Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I stopped by at the local drugstore today to reward myself for all the studying. Okay, I just wanted to take a look and then couldn't resist. But both Lavshuca and Majolica Majorca were 10% off. ^^;

I purchased a palette by Lavshuca which PJ has already reviewed here, but I also made swatches. I wanted to take a picture of my wearing it, too, but my eyes look irritated today. (And I still have some vestiges of a huge zit my AHA wash healed. Why am I telling you guys this?) I still want a brown one and will probably buy BR-1 from either the same line or the other palette line that kinda looks like 4 wavy leaves.

I also bought Majolica Majorca's single eyeshadow in WT963, a shimmery white, which I will use as a highlighter or just a quick wash of colour if I don't have time in the morning. It also looks nice togehter with the Jewelling Pencil in Blue that I bought. (I just have to figure out how to draw a fine line - I kinda suck at applying pencil liners.)

Although I love the colour blue and probably half of my clothes are actually blue (mostly navy blue), I never dared to put blue on my eyes. But now I will! I guess just a dark blue liner (my Mum's daily make-up, btw) or Lavshuca's subtle blue won't look overdone.

Enough of my blabbering, off to the swatches!

On the top, you can see Lavshuca's Eye Colour Select Palette in Blue, and the bottom picture shows Majolica Majorca's pencil liner and eyeshadow.

I also bought a mini Maquillage nailpolish today which I will try to work into a nail design with my light blue nailpolish while I study my lines for the two roleplays I have tomorrow that are getting taped and graded. Sounds like elementary school? Yup. One is a business conference simulation, and the other one is a comical play where two guys like me and I have to choose one. Don't ask. But I will wear my new make-up tomorrow, so I should be fine. xD

Do you guys have a special make-up for important occasions?
And what do you think about blue on the eyes?

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