Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Hello folks!

I've been absent again, I know, but my really good excuse is, my computer isn't working, my camera (well, Mum's camera) won't produce good pictures (they look fine on the screen, but awfully blurry on my computer! >.<) and I have exams.
Expect some longer posts in 2 to 3 weeks - if my Japanese friends don't ALL come at the same time and leave me bsuy showing them through Berlin. xD

Since I already have many eye shadows, I have now started to get into lip products. Usually, I just take whatever Lip Smacker appeals to me that morning and leave the house, but now I want to match my lip colour to my eye shadow.
As I like purple shadows, I am stocking up on pinks and mauves to go with the looks. So far, I have Lavshuca's Moist Melting Bar in PK-5 and RS-2 and Kate's Rouge Luster in PK-3 on my list. I'd also like one of the(seemingly popular) Coffret d'Or Rouge Glow lipsticks in RS-244 it was, I believe, but that's coming later - budget, you know. ^^;
I also definitely need something beige to go with my green/teal look, probably a Majolica Majorca gloss. A gloss because I figured a matte beige would really make me look like a corpse. Thank God Majolica Majorca is inexpensive, so if I look awful in beige, it won't be much of a loss.
Speakingof inexpensive, I wish Maquillage was cheaper! The sample of their two-sided Rouge Enamel Glamour in RD-387 (the Maquillage red, I believe?) looked absolutely fabulous on me! Just where would I wear such a red lipstick? ^^;

One lipstick I have so far is the Lavshuca Moist Melting Rouge in RD-4, which is the most flattering red for my skintone I've seen so far, but melts off really quickly. :(
I also got their Dramatic Memory Liquid in RD-3 (?), which I didn't like on me in the end, but seeing this swatch, RD-4 looks like a colour I'd love!
I also want to test the Dramatic Memory Rouge, and seeing swatches on Cosme.net, I think I will buy PK-1.

Do you like lipsticks and glosses? Or are you like my friend who says they just bother you while kissing? xD
Have you tried any of the products on my list? Opinions?

Edit: It also seems like Aube Couture's liquid lipstick is very popular right now, at least on cosme.net. I remember having the SA put some on me when I bought an Aube eyeshadow, and it looked nice, but it was too pricey for me back then (and still is, actually. >.<) Plus, I don't like liquid lipsticks that much - or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Dear readers, please stay safe and warm, don't catch any colds, and for those also in their exam phase: Good luck! (When we're done, there's always the "good job"-excuse to buy yourself beauty stuff. xD)

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