Thursday, 24 June 2010

Visée Fall 2010 Collection Blossom Eyes

I've been doing a lot of shopping in Japan lately (because I'm going home soon ;__;) and will try to review everything I bought in the next few weeks. Some things need a bit more testing, and I am also quite busy with exams and packing and so on.

Anyway, PJ has written about Visée's fall collection for this year in her blog, and has expressed her interest in the new eye shadow palettes, so I will review this item first.

You can see a picture of all palettes on their website, , if you click on "New Items". Mine is the pinkish one on the very left.

The packaging looks very nice, although the case is made of plastic, after all. The shadows have a floral design, too, but of course this one gets destroyed soon as you start using them.

The regular price is 1.800 Yen, as listed on the site, but I got mine for 1.100 on a new release discount, I guess.

Whereas I really prefer shimmery and sheer colours over matte, intense ones (which is why I didn't like Fasio's eye shadow I will review later), this palette is a bit too sheer for me. Out of the five colours, only the top colour actually comes out visible. The four other colours, especially the light ones, look nearly like my skin tone, and the two pinks (3rd and 4th from the top) really look alike. Maybe those light colours would come out better on someone with a darker skin tone, for me, they just look like my own skin with sparkles.
I made a swatch on my hand, which you can see above - sorry for the bad quality, I broke my camera in Kyoto and have to use my cell phone now. ^^;
As you can see, only the colours on the very top and bottom actually show up. As I said, this is probably partially due to my skin colour.
But apart from this, especially the bottom colour applied kind of unevenly. Maybe it's because it is a liner shade and not supposed to be used with a brush, but only with a small applicator. Still, I had to go into the colour several times and layer it, which made the finish kind of uneven. I'm kinda disappointed with this effect.

Still, the palette is not a total waste. I use it when all I want is a bit of shimmer on my eyes, e.g. when I put on a dramatic eye liner or a bolder lipstick.

If you are looking for sheer and still visible shimmery colours, I would recommend Sofina's Aube shadows "Designing Eyes", especially the newly released ones, where I got the purple palette and simply love it. My review will follow soon. ;)

If you have any questions or comments, as always, don't hesitate to ask. :)

See you next time,

PS: Do you have a summer make-up routine? You know, like making your face sweat-proof or some other trick you'd like to share? ^^

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