Saturday, 16 April 2011

The quest for pale foundation - part 1: Maybelline Pure Make-up

Okay, so here is post #1 of my pale foundation series! I apologize in advance for the lack of photos, but my camera just doesn't get the colours right no matter what I do. :(
To show you my skin colour, here's a reference picture:
I was wearing Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream in 21 here, mixed with sun screen to make it brighter - glad they introduced # 13 now! You can see I am not white pale, but quite pale with neutral undertones, which makes an extra challenge as many foundations tend to be yellow or pink. :(

 Maybelline Pure Make-up in Porcelain Ivory (Light 1)
I've used this foundation some years ago, but stopped because the colour match wasn't so great - for some reason, they never sell all shades in Germany, and finding a really pale foundation here is probably harder than the search for the infamous holy grail. Recently, I've had the idea of searching the internet for it, though, and discovered the lightest shade for about 7$ at ebay. Of course, I had to order it immediately because apart from the colour mismatch, I really liked it back then.
The lightest colour, Porcelain Ivory, is just about right for me, I'd say. It could be a tad bit paler, but it's still a lot more acceptable than shade #3 or so I was using before.
It claims to be oil-free and water-based, which I believe. At least it never gave me break-outs. This means, however, that it is also a bit drying and feels rather tight on your skin, it's also hard to blend out because it dries rather quickly. What I do is, I apply moisturizer and then don't wait until it fully absorbs into my skin, but quickly follow with the foundation, which I apply in circular motion.
Coverage is okay - it doesn't cover major pimples or even the redness around my nose, but I do feel that my skin looks more perfect with this foundation on and an additional concealer. (I have a good really fair concealer - somehow, they sell those even here. Hm.) Since it's rather dry, you don't need to apply powder over it (only on my nose), which I like. I guess this will be my go-to foundation for the starting hot season.
The only drwabacks are that I have to buy it via ebay, which doesn't bother me, that it doesn't have an SPF which is okay since I use sunscreen all the time anyway, and now the major drawback: It has actually been discontinued. I want to stock up, but I'm afraid it will spoil after a few months or years, which means eventually, I will definitely need to find a replacement for this. Any ideas, anyone?

Quick facts:
+ oil-free, doesn't give me break-outs (could be different for you, though!)
+ lightest shade is pale enough for me
+ does not need to be set with powder
+ makes my skin look good

- a bit drying
- a bit hard to blend
- doesn't cover too well (use concealer)

Other foundations I plan to review are:
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #13
Astor Mattitude HD
Bourjois Healthy Mix #51

Btw, does anyone have a recommendation for a very pale powder foundation? I've heard about Kate's, but how is the coverage? 


  1. Coole Sache ^^ Ich habe diese Foundation noch nicht geshene. Als ich bei Maybelline war, war der hellste Ton für mich schon zu dunkel. Frue mich auf ide Review zu der Missha M BB Cream. Hast dua uch die dunklere Nuance?

    That's great. I was looking for foundtion some days ago but I did not see this shade. I tried a shade from Maybelline but it was ways to dark. I'm looking forward to your review on Missha M BB Cream. D'you have the darker shade, too?

  2. @ Lila: Danke für den Kommentar (gleich zwei mal xD). Den hellsten Ton gab es wie gesagt nie in Deutschland, ich habe meinen über ebay gekauft.
    Von Missha will ich die Nuance #13 beschreiben, aber ich habe auch noch irgendwo die #21 rumzuliegen. Schau demnächst noch mal rein, ja? ^^

    Lila, thanks for your comment (twice xD). The palest shade wasn't available in Germany as far as I know, so I purchased it via ebay.
    I am planning to review Missha's shade #13, but I still have the one in #21 somewhere here, I think. Please stop by again in a little while! ^^

  3. what about mineral make up? There i found the palest colours ever!

  4. hi julia! just stumbled on your blog. would suggest not to apply foundation in a circular manner - just sweep up or try using a stippling brush. the brush will help give a more airbrushed look. good luck with finding the right shade! i'm based in Asia and i'm the other way around - trying to find shades to fit my tanned skin (sigh).

  5. Hello Julia!

    I currently use Clinique's Almost Powder Makeup in Neutral Fair! Like you, I am pale but I suffer from severe redness! This powder works brilliantly when it comes to neutralizing the redness on my cheeks!

    p/s: I love Bourjois' Healthy Mix foundation! I've got it in shade 51 too! =)

  6. Hello S! :)

    Thank you for your recommendation!
    I was thinking about Clinique the other day, but I'm still hoping to get away a tad cheaper. xD

    In my review on Bourjois Healthy Mix (which should be on soon - sorry, readers!), unfortunately, I will have to write that it is too dark and yellow for me. (Which is weird, because it looked okay last year. Maybe whitening products do really work?! O.o)

    Anyway, thank you for commenting! <3
    And what a nice blog you have there!


    Sorry for the all caps, just had to shout that one out!! :)

  8. THANK YOU! <3

    To be honest, though, I choose flattering pictures only and it takes ages to take a good one. ^^;

  9. Hi Julia! I get what you mean on the Healthy Mix being a tad yellow! You might want to try their 10-hour sleep effect one though which does come up lighter and has a more pinkish undertone than Healthy Mix! =) Hope that helps! Or if you don't mind I can send you a sample of my Bourjois foundation to you since we both are currently based in Europe xxx

  10. @ S: Thanks, that's very kind of you!
    I might get back to that offer, but at the moment, I'm good. :)