Saturday, 10 July 2010

AHA Wash Cleansing


My skin has been horribly lately, breaking out, being red and itchy... I don't know why, maybe the weather, maybe stress or a mix of both.
Anyway, I simply couldn't get rid of some really stubborn zits on my chin (where I usually break out first), and last week, it spread out to my cheeks and forehead, and I knew something needed to be done.

I used Dead Sea Salt peeling - no effect. AHA gentle peeling - no effect. Nose spray on the zits (yes, I was desperate) - of course, no effect.
So I dug deeeeeeeeeeep into my closet and pulled out this one bottle of AHA Cleansing Research's (the one whose soap I use) Wash Cleansing. It is a chemical peeling due to the alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) in it, but also a mechanical one (i.e. has little scrubby things in it.) This was the best face peeling I ever had, but I never bought another bottle because I thought it was diccontinued. I searched for AHA Peeling frantically in every drugstore around and all I could see was Wash Cleansing. Stupid me. So when I pulled this out again yesterday, I realized it actually said Wash Cleansing on the bottle. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Went to the nearest drug store the very same day and got another bottle, and voila! My skin looks and feels so much better already. The really nasty zits haven't cleared up completely yet, of course, but no itching anymore, and in at least two or three days, I expect every zit to be gone completely.

This peeling is my holy grail product against breakouts. Seriously, it gets rid of impurities really well and if you don't overuse it (what I sometimes do if I want my zits to go away really fast), it will make your skin feel smoothe and don't dry it out. (I used it twice daily yesterday and tomorrow, so my skin felt really irritated and dry after my shower this morning, but some Sekkisei sun lotion over it soothed it really well. Sekkisei sun lotion = my holy grail sun product and lotion. Plus, the smell! <3)

Anyway, I'm not saying this will work on all of you, because people have different skin types. (I have combination skin, I'd say, very dry in winter and oily in summer, with occasional breakouts.) But if you have some nasty zits and your skin won't mind a little scrubbing, I recommend AHA Wash Cleansing to you. You don't have to use it everyday, you can also just use it when you need it, but daily use might prevent nasty zits from even coming.

It's such a bummer that while you can get AHA products in Japan everywhere, I haven't really seen many in Germany. I wonder why? They do sell the usual Neutrogena and so on stuff with benzoyle peroxyde (BPO) or Retinoids, but hardly any AHA. (Although AHA is listed as the first anti-acne ingredient on the German wikipedia acne page. Hm.) One factor might be that AHAs increase your skin's sensibility to the sun, so you have to put on a sunscreen (which you should do anyway!!!), but German people really don't like to wear sunscreen, at least none of my friends does. (But most of my friends don't even remove their make-up before they go to sleep.)

Do you get breakouts? If so, what do you do when you get one? Do you have any cleaning rituals to maintain your skin?

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