Wednesday, 27 July 2011

UV protection again: How about your hair?

I already posted about UV nail care a few days ago, but how about your hair?
As I dyed by hair darker again last weekend, I went to get new shampoo for colour-treated hair, replacing my Body Shop Rainforest Shine shampoo with the Radiance one. (I know, Body Shop shampoos aren't exactly cheap, but they're silicone-free and my hair likes them, plus I only use very little. Conditioner, however, is a different story. I use so much people might think I drink that stuff in the shower  - ew! -, so I use a drugstore one with aloe vera (my absolute skincare love <3) and hibiscus that is also silicon-free. Btw, did you jump on the "no silicone!"-bandwagon yet?)

Anyway, after a while, a sales assistant came around and as I have lately become a bit more ingredient-savvy, I decided to ask him some questions. Like, why on earth does a shampoo claim to have UV filters when you rinse it after 2 minutes anyway? He claimed, of course, that the ingredients stay in the hair, but I neither believe that nor do I want to have the remains of my shampoo in my hair. >.<
In my humble opinion, UV protection shampoo is nonsense. I did, however, buy the detangling spray from the same line, which also claims UV protection (I checked the ingredients, it really seems to offer at least some protection - it also has aloe vera, although not in the first third of the ingredients - and as it will be sprayed on after washing, I guess I can believe its claims. Or what do you think?

Do you protect your hair from the sun? The best thing, of course, would be to wear a hat, but I don't feel like doing that every day. (Especially as I tend to forget them when I take them off. ^^;;;)

Btw, after skin, nails and hair, I wonder what's next? Hmmm... my teeth are unprotected when I open my mouth while being outdoors. Oh no!!! XD


  1. Hello Julia!

    I've tried the Body Shop's Rainforest range but sadly it made my scalp break out into a flaky mess! I have to agree with you that UV shampoos are absolute rubbish but I do have UV hair sprays that protect my hair from both heat (the hairdryer etc) and sun damage so all's good! =) HAHA I am pretty sure your lovely teeth are white enough so YOU DO NOT NEED UV PROTECTION FOR YOUR TEETH!

    Have a lovely day! xx

  2. Hi S,

    I need UV protection for my teeth BECAUSE they are white! XD Just joking. I wouldn't want chemical stuff in my mouth. ^^;

    I've heard somewhere else, too, that the Rainforest series made people break out, but my hair likes it and so far, it's been working for me. I did have shampoos that made me break out, though, so I will keep a close look on any changes. (Not that I don't break out for no reason anyway. >.<)

    Thanks for your comment! <3

  3. Hi Julia!

    I'm glad the Rainforest range works for you! I used to love The Body Shop's Nettle shampoo (for oily scalps) but they discontinued it =( Since then my scalp has been acting all funny! I forgot to mention in my earlier comment that I do drink my conditioners too! =p

  4. Good Morning ;)

    Drinking conditioner reminds me of this movie where the guy tried to commit suicide by drinking his ex-girlfriend's shampoo. ^^;

    It always sucks when something that worked for you gets discontinued. >___< I hope you can find a replacement soon!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Haha you sure are funny! =) And boy aren't you online all the time =p But yes, it's incredibly upsetting when something I like gets discontinued GRRR.. Have a lovely weekend yourself! xx