Thursday, 31 March 2011


Inspired by a German blog's "kawaii week", I decided to upload some purikura pictures I took over the course of my exchange year in Japan.
I don't think I'm as cute as a Japanese girl could be, but for some reason, I often got called "kawaii" nonetheless. (Hehe, so white skin really makes up for seven flaws - if I really only have seven. ^^;)
Purikura machines also have an "automatic beautification modus", which means your skin looks more flawless (and a bit scary, like in that Murakami Ryu novel) and your eyes look more pronounced, like the outer rims look blacker. I will spare you one picture where I was wearing blue eyeshadow. ^^;;;

Since I couldn't ask all of my friends for their approvement, I "blacked out" their faces. (Although they totally all upload pictures of me on Facebook. -.-) I hope you don't mind. I am, of course, the crazy chick who's on all pictures. xD

Plus a random "cute" pic I took when my brother had his Bulbasaur surrounded by my two Chikoritas. xD He calls it "Bulbapimp". ^^;;; (And yes, that is my bracelet.)


  1. Steht dir super, dieses Rumgepose! :D Find ich gut, dass du das mitgemacht hast, ist ja auch eine Art von Integration! ;) Liebe Grüße an dich!

  2. Danke!
    Integraton? Wie meinst du das?