Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My first blog award!

I just got my first blog award from the dear CamiKatze, a fellow blogger from Berlin. I totally didn't expect this, so now is my time to say a huge THANK YOU and to give out seven blog awards in return!

But first of all, let me say a few words about CamiKatze's blog "VANITAS". Unfortunately, it is in German only, but I think it is worth using google translator or similar means for international visitors, because it is full of interesting reviews (about Asian cosmetics, too) from a very honest yet sweet blogger. (I love our long conversations about literature and the world! Yes, we don't just talk about make-up. xD)

The seven blogs I'd like to hand this award on to are:
VANITAS (right back at you! XP)
Lotus Palace (which I must visit every day)
My Women Stuff 
Rouge Deluxe
A Touch of Blusher
Of Toys and Tokyo
Beauty Box


  1. Aww thank you!! I feel honoured to be amongst all those other great bloggers you gave awards to! ;-) You made my day!

  2. :))) Thanks for the sweet Re-Award ;D I will try to blog in english more often, still cant decide whether i should blog about asian/us brands or local brands in germany :D also, thanks for your lovely words...*blush* i love our long conversations too :)))

  3. Thank you so much for the award Julia! :D

  4. Ja, ich bekomem ganze 3 Tage in Tokyo zum Einkaufen, danach sitze ich in diesem Vorort von Sendai fest und darf den ganzen Tag mit der Familie vor dem (japanischen) Fernseher sitzen. X.x Naja, zumindest Kosmetik bekommt man dort überall,w obei ich ja lieber nach Kleidern geschaut hätte. Mal sehen wie viel ich in 3 Tagen Tokyo ergattern kann.