Thursday, 24 June 2010

And another update!

Wow, I have a row today!

Just wanted to update you guys on some things I mentioned in earlier posts:

1. I still like Missha's BB cream a lot, but I feel like it's a bit too heavy for summer and makes my face look a bit shiny. So I guess since my skin has been looking better lately and I probably won't need full coverage anymore (yeah! Wish me luck it stays that way!!!), I might just switch to concealer and mineral powder once I get back to Germany. Why then? Because I'm having my eyes on a concealer and powder by some natural cosmetics brand from Germany. If you wanna check them out (do I actually have German readers?), they're called Alverde. I might use BB cream again in winter, I guess, or switch to Alverde's cream make -up.

2. As I said, my skin has been looking better lately. I still get nasty break-outs, probably due to the weather (Japan is really hot and humid >___<), but AHA products did really help. I switched lines this week because the one I used was good to clear my skin up, but has become to aggressive for me, so I bought a gentler cleanser. I need to get more of those to take home, because while Japan has shelves full with AHA products, Germany doesn't have any, at least not as far as I've seen, or only expensive ones. Too bad. On the other hand, Japan also has really good cheap sun protetion in gel, lotion, spray... whatever form, whereas for gels or sprays with a SPF higher than 39, you'd again have to visit a pharmacy and pay a lot more.

3. I really do love Sekkisei's sun lotion, but it does get too heavy for me in summer. I still have one bottle I bought as a back-up, but I will keep this for winter and buy Biore's Gel sun screen in 50+ the next time I pass by a drug store.

Okay, that's it for today, sorry to bother you so often!

Fasio Gradation Deep Eyes in Green

Another eye shadow from Kosé I'd like to review is from Fasio.
I actually got this because I wanted something green for my hazel eyes, in hope it would bring out the green in my iris, instead of the usual gold/beige or purple I'm wearing. Plus, Fasio was 20% off at my favourite drugstore.

I am actually glad I didn't pay full price for this. Stupid as I was, I thought I could pull of a matte eye colour, which I'm really not good at. Must be my (non-existent) make-up skills or my actual type, but I look better in shimmer. (Maybe because the texture forgives mistakes more easily.)

Anyway, as you can see in the swatch (sorry, the light in my room is horrible), the top colour, a yellow in the palette, doesn't really show up, neither with a brush nor the applicator. That's fine, it's only the base, but I am used to uncoloured shimmer bases which have the task of providing shimmer instead of colour, not to no colour no shimmer bases. (It does look kinda shimmery in the pic, but it really isn't very shimmery.)
Same for the green below. The colour doesn't show up at all, and I have to layer like crazy and rub it onto my lid, which I don't want to do because my lids don't like that.
The darker green goes on pretty pigmented with the applicator (the brush part is on the left), but the application is uneven, and usually, it just turns into one big colour pool with the lighter green.
The liner applies okay, but of what use is a liner if the rest of the colours look stupid?

Anyway, I am kinda disappointed with this item. In the review before, I wrote that Visée's eye shadow, another Kosé product, wasn't my favourite either, which is too bad, because I really love Kosé's Sekkisei's sun lotion.

Visée Fall 2010 Collection Blossom Eyes

I've been doing a lot of shopping in Japan lately (because I'm going home soon ;__;) and will try to review everything I bought in the next few weeks. Some things need a bit more testing, and I am also quite busy with exams and packing and so on.

Anyway, PJ has written about Visée's fall collection for this year in her blog, and has expressed her interest in the new eye shadow palettes, so I will review this item first.

You can see a picture of all palettes on their website, , if you click on "New Items". Mine is the pinkish one on the very left.

The packaging looks very nice, although the case is made of plastic, after all. The shadows have a floral design, too, but of course this one gets destroyed soon as you start using them.

The regular price is 1.800 Yen, as listed on the site, but I got mine for 1.100 on a new release discount, I guess.

Whereas I really prefer shimmery and sheer colours over matte, intense ones (which is why I didn't like Fasio's eye shadow I will review later), this palette is a bit too sheer for me. Out of the five colours, only the top colour actually comes out visible. The four other colours, especially the light ones, look nearly like my skin tone, and the two pinks (3rd and 4th from the top) really look alike. Maybe those light colours would come out better on someone with a darker skin tone, for me, they just look like my own skin with sparkles.
I made a swatch on my hand, which you can see above - sorry for the bad quality, I broke my camera in Kyoto and have to use my cell phone now. ^^;
As you can see, only the colours on the very top and bottom actually show up. As I said, this is probably partially due to my skin colour.
But apart from this, especially the bottom colour applied kind of unevenly. Maybe it's because it is a liner shade and not supposed to be used with a brush, but only with a small applicator. Still, I had to go into the colour several times and layer it, which made the finish kind of uneven. I'm kinda disappointed with this effect.

