Saturday, 21 August 2010

Would you do your make-up in public or on the go?

In Japan, I often seen girls or women doing their make-up on the train. It's kind of interesting because I like to see what kind of techniques other people use.
When I went back from an overnight trip, my friends and me were pretty bored on the long train ride, and I had the crazy, er, glorious idea to re-apply my make-up on the train. I've never done that before and probably will never do it again, but it was fun.

For some reason, it is considered bad manners to apply make-up on the train, so the Tokyo Metro launched this some time ago:

In many public restrooms here, there are also extra mirrors so you won't block the sinks while doing your hair or make-up. Even at my university! O.o
Some people also apply their make-up in the car, I've heard. Seems a bit dangerous to me... ^^;

Do you apply your make-up at outside of yor home or bathrooms?

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