Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Majolica Majorca Artistic Nails in BL501

Yes, I'm on a blue trip. It's summer, so my love for this ocean and sky shade gets even bigger as I yearn for some refreshment...

Anyway, I bought Majolica Majorca's new nail polish in BL501, a dark blue with minimal glitter. It looks darker in the bottle than on the nails.
It also applies very unevenly, unfortunately. The colour is so pretty and looks so good on my white skin (yes, I never tan, not even in summer, and I also don't plan to), but  it's really runny and leaves streaks as well as colour beyond the actual nails.

I applied it on both feet and hands, but I think I will keep it to my feet from now on, where the streaks aren't so visible. Too bad. :(

Update: My feet still look perfect, but my nails chipped on the first day!
I tried the colour as a tip colour for my usual blue/blue design, with the Maquillage glitter blue on top of it now:

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