Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Nail design (blue)

Contemplating my white and blue outfit and shoes today (the cutest shoes ever! <3), I wore Majolica Majorca's white eyeshadow and blue liner (which, by the way, stayed in place really well and didn't give me the panda eyes I got from the black liner I wore yesterday - thank Goodness, blue panda eyes would look like I got into a fight! ^^;) and also a blue nail design.

I used a light blue polish by sweets and a dark blue polish from Maquillage, both with glitter. The Maquillage polish is a bit disappointing because despite looking dark in the bottle, I had to layer and layer before I got something more than glitter.

Anyway, here is a picture. (Never mind my cuticles. >___<)

Btw, my two roleplays went well! The first one, the love story, seemed to be popular with the audience. (In fact, I had to "sh!" to the people in the classroom when he confessed his love to me. xD)

Do you like to paint your nails? In more colours than one, and also "unusual" colours like blue?

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