Monday, 15 November 2010

Face of the day and jewellery

Finally a picture of my face! (Finally, she says. *cough*) My skin still looks awful, but better than it did last month. I've been doing dead sea salt masks every other night - they burn like hell, but they're good for your skin. At least I can see an improvement. On the alternate nights, I've been doing sheet masks (Kosé Clearturn ones) which I shall review some other time.

And now, pictures! (click to enlarge)

The pictures look a bit redder than I do in real life, don't ask me why. Strange lightning, I guess. And please ignore my strange expression, it's hard to find the right angle for pictures. ^^;

I was wearing:
- Missha Perfect Cover M BB Cream in #13
- Alverde Concealer stick with tea tree oil in #01
- Rimmel Stay Matte powder (I forgot the #, but it is the lightest one available, although unfortunately, it has a bit of a yellow tinge. Plus, as much as I like how it really keeps my face matte (I don't know why I look shiny in the pictures, I suspect it to give me bumps.)
- p2 blush in Dreamy Berry

-Maquillage Dual Glow Eyes in BR275 (I love this eyeshadow duo! It looks really nice and natural despite the sparkles, and you can wear it every day - it fits every occasion. Plus, it's super easy to apply. <3)
- Kiko liquid eyeliner in turqoise
- essence liquid metal glam eyeliner in dark blue
- Makemania Dense Black Liner in black (on my upper waterline)
- my good old golden Integrate liner (that is getting smaller and smaller - and it seems to have been discontinued! >___<) on my lower waterline
- Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo mascara (duh)

- I started off with Bourjois lipgloss in framboise something, but it was too pink and glittery with the eye-makeup, so I just applied a lip balm later on.
I've been getting 2 compliments for my eyeliner, btw. They made me really happy. (^.^)

And this is the bracelet I bought last week and have been wearing ever since - with adjusted turqoise nail polish and make-up. Isn't it super pretty? And only 4€! O.o

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  1. Wenn du Lust hast, schau auf unserer Seite vorbei - wir haben heute ein neues Gewinnspiel reingestellt :) Eine Mütze, einen Armreif und ein Parfum gibt es zu gewinnen :)

    Liebste Blogger-Grüße, Laura:)