Friday, 14 October 2011

11 Random Facts about this Blogger

(Ugh, I woke up with severely peeling skin due to the Clinique stuff. >.<)

Anyway, since you'll have to wait a little longer for the next review(s), I thought it's time to tell you something about who's blog you're reading here anyway. Not the usual "I'm 22, a taurus and have almost finished my bachelor in Japanese studies and want to be a teacher after that" stuff, but a lot more random. xD

1. I love turtles. Almost everything I own sports at least one turtle on it (except for my clothes - although I do have a few turtle shirts.) I do not own an actual living turtle, though.
2. Harry Potter is awesome - Twilight makes me want to barf. Don't even get me started on the whole portrayal of abusive relationships as true love.
3. I am a Gleek. And yes, the show makes no sense, but if you take it like that, it's so much fun. Oh, how I miss my choir days... (If you want to know which character I identify with most, I'd have to say Rachel. I also happen to be a soprano - might be mezzo, though, but I've never had any formal evalution or training; I sang first soprano at school most of the time, unless the teacher needed someone to fill in at the second or the altos, and that someone was always me for some reason ^^; - but I'm not as good as her.)
4. I wish Pokémon were real. My favourites are Eevee, Chikorita (I swear if I was a Pokémon, I'd be a Chikorita xD), Squirtle and many more. I never let my favourites evolve in the games, which is why I am awfully weak.
5. Pretty much the only other game I play apart from Pokémon (and Wii Sports) is The Sims. 
6. My (probably) strangest hobby is constructing houses. I use the above mentioned Sims or a special architecture programme for that.
7. I still have my Playmobil house in my room and rebuild it from time to time or buy new furniture on ebay.
8. I still haven't gotten my ears pierced, although I've totally been wanting to for years now and even have a bunch of earrings (some self-made) lying around here.
9. When I was 16 or 17, I won 5th place in a writing competiton of a German manga magazine (which imports Japanese manga series from Hana to Yume, like Skip Beat! etc.) - you were expected to write a romantic short story, and the winner story was changed into a short manga. Too bad I didn't win, but honestly, when I look at that story now, I wonder how I even made 5th place. >.<
10. I have a copy of Yoshimoto Banana's Kitchen (in Japanese) lying on my nightstand all the time.
11. I watch english DVDs with english subtitles.


  1. 1) Me too ^^
    9) Concrats! Puuuh, when was that? I've read some magazines when I was around 15 too... P'raos I've seen your story xD *wanna see it*
    11) Yeah. Sometimes I do so too. I understand a lot of english while reading but some people (especially American!!!!) don't speak that clearly as I need to understand every word and/or pun -.-"

  2. I love Pokémon also. I always tell people that I will not date a guy that always picked Charmander as his first Pokémon.

  3. @ Lila: Das war so um 2006, glaube ich, in der Daisuki. Aber lies das bloß nicht, im Nachhinein schäme ich mich in Grund und Boden dafür. >___<
    Und echt, Schauspieler sollten öfter den Mund richtig öffnen. Wobei Untertitel auch praktisch sind, um Rechtschreibung zu lernen. :)

    @ Chelsea: Haha, that is too funny! Which would you pick, then? From the first three starters, I love Squirtle, obviously, and my brother had a very cute Bulbasaur. (Incidentally, the guy from the Pokémon fanfic I mentioned in my last entry has a Charizard. xD)

  4. gosh Julia, those are indeed 11 random facts about you! =D Go get your ears pierced already! =)

  5. To my defense, my friend promised to go with me because she wants a third whole, and then never got back to me with it. -.-