Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Lipstick recommendation

Dear readers,

I know there aren't many of you yet, at least not according to my blog statistics, and I am sorry to bother you.

Does anyone have a lipstick they can recommend to me? Preferably a Japanese brand, and also kind of affortable? I was thinking Lavshuca, because they look really pretty and wearable.
Or if you don't have a recommendation, at least a "don't buy this!" comment would be helpful.

What I want in a lipstick:
- sheer finish, not matte. Also not too glittery.
- a tone that brightens up my complexion. I have very fair skin with neutral to cool undertones, I'd say, so maybe some slightly blueish red or a light berry colour would be nice?
- should look good with every day make-up. I'm not for dramatic lip looks all that much.
- no real nudes or very light colours. I have naturally rosy lips, and I look really sick with them toned down or in a frosty pale pink etc.

If someone could help me, I'd appreciate that a lot! Preferably before I leave Japan in three weeks.
If I can do you a favour in return, I'd be happy to! Like e.g. check out some eye shadow in the drug store and make a swatch so you know whether you want to buy it or not even if you're not in Japan. (I can do that for all of you, of course, until I leave, whether you can actually help me or not. ^^)

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