Saturday, 12 June 2010

About sun protection

Today, I want to discuss an important topic with you: How to protect your skin from sun damage and even more horrifying results like skin cancer.

I am a very pale girl and ever since I had a really horrible allergic reaction to sun, I try to stay in the shadows as much as I can. If I do go out (because sometimes, even I want to play outside in the summer), I wear a sunscreen.
As I have crossed the line to being a twen last year and also started living in Japan where the UV rays are supposedly stronger than in Germany, I went to a drugstore and got myself a really good sunscreen that also works as a lotion for my face. Depending on your skin and its special needs, I would advise all of you to search for your perfect sun screen, too. As stated in the link underneath, there are some things you should especially look out for. (Please read the article from the link!)

Now why am I writing this?
Yesterday, a friend of mine was complaing about dark spots on her face, which had appeared over the years. When I told her they were probably sun damage caused by her refusing to wear a sunscreen (and calling me a sunscreen freak in the process), she apparently didn't like what she heard. If you really don't wear a sunscreen, fine by me, but then you have to live with the possible consequences like ugly spots or even skin cancer.

She also said "But if I wear sunscreen, I won't tan!"
This is about the most horrible beauty and skin care statement I have ever heard and it makes me cringe even thinking about it, but it's a common misconception.
If you wear sunscreen, you will tan, just more slowly.
If you don't wear sunscreen, you will "tan" more easily, but your skin will be damaged in the process.
As an example, I never even try to tan, but once I fell asleep on the veranda and got a little sunburn on my arm, where the sun had shone onto. After the burn went away, the very spot was tanned, but ... You're supposed to tan slowly and protect your skin while you do it. If health risks can't convince you to take care, think about how your skin might look like in a few years if you don't protect it. Wrinkly, with ugly brownish spots on it. You might look way older than you actually are. If that's what you want, go ahead. (Plus, skin cancer is said to be one of the more painful cancers forms.)

So, ladies, be smart and put sunscreen on your face (you only have this one beautiful face, and you want it to stay like that, right?) and also on exposed body parts, like arms or legs in summer, and your hands! Don't forget your shoulders! There are sprays for hard-to-reach parts like your back if you don't have a nice gentleman to help you out. ;) Btw, also convince the gentlemen around you to to wear sunscreen!

One reason why Japanese people still look so young when they age is probably because they protect their skin from the sun, which causes ageing. I'm not saying you should be carrying a parasol or quit having fun at the beach, but wearing a sunscreen can really make a difference. (And avoiding the sun around noon isn't a bad idea, either. Think of Mediterrean people and their siesta.)

To stay healthy and beautiful, please take a look at the links below:

Further reading:

Thank you for your attention!
Did any of you ever had a discussion like this with a friend?

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