Monday, 30 August 2010

Skin care update

My skin has been looking awful lately, so I went to the local drugstore and had a very nice lady help me a lot. (Well, actually I went there to get some stuff a friend wanted and to stock up for the last time, as tomorrow is my last day in Japan - for a while. Definitely coming back!)

I'm one of those people who get break-outs on their cheeks and chin area, which the nice lady said is stress and hormones. She measured my skin's hydration level again and it was very low this time. I probably over-cleaned my skin when the first pimple showed up some weeks ago, and didn't moisturize properly because the last check showed I was fine without using moisturizer. Uh, well.
Actually, this describes my skin's state pretty well, and also sums up what the lady at the counter said.

After like half an hour of discussing matters with the SA and fighting with myself, I bought the Sekkisei 25th Anniversary trial kit and a Kosé moisturizer that smells nearly the same as Sekkisei does, but is from the line Hyalocharge, a skin care line that contains hyalorunic acid, which is supposed to give skin back its moisture. I will try this all out and see how it works. I probably won't be able to purchase full size Sekkisei products as they're over my budget, but my skin should have calmed down once the trial is finished, and then I can hopefully go back to a normal German cleanser, toner etc., or use the whole Hyalocharge series (if I can either get it online or have a friend send it to me.)

Anyway, I hope this will be of some use to you: Overcleansing your skin is bad!

List of ingredients for Hyalocharge
Quite a lot of alcohol, pretty much like Sekkisei. So far, alcohol wasn't a problem for me, but we'll see. Cetearyl Alcohol may clog pores, though, according to this list.

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