Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sorry for the long silence!

One month, to be exact. I apologize! >.<

I was writing an essay for university (my last one - now there's only the B.A. thesis left!) and just handed it in yesterday. Phew. ^^;

Also, my skin was acting up, so I decided to stop experimenting and simplify my routine. Luckily, Clinique had their trial kits on offer, and I snagged one from the Anti Blemish line for only 9€. (^.^)/ So far, it really has helped, but I will test for a bit longer until I give you guys my final opinion. (And even if it helps at first, I've had products I loved before give me bad results after a while. Knocking on wood here, really.)

As for the BB cream post I owe you: Let me keep it short:
- Hanskin Mineral Magic BB: became my new under eye concealer xD
- BRTC Blemish Recover Balm: made my skin itch and break up - I guess I am indeed allergic to tea tree oil
- Holika Holika Petit Watery BB Cream: nice, but simply too dark

I'll keep you updated with the Clinique stuff, and will also post when my Everyday Minerals samples have arrived. (I read they've changed the formula, though, too many people's dismay. Hm...)

Have a great weekend!


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  2. viel glück :))) Ich sitze auch grad an meiner BA :D

  3. ^^ Förderung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit zur Steigerung von Wirtschaftswachstum.... zZzz hast du auch schon ein Thema, oder schreibst du erst im nächsten Semester? :)

  4. omg... ich liebe yoshimoto banana :O ... ihre kurzgeschichten sind so schööööööööön :D hast dir ein schönes thema ausgesucht :)
    ach, so schwierig isses nicht... eig mehr allgemeine sachen verpackt mit viel blabla damit es schwierig klingt ^^