Saturday, 24 July 2010

Yukata make-up!

I am going to a hanabi (Japanese style firework) tonight, so I will put on the yukata I bought in Kyoto (well, let my friend put it on for me ^^;) and wear the furoshiki bag my students gave me yesterday.

(What am I doing with my mouth?) I don't look that doll-like usually, my skin got enhanced by the flash and my eye shape by the make-up. xD Still blind from the flash light, btw. ^^;;;

I used:

- Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream # 21 mixed with Sekkisei's sun lotion
- Majolica Majorca Pore cover powder (transparent)
- Lavshuca Mix Color Cheeks in RD-2 (maybe I need to put on some more?)

- Majolica Majorca single eyeshadow WT963 on my whole eyelid and as a highlighter
- Lavshuca Eye Select Color in blue, the colour on the bottom left
- Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eye Pencil in blue on my lower lash line (not sure if it wouldn't have looked better without it?)
- Kate Gel Eyeliner in black
- Kate My Color Pencil in white on my lower waterline

Not sure about my lips and hair yet. Nails are still the blue design I showed you last week.
What do you think about my make-up? Too much? It's gonna be night and dark there, and it's a rare festive occasion, so...

Will post complete pic with yukata etc. when I come back!!!

See, no dollface. :( But I got my hair done and decided on a lipgloss. (The scarf, btw, is a present from my students, and I need it a) for the aircon and b) to hide a burnmark on my neck from the curling iron - looks like a hickey! O.o)

Next update will be actual yukata pics! (^.^)/

Update 2:
My Japanese friend helped me put the yukata on and my German friend took pictures of me. Here:

(My butt looks weird in this pic. >___<)
And now I'm off to the actual hanabi! See you guys later! (^___^)


  1. Wow, you look so cute in that yukata~ And the make up works perfectly on you as well ^^ BTW, how was the hanabi?

  2. Thank you!!! <3
    It was nice, but really crowded and very loud and hot. ^^;