up on:
- AHA Wash Cleansing
- Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara Neo
- Majolica Majcora Powder that fits into my MM powder case
- MM Jeweilling Eyes Pencil Eyeliner in Blue
- maybe another rouge/highlighter from Lavshuca since those are perfect for carrying around

I guess I can always have a friend send me my sun lotion and also the wash cleansing if I transfer money to them...

Out of the two Kate My Colour pencils I have, the white in one is nearly gone, and I want to replace it with another colour that will be used up a bit more evenly - also, the white never stayed on my lower waterline anyway.

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