Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream #21

After many struggles with various foundations that either made me break out or ended up too dark for me, I finally found what I was looking for. (Does Missha produce guys, too? xD)

Colour #21 is exactly my skin tone, covers well and doesn't make my skin worse. I don't know if it actually makes it better as Missha (or other BB cream brands) claim, but as long as, I can cover up my bad skin without actually needing more cover-up every time I use make-up on it, I'm happy. Plus, it also comes with a SPF 42, so I can apply less sunscreen to my face. (As I said before, I still apply an extra sun lotion to the areas that are most likely to burn, i.e. cheeks and nose, but I don't have to apply it to my very breakout-prone chin anymore.)

I've only been using it for a week, so I'm still in the testing phase, but what I can tell you so far is:
- Until now, my skin hasn't gotten any irritations from the BB cream.
- It does cover quite well, I don't have to use concealer underneath it. (You can if you want to, e.g. if you really need some very heavy coverage, but I am okay without any.)
- It does make me look kinda ghostly if I don't set it with powder and then apply blush. On the other hand, I do look kinda ghostly without it, too, as I am just very pale.
- It smells really good! At least I like the smell. <3
- It's not that expensive. You can get it for 10 to 15 bucks (including shipping) on ebay, or even less if you are lucky and win an auction or find another good deal.
- I do get the feeling that the consistency makes me apply more than I would usually apply another make-up, but since I spent the last few months mixing my Bourjois foundation with my sun lotion, maybe I'm just not used to foundation only anymore. I do feel that it's a bit hard to spread, though. (I use my fingers to apply foundation.)

I will tell you if I see any changes after using it for a longer time!

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