Thursday, 19 August 2010

Missha Signature BB Cream

When I bought my blue eyeshadow I still haven't reviewed at the Missha counter in a Shinjuku department store, I got some free samples, one of them the Signature BB Cream in #21. Yes, the first time I got a bright colour that actually fits my face! Usually, both in Germany and in Japan, I get foundation samples that are waaaaaaaaaaaay too dark (and yellow) for me. Is there only one colour for samples or is there a purpose behind giving me the wrong colour? (I know there are some "make-up experts" that give you darker colours on purpose to make you look "more healthy". Um, sure.)

Anyway, I just tried the sample and from the first use, I almost like it better than the Perfect Cover one that I used until now! It's not as thick, so it spreads more easily, and it also looks a bit more natural. It lacks the strong fragrance, which might be a plus for people who don't like the other one's smell or react to fragrance.

I know you can't judge from samples, but I guess my next BB cream will be this.

It has SPF 25 PA++, which is less than Perfect Cover, but since I wear sunscreen underneath anyway, it shouldn't be a problem.
Both creams feel a bit sticky on my face when I touch it, but just by wearing, I don't experience any discomfort.

Do you have a favourite BB cream? Did you ever get colour-"matched" incorrectly?

Update:  Okay, my chin and the sides of my nose feel a bit itchy now. On the other hand, those are my problem areas at the moment as they are kind of dry and flaky, so maybe that's it.

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