Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Integrate Fall Collection etc.

When I headed to another drugstore than my usual one, I found the new eyeshadows from Integrate's fall collection that will be out for sale on the 21st on display! Same for Coffret d'Or's C Curve two limited palettes - the purple one looked rather lovely, the taupe/nude one a bit muddy.

Same for Integrate - I had wanted the green, but the colour barely showed when I swatched it on my arm. And my arm is white as snow! O.o The purple here looked lovely, too, the middle shade reminded me of the Aube eyeshadow I have. Four or five palettes were brownish, two were pink and one was grey. I can't pull of pink on my eyes (which is too bad, as they're heart-shaped, so pink would be perfect), I don't like grey and I already have a nude/brown/golden palette from Lavshuca. Still, as I really want one of these, I might go for a light brown.

This also means I need to find another green palette - maybe Majolica Majorca, as they have a deeper green.

Sorry I didn't do swatches - at first a sales assistant was always around me. Then, of course, when I wanted to ask a question, she disappeared. ^^;

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