Thursday, 24 June 2010

Fasio Gradation Deep Eyes in Green

Another eye shadow from Kosé I'd like to review is from Fasio.
I actually got this because I wanted something green for my hazel eyes, in hope it would bring out the green in my iris, instead of the usual gold/beige or purple I'm wearing. Plus, Fasio was 20% off at my favourite drugstore.

I am actually glad I didn't pay full price for this. Stupid as I was, I thought I could pull of a matte eye colour, which I'm really not good at. Must be my (non-existent) make-up skills or my actual type, but I look better in shimmer. (Maybe because the texture forgives mistakes more easily.)

Anyway, as you can see in the swatch (sorry, the light in my room is horrible), the top colour, a yellow in the palette, doesn't really show up, neither with a brush nor the applicator. That's fine, it's only the base, but I am used to uncoloured shimmer bases which have the task of providing shimmer instead of colour, not to no colour no shimmer bases. (It does look kinda shimmery in the pic, but it really isn't very shimmery.)
Same for the green below. The colour doesn't show up at all, and I have to layer like crazy and rub it onto my lid, which I don't want to do because my lids don't like that.
The darker green goes on pretty pigmented with the applicator (the brush part is on the left), but the application is uneven, and usually, it just turns into one big colour pool with the lighter green.
The liner applies okay, but of what use is a liner if the rest of the colours look stupid?

Anyway, I am kinda disappointed with this item. In the review before, I wrote that Visée's eye shadow, another Kosé product, wasn't my favourite either, which is too bad, because I really love Kosé's Sekkisei's sun lotion.

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