Thursday, 19 August 2010

Face of the day - Lavshuca

I used Lavshuca's Eye Color Select palette in Br-1, blusher/highlighter duo in RD-2 and Liquid Rouge in RD-1. Also the loose powder Lucent on one side of my face - I powdered the other half with my usual Majolica Majorca powder to see if there's a difference. Time will tell.
My base was the Missha Signature BB Cream sample in #21 I reviewed in the post before this.
Also, I filled in my eyebrows with a no-name powder, put black gel-liner by Kate on my upper waterline and white My Color Pencil in white, also by Kate, on my lower waterline. And my beloved Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo, of course.

It looks like my cell phone camera has a tendency to tone down red in pictures. The liquid rouge looks redder in real life, my blush disappeared in the picture (I didn't apply that much to begin with, though - living in Japan doesn't mean imitating their way of applying blusher.)
Also, my hair started turning red. O.o I tolf you before that I got it dyed, and some of you might have wondered in the last pic why the colour didn't look much different than before. Answer: the colour didn't last. Which would be okay, since several people told me they liked my original colour better anyway, but turning red is not what I expected, as red really doesn't suit me, and paying 3.500 Yen on a bad dye job kind of makes me mad. I will stop by the salon next week, I guess, and ask them about it.

picture taken with flash
Here a picture of my closed left eye, taken with flash. Stupid glitter fall-out. ^^;
But I really like the palette as a whole, as it gives the eyes nice dimension without looking overdone.


The colours look more vibrant in real life when swatched on the back of my hand, but applied on the eye, they look more like in the picture above. The third shade looks a bit coppery on my hand (as I said, my camera takes out red tones), but doesn't look strange on my eye.

Overall, very recommendable. :)

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