Thursday, 12 August 2010

Kate Lasting High Coverage Liquid Foundation SPF 20 PA++ in BR-C

Before I bought this foundation, I should have read this. Too bad I didn't.

I was thrilled to find a foundation bright enough for my super white skin - something nearly impossible in Japanese drugstores - well, in German drugstores, too.
The foundation is indeed light enough for my complexion. It's just...
When I first applied this, I saw ... nothing. And not nothing as in "OMG no more redness or pores or pimples!", but in "did I just halluzinate putting on foundation?" I didn't see a difference at all.

I usually apply my foundation with my fingers, but when I stayed overnight at a friend's house, her applying foundation with a sponge reminded me of that possibility. It does look a bit better when applied with a sponge, but I don't like the application process. Takes too much time and buying a new sponge for every day is not very eco.

As the review in the link says, maybe the other shade offer better coverage, as this is only the skin brightener, but then please, KATE, don't put High Coverage on the bottle. 

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