Friday, 12 November 2010

Nail pics

Hello! :)

You were probably waiting for make-up pictures, but all I can upload for now are nail pics. My brother helped me with getting some stuff from our Mum's camera and my cellphone on my USB, and he is also my new official nail art photographer now. xD

Kiko nail polish in 298 and the limited Anna Sui nail polish I bought in Japan in 108

p2 nail polish in 320 (turquoise) and Catrice nail polish in 270 (dark blue) with the Anna Sui polish to blur the line in the middle of the nail

Wow, the picture quality still sucks. ^^;
Kiko is an Italian brand with some stores in Berlin - I've been buying several of their nail polishes lately, as they're really good quality and only 3,90€. <3
p2 and Catrice are German drugstore brands, really cheap, with p2 polishes at 1,55€ and Catrice at 2,55€. Unlike Kiko, they don't have as many bright and shimmery colours, though, but still, good colour choice and quality for a very small price!
As you can see, I really love my Anna Sui nail polish, too. xD

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