Saturday, 10 July 2010

Sofina Aube Couture Designing Shine Eye in 531 Purple

Sorry my promised review is late, but I have finals coming soon and my light and cell phone camera were being b*tches to me.

Anyway, here it comes! My review of Aube's new eyeshadow palette in purple!

The picture is still not perfect, but the best I could manage. :( The colours are more vibrant in reality, but the sparkle comes out pretty nicely.

Here is a link to Aube's official website:
(Isn't Aibu Saki (right) pretty?)
My shadow is the one the model on the left side is wearing. A picture of the palette (in all colours) can be seen here:

The sparkly area on the left is the white base colour. I applied both the brighter and the darker lilac on it and on my naked skin (right side.) I think you can see a slight difference. The sparkle area on the right is the glitter pigment (the little dot in the palette.) It does sparkle quite a bit, but is still not overdone and makes you look like a disco ball or something trashy.
The deeper purple reminds me a bit of the purple in Lavshuca's PU-2 palette which I love and which you can see reviewed here at PJ's: Lavshuca PU-2

The colours go on effortlessly with the applicators that come with the palette. They give a nice wash of colour, but still look sheer.

The palette is a metallic light pink with a silver line in the middle, and only opens when you press both sides. Very classy and very good if you're afraid your eyeshadow might open in your purse and make a mess. Definitely an item you can carry around. :)

Overall, I think it's a really classy palette. I don't own any purple clothing, but the nice lady at Ainz&Tulpe tried out every colour on me and purple looked the best. (I have hazel eyes.) Well, this is a nice contrast to my white and blue outfits I wear quite a lot in summer.

If you want pictures of me wearing this palette, please leave a comment. :)

Have a great weekend! (^___^)

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