Friday, 13 August 2010

Finally! New hair pics (and MU of the day)

I promised you a picture of my new hairstyle last week, remember? Well, here you go!

Uwah, I look super tired in the light!
I had it cut and also got a treatment, but unfortunately, my hair still looks very frizzy, despite using all the treatment, heat protection and just skipping blow-drying at all. :(
Plus, I had it dyed in a really dark colour which looked nearly black on the first day, but now, it is nearly back to my old brownish hue, just looking a bit more reddish. Huh? I should have known that my hair is undyeable, but how this happened when the hair stylist really dyed it is incomprehensible to me.

I took a pic with my webcam this time, but the quality isn't much better than my cell phone. The contrast is too high - I'm not that white! And you can't really see my eye make-up, can you? I used Majolica Majorca's single white shadow all over the lid and then Kate's Gel Liner in black, on which I dabbed Anna Sui's single eyeshadow in a glitterish blue, a colour I will present to you later. I think it matches my shirt. :)

What do you think of my hair? Well, all I can do is wait until it growns out anyway...

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