Saturday, 26 November 2011

Foundation swatches (finally!)

And here I bring you the swatches of all foundations I own, which I promised like half a year ago?

This is as accurate as my camera was willing to get. (I know it looks shadey and dark, but this was the only photo with accurate contrast, the lighter ones also made the foundation seem too light and actually match my skintone. In fact, the contrast is even bigger in reality, and I got a little shock when I looked at my arm.)

From left to right:
Kate High Coverage Liquid Foundation (Bright-up Color)
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in #51
Astor Matitude HD in ... there's no colour ID written on my bottle, but the lightest colour there is
Maybelline Pure Make-up in Porcelaine Ivory
BRTC Blemish Recover Balm
Holika Holika Petite Watery BB Cream

Take a look at this picture (click to enlarge):
See what I mean?
As you can see, only the Kate actually matches my skin - and that is the one that has almost zero coverage (despite its name. ^^;)
Bourjois is a bit too dark and yellow; Astor a bit too dark and orange, although it looks more pink on my face; Maybelline looks orange, here, too, but gets pink-ish on the face; BRTC looks almost muddy brown, despite it actually being very pale on my face (I just can't apply it there because it itches and breaks me out like crazy); and Holika Holika is too dark (btw, it really is watery, as it kept running down my arm.)

*sigh* At least Everyday Minerals' Fair Neutral fits me, but it would be nice to have a liquid foundation that fits my skintone and doesn't break me out for days when my skin feels too dry for powder. :(


  1. Have you tried mixing the kate bright up color with another shade in the range, or another one of your foundations...? Also I've not tried them myself but I've heard kanebo media's liquid foundation and moisture foundation are pretty good and come in a nice light color ^^ I also use brtc jasmine water bb cream which is fairly pale with more pink undertones than most bb creams (a lot of bb creams end up being a bit yellow for me)

  2. Yes, I have tried that. Unfortunately, it also lightens the coverage of whatever foundation I mix it with. :(

    Mx problem is, I'm not only really pale - paler than most other people, I guess, because some foundations I got from other blogger's recommendations were still too dark. I know Kathi from Lotuspalace thinks Media is pale enough for her, but she is a #21 in Missha and I am a #13. (I can't use Missha anymore, though, because it breaks me out like crazy.)
    BRTC's Blemish Recover Balm is like hell on my skin, so I'm veeery reluctant to try anything else from their range. ^^;

    Thanks for your recommendations, though! They're very much appreciated. :)

  3. Allerliebste Julia, danke für all deine Beiträge auf meinem Blog :)))

    Daher von mir einen Award, den ich gerne an dich weiter reichen würde. Und natürlich großen Dank für die Swatches und Foundation/ BB Cream Vorstellung. *knuff*

  4. Oh mein Gott, vielen Dank! Das ist so lieb von dir! Ich habe noch nie einen Blog-Award bekommen, und jetzt bin ich total gerührt. ;___;

  5. ^__________________^ Da freu ich mich umso mehr, dass ich dir eine Freude machen konnte :))) Da das auch mein erster war, macht das teilen doppelt Freude :D