Still, the palette is not a total waste. I use it when all I want is a bit of shimmer on my eyes, e.g. when I put on a dramatic eye liner or a bolder lipstick.

If you are looking for sheer and still visible shimmery colours, I would recommend Sofina's Aube shadows "Designing Eyes", especially the newly released ones, where I got the purple palette and simply love it. My review will follow soon. ;)

If you have any questions or comments, as always, don't hesitate to ask. :)

See you next time,

PS: Do you have a summer make-up routine? You know, like making your face sweat-proof or some other trick you'd like to share? ^^

Saturday, 12 June 2010

About sun protection

Today, I want to discuss an important topic with you: How to protect your skin from sun damage and even more horrifying results like skin cancer.

I am a very pale girl and ever since I had a really horrible allergic reaction to sun, I try to stay in the shadows as much as I can. If I do go out (because sometimes, even I want to play outside in the summer), I wear a sunscreen.
As I have crossed the line to being a twen last year and also started living in Japan where the UV rays are supposedly stronger than in Germany, I went to a drugstore and got myself a really good sunscreen that also works as a lotion for my face. Depending on your skin and its special needs, I would advise all of you to search for your perfect sun screen, too. As stated in the link underneath, there are some things you should especially look out for. (Please read the article from the link!)

Now why am I writing this?
Yesterday, a friend of mine was complaing about dark spots on her face, which had appeared over the years. When I told her they were probably sun damage caused by her refusing to wear a sunscreen (and calling me a sunscreen freak in the process), she apparently didn't like what she heard. If you really don't wear a sunscreen, fine by me, but then you have to live with the possible consequences like ugly spots or even skin cancer.

She also said "But if I wear sunscreen, I won't tan!"
This is about the most horrible beauty and skin care statement I have ever heard and it makes me cringe even thinking about it, but it's a common misconception.
If you wear sunscreen, you will tan, just more slowly.
If you don't wear sunscreen, you will "tan" more easily, but your skin will be damaged in the process.
As an example, I never even try to tan, but once I fell asleep on the veranda and got a little sunburn on my arm, where the sun had shone onto. After the burn went away, the very spot was tanned, but ... You're supposed to tan slowly and protect your skin while you do it. If health risks can't convince you to take care, think about how your skin might look like in a few years if you don't protect it. Wrinkly, with ugly brownish spots on it. You might look way older than you actually are. If that's what you want, go ahead. (Plus, skin cancer is said to be one of the more painful cancers forms.)

So, ladies, be smart and put sunscreen on your face (you only have this one beautiful face, and you want it to stay like that, right?) and also on exposed body parts, like arms or legs in summer, and your hands! Don't forget your shoulders! There are sprays for hard-to-reach parts like your back if you don't have a nice gentleman to help you out. ;) Btw, also convince the gentlemen around you to to wear sunscreen!

One reason why Japanese people still look so young when they age is probably because they protect their skin from the sun, which causes ageing. I'm not saying you should be carrying a parasol or quit having fun at the beach, but wearing a sunscreen can really make a difference. (And avoiding the sun around noon isn't a bad idea, either. Think of Mediterrean people and their siesta.)

To stay healthy and beautiful, please take a look at the links below:

Further reading:

Thank you for your attention!
Did any of you ever had a discussion like this with a friend?

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream #21

After many struggles with various foundations that either made me break out or ended up too dark for me, I finally found what I was looking for. (Does Missha produce guys, too? xD)

Colour #21 is exactly my skin tone, covers well and doesn't make my skin worse. I don't know if it actually makes it better as Missha (or other BB cream brands) claim, but as long as, I can cover up my bad skin without actually needing more cover-up every time I use make-up on it, I'm happy. Plus, it also comes with a SPF 42, so I can apply less sunscreen to my face. (As I said before, I still apply an extra sun lotion to the areas that are most likely to burn, i.e. cheeks and nose, but I don't have to apply it to my very breakout-prone chin anymore.)

I've only been using it for a week, so I'm still in the testing phase, but what I can tell you so far is:
- Until now, my skin hasn't gotten any irritations from the BB cream.
- It does cover quite well, I don't have to use concealer underneath it. (You can if you want to, e.g. if you really need some very heavy coverage, but I am okay without any.)
- It does make me look kinda ghostly if I don't set it with powder and then apply blush. On the other hand, I do look kinda ghostly without it, too, as I am just very pale.
- It smells really good! At least I like the smell. <3
- It's not that expensive. You can get it for 10 to 15 bucks (including shipping) on ebay, or even less if you are lucky and win an auction or find another good deal.
- I do get the feeling that the consistency makes me apply more than I would usually apply another make-up, but since I spent the last few months mixing my Bourjois foundation with my sun lotion, maybe I'm just not used to foundation only anymore. I do feel that it's a bit hard to spread, though. (I use my fingers to apply foundation.)

I will tell you if I see any changes after using it for a longer time!