Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A little rant about brand-hypes

Why is that nowadays, you cannot watch any make-up tutorial or read any cosmetics blog without the producers urging you to buy some MAC product or Urban Decay Primer Potion or expensive brushes or what not?

Seriously, eye make-up was created and durable before UDPP was even invented, and my Lavshuca eyeshadow stays on all day with just a bit of powder underneath. Maybe companies like MAC make eye-shadow that won't stay on without UDPP? So you are actually forced to buy more products?

I got frowned at because I don't own any MAC product. "But they're the best! You will look much better with MAC products on!" Funny how I didn't see any skillfully applied beautiful make-up on that girl's face.

I'll stick to products I like, and not to brand-names. Plus, I want products I can actually afford.

Funny, but here in Germany, the best tested lipbalm, for example, costs about 2$ and is from a non-famous natural cosmetics brand. Doesn't that make you think?

EDIT: And did you know that MAC lipsticks, for example, have ingredients that can cause cancer?

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