Friday, 28 May 2010

My make-up routine

Sorry for the long absence! I was busy with university and stuff. >___< I thought today I'd post my daily make-up ritual, and maybe you let me know yours?

- wash face with AHA Wash cleansing or soap
- use shampoo and conditioner from 一髪 (ichikami) - I switched from using Dove and Nivea shampoo to this one in Japan, and I love it so much already. Smells great, makes my hair super soft and silky... now how do I get enough of it home?
- use Dove shower gel (smells good and moisturizes)
- apply deodorant (German brand: CD Wasserlilie spray)
- use Dove body lotion
- massage Avon spliss treatment or Ichikami serum into my hair ends
- apply eye cream on my dry under eye area (German natural cosmetic brand: Alverde Augentrost Creme)
- apply sun screen on face (and arms + shoulders if needed) (Kosé Sekkisei in winter and Bioré gel or mousse screen in summer)
- apply Missha BB cream colour 21 to face
- apply face powder (Majolica Majorca, the lightest colour)
- shape and fill in eyebrows
- apply black eyeliner to upper waterline/upper lash line
(- apply eye shadow etc., depending on mood)
- use lash curler
- apply Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara
- apply blusher and highlighter (Lavshuca RD-1)
-put on some lip gloss or coloured chapstick

When you count it, that's actually a lot of products! O_o

- remove eye-makeup with Nivea cream (should get myself a real remover sometime...)
- wash face with AHA Face Cleasing b until no make-up is left
(- apply AHA lotion)
- use eye cream again

Some might wonder why I don't apply any lotion or night cream to my face, but I have sensitive skin and I try to put on the smallest possible amount of products. Plus, I try to let it breathe at night. So far, it worked better for me than before, when I put on all kinds of treatments and night cream etc. That's also why I changed my foundation to a BB cream, plus the fact that many foundations make me break out. The Missha BB cream in 21 fits my skin colour perfectly (I have very light skin), smells good and feels good and covers up quite well. Plus, it has 42 PA+++ UV protection. I still apply the Sekkisei lotion to my eye area, cheeks and nose, just to be sure. Sun damage doesn't only look nasty, it can also be dangerous and cause skin cancer. And as I said, I am very pale, so I need a lot of protection. The Sekkisei lotion is light and supposedly also heals various skin problems. I can say that at least it doesn't break me out, which is all I ever asked for.

And what is your routine? :)

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