Saturday, 17 July 2010

A cosmetic product you wish you had as a perfume

Do you sometimes have cosmetic products where the smell appeals to you so much you wish you had it as a perfume?

I really like Ichikami's shampoo and conditioner's smell.
I also love Kose's Sekkisei's smell.
And Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream smells heavenly!
... In fact, it smells just like The Body Shop's Sakura fragrance. O_o That's right! I went down out shopping for a bit tonight after I had finished one of the bazillion reports I have to hand it, and I landed in a Body Shop store and tested the Sakura perfume just for fun. It reminded me of the fact that I had wanted to buy it ages ago, and when the inital smell faded a bit, it absolutely started smelling like the BB Cream! I will totally buy this when I'm back in Germany, just not now, because I already have enough stuff to carry home with the Japan-exclusive cosmetics.

Do you have any product you'd wish the smell also came as perfume? Maybe not even cosmetics, maybe the smell of your favourite food or something like that?

(Btw, I also got two mini bottles of Sekkisei's face lotion and will test them. I don't need actual whitening as I am already so pale I have trouble finding a foundation that matches me, but there are some red spots in my face I'd like to fade. I'll keep you updated on the outcoming.)

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